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  • Love Marriage Specialist Vashikaran and Black Magic are extreme parts of Astrology , that are performed by a well known , vashikaran specialist , in such a way that it can be used in both reversible and irreversible directions .
    Vashikaran is used popularly to attract someone , to attract suceess and good fortune . This is done by using Vashikaran Mantra and these Vashikaran Mantras can used to attract women or Vashikaran of a women , Vashikaran of Husband , Vashikaran of Wife , Soul mate or lover.
    If you really desire for something very intensely , in that case Vashikaran Mantras and Vashikaran Gadgets , Yantras , Objects can also be used , to attract love , girls , boy , men , wife , husband , fortune , success and even God .
    Vashikaran Services-
    World Famous Astrologer and Researcher from India , providing his consultancy services all over India and the world , related with Vashikaran .
    Mahraaj ji , will give you few Vashikaran Mantras and the directions to use them in proper way , to please and attract your love , good luck and fortune.
    With that , if necessary you will also be send ‘Vashikaran Yantras’ , which you can keep with and use effectively with correct ‘Vashikaran Mantras’ .
    Now in this life , Love , Business , Money , Fortune , everything that you desire for you will get it .
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    11) Vashikaran Knowledge
    12) Details about Vashikaran
    pandit ayush sharma +91-9610897260
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  1. 1. VASHIKARAN SPECIALIST Or POWERFULL MANTRA Or LOVESPELLSWhat is Mantra?Mantra is a powerful syllable which forms the part of Hindu prayers. Learn more about meaning,definition and power associated with Mantra.Brahma Mantra"Om Namo Rajo Jushei SristauSthithou Sattwa MayayachaTamo Mayaya Sam-HarineiVishwarupaya VedhaseiOm Brahmanyei Namaha"Meaning: Brahma will be the creator of the galaxy. He created the galaxy with his three characterqualities, positive, damaging and dormant. Brahma represents Om, the eternal bliss. Brahma is thesupreme the almighty , who brought everything to form. I bow to that divine the almighty Brahma.Gayantri mantra is recited as :OMBHUR BHUVA SVAHATAT SAVITUR VARENYAMBHARGO DEVASYA DHEEMAHIDHI YO YONAH PRACHODAYATDhanwantari Mantra
  2. 2. "Om Namo BhagavateMaha SudharshanaVasudevaya Dhanvantaraye;Amrutha Kalasa HasthaayaSarva Bhaya VinasayaSarva Roka NivaranayaThri Lokya PathayeThri Lokya NithayeSri Maha Vishnu SwarupaSri Dhanvantri SwarupaSri Sri SriAoushata Chakra Narayana Swaha"Meaning: we all pray to the the almighty , who is known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari. Heholds the Kalasha packed with nectar of growing old. Lord Dhanvantri eliminates all fears andremoves all conditions. He is the properly wisher and the preserver of the three mobile phoneindustrys. Dhanvantari is like master Vishnu, empowered to heal the Jiva souls. We bow to the Lordassociated with Ayurveda.Ganesh Mantra"Om Parvati Putaaye, Hara Hara Hara MahadevGajaananam Bhoota Ganaadhi SevitamKapitta Jamboophaala Saara BhakshitamUmaasutam Shoka Vinaasha KaaranamNamaami Vighneswara Paada Pankajam"
  3. 3. Meaning: master Ganesha is the best Being with an elephant head. Ganesha is definitely attended bythe band of his followers (Ganas). He loves to eat wood-apple and rose-apple fruits (Kapitta,Jamboophala). Ganpati is the child of Goddess Uma (Parvati). Ganesha will be the destroyer of allanguish and pain. We all salute to the lotus feet God.Hanuman Mantra"Maarutatulyavegam JitendriyamBuddhimataam Varistham,Vaataatmajam VaanarayoothmukhyamSriramdootam Saranam Prapadhye"Meaning: Lord Hanuman is the messenger associated with Lord Rama. His / her pace is as fast asthe wind and as quick as the mind. Hanuman has restricted his sense bodily organs. He is the mostsmart among the intelligent types. Hanuman is the child of Vayu (Pawan) and the chief of the monkeytribe. We all surrender ourselves to Lord Hanuman.Chanting of this mantra with a sincere heart gives courage and knowledge.Hare Krishna Mantra"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare HareHare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare"Meaning: Krishna takes away all grief , troubles and weak points. May god bless us with all thehappiness.
  4. 4. Both, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are the incarnations associated with Lord Vishnu, the preserver.Vishnu will be the supreme reality and both of his incarnations are ultimate. They have attained thede-facto status. Chanting of the names, in itself, is recognized as auspicious. These brands of God aswell as the Hare Krishna mantra are derived from historic Indian texts of information called Vedas.Kali MantraMaha Kali will be the fiercest form of Shakti or Durga, inside the Hindu religion. Goddess Kali is thedestroyer of evil. But Kali is also a loving mother who loves her sincere children. Kali is usuallyworshipped by tantriks to attain "siddhis". Kali will be the slayer of ego as well. Maha Kali Mantraforms area of the prayers offered to the goddess. Goddess Kali Mantra or Mantras for Maa Kali aregiven below:"Atha Kalimantraye SadyovaksiddhiprapyivanAravitairyah Sarvestam Prapnuvanti Jana Bhuvih""Savaruhaammahabhimaghoradanshtram HasanmukhimChaturbhujamkhadagmundavarabhayakaram ShivamMundamaladharamdevi LolajihvandigambaramEvam Sanchintayetkalim Shamasanalayavsinim""Kreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Dakshine KalikeKreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Swaha"Krishna MantraLord Krishna is probably the most popular and worshipped deities of the Hindu religion. Krishna
  5. 5. represents strength, beauty, knowledge and opulence. Shri Krishna is the really embodiment of loveand divine ecstasy which destroys all discomfort and offense. Shri Krishna Mantra varieties the part ofprayers wanted to the lord. Lord Krishna Mantra / Mantras for Krishna get below:Yam Brahmavarunainder Rudermaruka Satuanvanti Divyaa Satvaavedaai Sans sleeping padKarmopanishadaaegarayanati Yam Samga IDhyanavasthittagatain Mansa Pashayanti Yam Yogino Yasyanatam Na Vidu Surasurgana DevaiTasmai Nama IIMeaning: Lord Krishna is the one, whom the creator Brahma, Varuna, Indra, Rudra and Maruts enjoywith divine hymns. Krishna is praised by the singers associated with Sama all through the Vedas andUpanishads. Krishna is noticed by the ascetics (Yogis) with their minds immersed in the divinethrough perfection in deep breathing. The limit associated with Krishna is not also recognized by theGods (Devas) and demons (Asuras). We bow to the divine master Krishna.Tavamaksharam Paramam Vaideetvayam Tavamasya Vishwasaya Param Nidhanam ITavamvayaya Shashvat Dharam Gopta, Sanatan Satayam Paursho Mato Mai IIMeaning: Krishnas art is immortal and this is only one thing to be recognized. Lord Krishna isexcellent and his art will be the supreme refuge of this universe. The art of the Supreme is theeverlasting protector of the values and dharma. We all bow to the art of Lord Krishna, the AncientPurusha.Kuber MantraKuber is regarded as the god associated with wealth, in Hindu mythology. Lord Kubera is also knownas the the almighty of yakshas (savage beings). Kubera is definitely remembered with the goddess offortune, Lakshmi. Chanting of Kuber Mantra blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity bydrawing new ways and sources of revenue and wealth. Mantra of Kubera helps to increase the flowassociated with funds and the capability to accumulate wealth. Kubera Mantra is as comes after :"Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh
  6. 6. Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing myself Dehi Dapaya Swaha"Meaning: Kubera, god , the father of yakshas, bless us with success and prosperity.One, who worships master Kubera and Lakshmi, can never fall short of money and material luxuries.The special puja of Kubera is completed on Dusshera, Dhan triyodasi and Deepawali, asking forprosperity and his blessings.Maha Mrityunjaya MantraMahamrityunjaya Mantra is a superb mantra dedicated to master Shiva. It is known as MahaMritunjaya mantra because it is a great death-conquering mantra. Sometimes it is also referred to asMrita-Sanjivani Mantra. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is hailed through the sages as the coronaryheart of the Veda. This kind of mantra holds the highest place along with the Gayatri Mantra amongthe many mantras used for contemplation and meditation.It is believed that to overcome the fear of death, master Shiva himself offered humanity theMahamrityunjaya Mantra. This mantra restores health, happiness and brings stillness in the period ofdeath. When courage is blocked, it increases up to overcome obstacles. The Maha Mritunjaya Mantrais as comes after :"Aum Trayambakam YajaamaheySugandhim Pushti VardhanamUrvaarukamiva BandhanaathMrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat"Meaning: master Shiva is the a few eyed god. Shiva is always perfumed. He fosters all the creaturesof the Universe. Master Shiva releases coming from death for the sake of growing old , as cucumberdetaches its bondage of the vine. We praise Lord Shiva to liberate us coming from death.
  7. 7. This mantra is really powerful and also regarded as a life saving prayer.Ram Mantra"Shri Ram, Jai ram memory Jai Jai ram memory "Ram is the source of each and every thing. The name "Ram" implies divinity and provides joy to life.The name "Ram" helps to achieve mukti out of this material world.Saraswati Mantra"Yaa Kundendu Tushaara Haaradhavalaa, Yaa ShubhravastraavrithaYaa Veenavara Dandamanditakara, Yaa Shwetha PadmaasanaYaa Brahmaachyutha Shankara Prabhritibhir Devaisadaa VandithaSaa Maam Paatu Saraswati Bhagavatee Nihshesha Jaadyaapaha"Meaning: Goddess Saraswati is fair and beautiful like the jasmine-colored celestial satellite. Her whitegarland resembles the frigid dew drops. Shes decked in pure white attire. A white lotus is the throneassociated with Maa Saraswati, upon whose arm rests Veena. We pray Maha Saraswati, that issurrounded and respectable by the Gods to bestow her joys on us. May the goddess remove thelethargy and brighten up our life with light of knowledge.Shanti MantrasThe Shanti Mantras are prayers regarding peace, in the Hindu Mythology. Shanti Mantras are alsoknown as "peacefulness Mantras". Shanti Mantras form the part of Upanishads. These mantras areusually believed to cool your head of reciter as well as the surroundings. Reciting these types ofmantras at the beginning associated with any task is recognized as to remove its obstacles.
  8. 8. Shanti Mantras usually end with a few words of "Shanti" which suggests "Peace". The explanation forspeaking three times "Shanti" is to cool the surroundings and remove obstacles in three corners ofyour mind namely; "Physical" or even Adhi-Bhautika, "Devine" or even Adhi-Daivika and "internal " orAdhyaatmika. These are called "Tapa-Traya" or even three classes associated with troubles. WhenShanti Mantras are recited, obstacles from these corners of your mind are believed to be pacified.Various Shanti Mantras from different Upanishads are as follows:From Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Ishavasya Upanishad:"Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornat Poornamudachyate,Poornasya Poornamaadaya Poornamevavashishyate,Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"Meaning: The literal meaning of this mantra is : "That is Absolute, this is Absolute, Absolute developsout of Absolute, in the event that Absolute is taken away coming from Absolute, Absolute continues tobe OM Peace, peacefulness , Peace"."Om Asato Maa Sadgamaya,Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya,Mrityor Maa Amritam Gamaya,Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"Meaning: The precise sense of this mantra is: "OM lead me from a fantasy to real, lead me from nightto light, lead me from death to immortality OM Peace, Peace, peacefulness ".From Taittiriya Upanishad:
  9. 9. "Om charade No Mitra charade Varunah Sham absolutely no Bhavatvaryamaa,Sham Na Indro Brihaspatih charade No Vishnururukramah,Namo Brahmane Namaste Vaayo Tvameva Pratyaksham,Brahmaasi Tvaameva Pratyaksham Brahma Vadishyaami,Rtam Vadishyaami Satyam Vadishyaami,Tanmaamavatu Tadvaktaaramavatu Avatu Maam Avatu Vaktaaram,Om Shantih Shantih Shantih"Meaning: This mantra implies: "OM. May Mitra do good to us, may Varuna do good to us, mayAryama do good to us, may Indra do good to us, may Brihaspati do good to us, and could Vishnu whohas vast coverage do good to us. We all Salute Lord Brahma and Lord Vayu, the only visibleBrahman. We say right, we say truth, may it protect us and could it protect instructor. OM Peace,peacefulness and Peace"From Taittiriya Upanishad, Katha Upanishad and Shvetashvatara Upanishad:"Om Sahanaa Vavatu Sahanau BhunaktuSaha Veeryam KaravaavahaiTejasvi Naavadheetamastu Maa VidvishaavahaiOm Shantih Shantih Shantih"Meaning: The literal meaning of this mantra is: "OM. Let all of us protect one another together, mayall of us enjoy together, may all of us work together and let our research become radiant. Let there beabsolutely no hatred between all of us , OM Peace, peacefulness , Peace"
  10. 10. From Kena Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad:"Om Aapyaayantu Mamaangaani VaakPraanashchakshuh ShrotramathoBalamindriyaani Cha Sarvaani Sarvam BrahmopanishadamMaaham Brahma Niraakuryaam Maa Maa Brahma NiraakarodNiraakaranamastva Niraakaranam Me AstuTadaatmani Nirate Ya Upanishatsu DharmaasteMayi Santu Te Mayi SantuOm Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"Meaning: The Mantra implies : "OM. May the organs, speech, Prana, eyes and ear be nourished. Mayall our senses become strong. Upanishad claims all that the World is Brahman. We dont rejectBrahman, may Brahma not reject myself. Let there end up being no rejection, let there be absolutelyno rejection at all in us, let us pay attention to ourselves, all those ways of righteous living told inUpanishads take us! Be in all of us , OM Peace, peacefulness and Peace".From Aitareya Upanishad:"Om Vaang myself Manasi PratishthitaaMano myself Vaachi PratishthitamAaveeraaveerma Edhi Vedasya Ma AanisthahShrutam Me Maa Prahaaseer Anenaadheetena
  11. 11. Ahoraatraan Samdadhaami Ritam VadishyaamiSatyam Vadishyaami Tanmaamavatu TadvaktaaramavatuAvatu Maam Avatu Vaktaaram Avatu VaktaaramOm Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"Meaning: The precise meaning of this mantra is: "OM. Let our speech end up being established in ourmind , and our mind be established within our speech. Let Brahman reveal itself to us and may we allunderstand the facts of the Vedas. Let not what we have studied leave all of us. Let all of us investboth day and night in study. We say correct , we say truth and could it protect all of us. May truthsafeguard teacher. OM peacefulness , Peace, Peace".From Mundaka Upanishad, Mandukya Upanishad and Prashna Upanishad:"Om Bhadram Karnebhih Shrunuyaama DevaahBhadram PashyemaakshabhiryajatraahSthirairangaistushtuvaamsastanoobhihVyashema Devahitam YadaayuhSwasti Na Indro VridhashravaahSwasti no Pooshaa VishwavedaahSwasti Nastaarkshyo ArishtanemihSwasti No Brihaspatir DadhaatuOm Shantih, Shantih, Shantih"Meaning: the literal meaning of this kind of mantra is: "OM. O Gods! why dont we hear promisingissues from our ears. To respectful Gods! why dont we see propitious issues from our eyes, let our
  12. 12. organs and the body be stable, strong and healthy. Let us do what exactly is pleasing to gods in thelife span allotted to us. May Indra, inscribed inside the scriptures do well to us, May Pushan who isknower associated with world do good to us and could Trakshya who devastates enemies do good tous! may Brihaspati do well to us! OM peacefulness , Peace, Peace".Shiva MantraLord Shiva or even Siva is considered as the destroyer of the world. Shiv is one of the most popularGods of the Hindu faith. Shiva is one of the complex gods who is rudra as well as kind-hearted,concurrently. Mantra of Hindu God Shiva varieties the part of prayers wanted to the lord. Shiv or evenShiva Mantras are as follows :"Vande Deva Umaa Pathim SuragurumVande Jagat KaaranamVande Pannaga Bhooshanam Mruga DharamVande Pashoonam PathimVande Soorya Shashanka Vahni NayanamVande Mukunda PriyamVande Bhakta Jana Ashrayam Cha VaradamVande Shiva Shankaram"Meaning: master Shiva is the consort of Uma (Parvati). Shiva is the divine Guru, the source of theuniverse. Lord Shiva is decked with snake and would wear tiger skin. He is the Lord of all creatures.The three eyes of the lord represent the sun , Moon and fireplace. Shiva is next to Lord Vishnu.Master Shiva protects all of his devotees. He is the benefactor associated with boons. We surrenderourselves again and again to Lord Shiva."Mrutyunjayaaya RudraayaNeelakantaaya Shambhave
  13. 13. Amriteshaaya SarvaayaMahadevaaya Te Namaha"Meaning: Lord Mahadeva (Shiva) has conquered death. He is the harmful force of the galaxy. He hasa glowing blue neck and he gives happiness to all. We all pray to the kind-hearted lord, Shiv-Shambhu."Gauri Vallabha KaamaareyKaala Koota VishaasanaMaam Uddhhare PadambhojeTripura Agnyata Kaantaka"Meaning: Lord Kaamaarey (another name for master Shiva) protects all of us from the evil. He is theconsort associated with Gauri, the mother goddess. He drank the "Kaala Koota" toxic (which was theoutcome of the ocean churning). He is the destroyer of the three cities. We all seek protection on thefeet of master Shiva.Surya Namaskar MantraSurya Namaskar (sun Salutation) is a kind of worshiping God by meditating on the sun , the energyprovider. Surya Namaskar is useful in achieving concentration. Surya Namaskara is alwaysperformed in the open air, facing the Sun, at dawn. Surya Namaskar is not only a physical exercise.Per of the postures, there is a particular breathing pattern that must be followed. With each position ,a particular mantra -- name of the sun is chanted. Surya Namaskar Mantras or even Mantras forSurya Namaskara are given beneath :Om Mitraaya NamahOm Ravaye NamahOm Sooryaya Namah
  14. 14. Om Bhaanave NamahOm Khagaaya NamahOm Pooshne NamahOm Hiranya Garbhaaya NamahOm Mareechaye NamahOm Aadityaaya NamahOm Savitre NamahOm Arkaaya NamahOm Bhaaskaraya NamahOm Sri Savitra Soorya Narayanaaya NamahVishnu Mantra"Shaantaakaaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanaabham SureshamVishwaadhaaram Gaganasadrasham Meghavarnam ShubhaangamLakshmikaantam Kamalanayanam YogibhirdhyaanagamyamVande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanaatham"Meaning: Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the galaxy. He is always quiet and rests aboutthe great serpent your bed. The lotus of the creative power comes from the navel associated withLord Vishnu. He is the Ultimate Power, that supports the entire galaxy. The divine master Vishnu isall-pervading as the sky and dark like the atmosphere. Vishnu, the lotus-eyed one, is the master ofLakshmi. The ascetics (yogis) view Lord Vishnu through meditation. Lord Vishnu is the destroyer ofthe fear of Samsar. We all surrender to these kinds of great lord.Bhairav
  15. 15. Main (Mula) Mantra :"OM BATUK BHAIRVAYE NAMHA"Brahma Gayatri MantraAum Parmeshwaraye VidmaheParatattvaye DheemahiTanno Brahma PrachodayatSuryaMula mantra :Om Suryaye NamahSurya Gayatri Mantra:Aum Bhaskaraye VidmaheDivakraraye DheemahiTanno Suryah Prachodayats per the Hindu Religion, Surya symbolizes the Sun the almighty. Surya is considered as the onlyvisible kind of God that can be observed every day. God Surya is regarded as an aspect associatedwith Shiva and Vishnu by Shaivites and Vaishnavas respectively. Surya is also known as SuryaNarayana. Surya, the sun God is also known as one of the eight types of Lord Shiva (Astamurti).Surya is the master of excellence and wisdom.GaneshaMula mantra :Om Gan Ganpatye NamahGanesha MantraGanesha Mantras are known as Siddhi mantra (the one with flawlessness ). Each and every mantra
  16. 16. is filled with energy and power of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that mantras of Ganesha, whenchanted with real devotion, give positive results. These mantras reduce the chances of all trials andtroubles gracing the devotee with every success. All mantras are disclosed through the Almighty,through the cleverness , Vision and experience of the divinely lit and perfected sages and menassociated with integral God-Experience.Ganesha is the power of information , success and fulfillment. It is believed that individuals get benefitfrom these mantras when chanted with utmost devotion and belief. Success is not much when youhave love and respect, belief and understanding, kindness and willpower inside your heart and whenyoure in touch with that power which breaks upwards all restrictions, obstacles , problems ,difficultiesand makes available to you the rays of accomplishment , prosperity and large quantity. Some suchMantras are given below for that spiritual benefit of the readers -Special Ganesha MantrasAum Shri Ganeshaya Namah"Praise to master Ganesha". This is the mantra of prayer, adore and adoration. It is chanted to getGaneshas blessings for the optimistic starting of a project , work or simply to supply him the praise.Aum Gan Ganapatye NamahThis is master Ganeshas mula ("main ") mantra.It is also referred to as his beej mantra. Thismantra is employed for Yoga Sadhana in which we pray to Lord Ganesha and merge our self with thesupreme knowledge and peace. This is a mantra from Ganapati Upanishad. One can always employit before starting any kind of new venture in order that success comes without any hassle.Aum Vakratundaya HumThis is a powerful mantra from Ganesha Purana. When things are not necessarily in your favour, oreven when the minds of the people turn damaging , depressed or disheartened , the attention ofGanesha may be drawn with this mantra to straighten up their ways. The HUM symbolizes "hold offno more, my master , in straightening the paths of the crooked-minded ones." This mantra is usedmany often in the Ganesha Purana to reduce the physical violence of cruel demons. In addition, thismantra could also be used for healing any spinal difficulty , such as curvature of the spine or curvedlimbs. Dedicate one ,008 repetitions of this holy word to straighten and recover such deficiencies.Aum Kshipra Prasadaya NamahKshipra means immediate. In the event that some danger or even negative energy is originating your
  17. 17. way and you do not know how to get rid of which danger, with correct devotion, practice this kind ofmantra for fast blessing and refinement of ones aura.Aum Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gam Ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya svahaThere are several beej (seed) mantras in this mantra. Among other things, it says, "Shower theblessings, O master. I offer my own ego as an oblation."Aum Sumukhaya NamahThis mantra has a lot associated with meaning, in simple terms, this means you will be always reallybeautiful in spirit , in spirit, in face, everything. By meditating on this mantra , very pleasing ways anda beauty comes on you. Along with which comes peace, which constantly works inside your eyes;and the words you speak are all filled with that power of love.Aum Ekadantaya NamahEkadanta refers to 1 tusk in the elephant face, which means the almighty broke the duality and madeyou to have a complete one-pointed mind. Whoever has which oneness of mind and single-mindeddevotion will achieve almost everything.Aum Kapilaya NamahKapila (red) means that you are able to give colour remedy. You are able to create colours aroundyourself and around others, saturate them in that colour and heal all of them. As per the mantra youcreate, same goes with you create the colours. Another meaning is "wish cow," the "cow of lots." Itmeans that what you may wish, that will come true. There is a wish-cow inside you. What you maywish, especially for healing others, comes correct instantly.Aum Gajakarnikaya NamahThe ears associated with Ganesha, the elephant - god, are usually constant fanning, which meanspeople can communicate a lot , but you are not obtaining inside anything other than what is important.It also implies that you can sit anywhere and tune this kind of celestial tube (our bodies ) with sevenprograms (chakras) and all 72 ,000 nadis, to any loka and then hear ancestors, angels, the voiceassociated with God or the voice of prophets. That sort of inner ear youll develop through this kind ofmantra.Aum Lambodaraya NamahThis means you feel that you are this galaxy. It means that all the celestial bodies are usually withinyou. As an entire tree is within the seed, the whole galaxy is in the sound associated with creation,which is Aum, and that Aum awareness in you makes you believe you are the universe. Therefore , ifyou say, realizing the oneness using the universe, "shanti around the world " every day, then the
  18. 18. grace of God can come and there will be globe peace, universal peacefulness. It is the universeinside Aum and Aum within you.Aum Vikataya NamahThis indicates realizing this world as a dream or a episode. When you are in that high consciousness,this whole world looks like a dream. All of us have obtained a role. We have to perform our role ineveryday life as wife or husband or even children or people , all consistent with the part we havetaken. When an actor bitten by a sponge cobra that is brought on the stage drops , the entireaudience whines ; but that boy who has fallen understands it was not a real cobra and he just isntdead. Life is a drama --definitely living in this material globe , this physical realm of ego, is a episode.But inside, like the boy on the stage who is quite content knowing that he failed to die by the chew ofthe sponge cobra, like that, the truth never dies in all of us ; it is immortal. Thus everything else youconsider as drama. That awareness comes to you by realizing this mantra.Aum Vighna Nashanaya NamahThis mantra invokes god , the father Ganesha to remove every hindrance in your life and in yourworks. By constant meditation with this mantra, all obstacles and blocked power in your physical andcosmological bodies are freed.Aum Vinayakaya NamahVinayaka is the name associated with Ganesha in the fantastic age. So by realizing this mantra , yourlife will have a golden age. Inside your office, in your work , youll be the employer. Vinayaka meansone thing under control. Vinayaka indicates the Lord of resolving problems.Aum Ganadhyakshaya NamahThis mantra is very important. Suppose you have a group , a country, neighbours , or any kind ofgroup therapy, group healing or a whole country requiring healing, you then have to bring which entiregroup for your minds arena and say this mantra. A group healing occurs by this mantra.Aum Bhalachandraya NamahIn Sanskrit, bhala means the forehead center. Chandra means the crescent moon. Bhalachandraimplies that chakra from in which the nectar drips. That is the secret of all healing. It is to feel yourselfas Shiva, identifying yourself using the Truth and experience constantly that you are having thecrescent celestial satellite , the symbol associated with growth and nectar of peace.Hanuman
  19. 19. Mula Mantra :Om Shri Hanumate NamahHanuman Gayatri Mantra:Aum Anjaneyaye VidmaheMahabalaye DheemahiTanno Hanumat PrachodayatShri Hanuman ChalisaShri Hanuman Chalisa is a prayer associated with "forty verses". Verses are recited or even chantedby groups. The acts and deeds of master Hanuman are remembered in these verses to help thedevotee to meditate on virtuous and noble features.ll Doha llShri Guru Charana Saroj Raja, Nija Mana Mukura Sudhaar lBaranou Raghubara Bimala Jasu, Jo Daayaku Phala Chaar llBuddhi Heena Tanujaanike ,Sumeero Pawana Kumaar lBala Buddhi Vidhya Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kalesha Vikaar llll Chaupai llJai Hanuman Gyana Gunasagara, Jai Kapeesa Tihu Loka UjaagaraRama Doota Atulita Baladhaamaa, Anjanee Putra Pawanasuta NaamaMahabir Bikram Bajarangee, Kumatee Nivaara Sumatee Ke SangeeKanchana Barana Biraaja Subesha ,Kanana Kundala Kunchita Kesha
  20. 20. Haatha Vajra Aur Dhwajaa Birajay, Kaandhe Moonj Janeun SaajeShankara Suvana Kesaree Nandana,Teja Pratapa Maha Jaga VandanaVidya Vaana Gunee Aati Chatur, Ramakaja Kareebe Ko AaturPrabhu Charitra Suneebe Ko Rasiya,Rama Lakhana Seeta Mana BasiyaSuukshmaroopadhari Siyahi Dikhava,Vikataroopadhari Lanka JarawaaBhima Roopa Dharee Asura Sanhaare, Ramachandra Ke Kaaja SanwaareLaaye Sanjeevan Lakhana Jiyaye, Shri Raghubeera Harasheeura LaayeRaghupatee Keenhi Bahuta Badaayii,Tum Mam Priya Bharata Sama BhayeeSahas Badan Tumharo Jas Gave, Asa Kahe Shreepathee Kantha LagaaveSanaka Dik Brahma Dee Muneesa, Narada Sharada Sahita AheesaYama Kubera Digapaala Jahan The, Kavi Kovida Kahee Sakay Kahan TheTum Upakaara Sugreevaheen Keenha, Rama Milaaya Rajapada DeenhaTumharo Mantra Vibheeshana Maanaa,Lankeshwara Bhaye Saba Jaga JaanaaJuga Sahastra Yojana par Bhanu ,Leelyo Taahi Madhura Phala Jaanu
  21. 21. Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukha Mayee, Jaladhi Laanghee Gaye Acharaj NaheeDurgama Kaaja Jagatke Jethe, Sugama Anugraha Tumhare TeteRama Duaare Tuma Rakhawaale, Hota Na Aagyan Bina PaysaareSab Sukh Lahai Tumhari Sarana, Tum Rakshak Kahoo Ko DarnaAapan Tej Samhaarao Aape, Teeno Lok Haankate KaapeinBhoota Pishaacha Nikata Nahee Aawe, Mahabeera Jaba Naama SunaavayNaashai Roga Hare Sab Peera, Japata Nirantara Hanumatha BeeraSankat Se Hanuman Chodave, Man Krama Bachana Dhyan Jo LaaveSab Para Raama Tapasvi Raja, Tinake Kaaja Sakal Tum SaajaAur Manoratha Jo Koyee Laave, Soyee Amitha Jeevan Phala PaaveCharahu Yuga Parataapa Tumhara, Hai Parasiddha Jagata UjiyaaraaSadhoo Sant Ke Tuma Rakhwaale, Asura Nikandana Raama DulareAshta Siddhi Nava Nidhi Ke Daataa, Asabara Deena Jaankee MaataaRama Rasayan Tumhare Paasaa, Sadha Raho Raghupathee Ke DaasaaTumhare Bhajan ram memory Ko Paave, Janma Janma Ke Dukha Bisaraave
  22. 22. Antha Kaal Raghupatee Pura Jaayee,Jahaa Janma Hari Bhakta KahayeeAur Devatha Chit Na Dharayee, Hanumatha Seyi Sarva Sukha KarayeeSankata Kate Mite Sab Peera , Jo Sumeere Hanumatha Bala BeeraJai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosai, Kripa Karahu Gurudeva Kee NaayeeYah Shata Baar Paatha Kara Joyee, Chutahee Bandhee Maha Sukha HoyiJo Yaha Pade Hanuman Chaleesa, Hoye Siddhi Saakhee GoureesaTulasidasa Sada Hari Chera, Keejay Naatha Hridaya Maha Derall Doha llPawana Tanaya Sankat Harana, Mangala Muuratee Rupa lRama Lakhana Seeta Sahita, Hridaya Basahu Sura Bhoop llKrishnaMula Mantra :Om Kleem Krishnaya NamahKrishna Gayatri Mantra:Om Daamodharayae VidmaheeRukmani Vallabhaye DheemaheeTanno Krishna PrachodayaathKrishna AartiShri Krishna Aarti completes the worship or even prayers made to the God. It is considered that aartiprovides a achievement to the puja.this kind of arti of master Krishna is also referred to as
  23. 23. Janmashtami Aarti, which can be usually sung about the birthday of Krishna.Aaratii Yugala Kishora Kii Kiijai |Tana Mana Dhana Sab Arpana Kiijai ||Ravi Shashi Koti Vadana Kii Shobhaa |Taahi Nirakha Meraa Mana Lobhaa ||Gaura Shyaama Mukha Nikhrata Riijhai lPrabhu Ko Ruupa Nayana Bhara Pijai ||Kanchanna Thaala Kapuura Kii Baatii |Hari Aaye Nirmala Bahii Chaatii ||.Phuulana Kii Seja Phuulana Kii Maalaa |Ratna Sinhaasana Baithe Nandalaalaa ||Mora Mukuta Kara Muralii Sohai |Natavara Vesha Dekha Mana Mohai ||Anga Niila Piita Pata Saarii |Kunja Bihaarii Giravaradhaarii ||
  24. 24. Shri Purushottama Girivara Dhaarii |Aaratii Karata Sakala Nar Naarii ||Nanda Nandana Vrushahaanu Kishorii |Paramaananda Svaamii Avichala Jodii ||Krishna ChalisaKrishna Chalisa indicates a prayer associated with "forty verse", which praise and entreat Sri Krishnawith devotion. They are recited over and over again to remember fondly the virtues of Krishna, theLord, in order to help the disciple to meditate on good and righteous features.ll Doha llBanshi Shobhit Kar Madhur,Neel Jalad Tanu Shyam lArun Adhar Janu Bimba Phal,Nayan Kamal Abhiraam llPuran Indu Arvind Mukha, Pitaambar Shubha Saaj lJai Manmohan Madan Chhavi,Krishnachandra Maharaj llll Chaupai llJai Yadunandan Jai Jagvandan, Jai Vasudev Devki NandanJai Yashoda Sut Nanda Dulaare,Jai Prabhu Bhaktan Ke RakhavaareJai Natanaagar Naag Nathaiyaa, Krishna Kanhaiya Dhenu Charaiya
  25. 25. Puni Nakh par Prabhu Girivar Dhaaro,Aao Deenan Kasht NivaaroBansi Madhur Adhar Dhari Teri, Hove Puran Manorath MeriAao Hari Puni Maakhan Chaakho, Aaj Laaj Bhaktan Ki RaakhoGol Kapol Chibuk Arunaare,Mridul Muskaan Mohini DaareRanjit Raajiv Nayan Vishaalaa, Mor Mukut Vaijayanti MaalaaKundal Shravan Peetpat Aache, Kati Kinkini Kaachhan KaachheNeel Jalaj Sundar Tanu Sohe,Chhavi Lakhi Sur Nar Muni Mana MoheMastak Tilak Alak Ghunghraale, Aao Shyaam Bansuri VaaleKari Pai Paan, Putanaahin Taaryo, Akaa Bakaa Kaaga Sur MaaryoMadhuvan Jalat Agni Jab Jvaala, Bhaye Sheetal ,Lakhitahin NandalalaSurpati Jab Brij Chadhyo Risaai, Musar Dhaar Baari BarsaaiLagat-Lagat Brij Chahan Bahaayo, Govardhan Nakhdhari Bachaayo.Lakhi Yashodaa Man Bhram Adhikaai,Mukh Mahan Chaudah Bhuvan DikhaaiDusht Kansa Ati Udham Machaayo, Koti Kamal Kahan Phul Mangaayo.Naathi Kaaliyahin Tab Tum Linhen, Charanchinh Dai Nirbhay Kinhe
  26. 26. Kari Gopin Sang Raas Vilaasa, Sab Ki Puran Kari AbhilashaaKetik Mahaa Asur Sanhaaryo, Kansahi Kesh Pakadi Dai MaaryoMaatu Pitaa Ki Bandi Chhudaayi, Ugrasen Kahan Raaj DilaayiMahi Se Mritak Chhaho Sut Laayo, Matu Devaki Shok MitaayoBhomaasur Mura Daitya Sanhaari, Laaye Shatdash Sahas KumaariDai Bhinhin Trincheer Sanhaara, Jaraasindhu Raakshas Kahan MaaraAsur Vrikaasur Aadik Maaryo, Bhaktan Ke Tab Kasht NivaariyoDeen Sudaamaa Ke Dukh Taaryo, Tandul Teen Muthi Mukh DaaryoPrem Ke Saag Vidura Ghar Maange, Duryodhan Ke Mevaa TyaageLaakhi Premki Mahimaa Bhaari, Naumi Shyam Deenan HitkaariMaarath Ke Paarath Rath Haanke, Liye Chakra Kar Nahin Bal ThaakeNij Gitaa Ke Gyaan Sunaaye, Bhaktan Hriday Sudhaa BarsaayeMeera Thi Aisi Matvaali, Vish Pee Gayi Bajaakar TaaliRaanaa Bhejaa Saamp Pitaari, Shaaligraam Bane Banvaari
  27. 27. Nij Maayaa Tum Vidhihin Dikhaayo, Urate Sanshay Sakal MitaayoTav Shat Nindaa Kari Tatkaalaa, Jivan Mukt Bhayo ShishupaalaaJabahin Draupadi Ter Lagaai, Deenanaath Laaj stomach JaaiAsa Anaatha Ke Naath Kanhaiyaa, Dubat Bhanvar Bachaavat NaiyaaSundardaas Aas Ura Dhaari, Dayadrishti Keeje BanwaariNaath Sakal Mam Kumati Nivaaro, Chhamobegi Apraadh HamaaroKholo Pat stomach Darshan Deeje, Bolo Krishna Kanhaiya Ki Jaill Doha llYah Chalisa Krishna Ka, Path Kare Ur Dhaari l lAsht Siddhi Nav Niddhi Phal, Lahe Padaarath Chaari lDifferent Names associated with Lord KrishnaSri Krishna is one of the most lovable deities of the Hindu Religion. Lord Krishna is regarded as the8th incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna took birth in the Dwaparyuga, in line with the HinduMythology. The almighty Krishna is the personification of love and euphoria that vanishes just aboutall pain and sin. Sri Krishna is frequently depicted as a cowherds boy, who loves curd and butter.Lord Krishna can also be associated with the Raas-Leela, by which he is always surrounded by theGopis (young cowherd girls). Krishnas immense love for Radha is immortal as well as the couple isusually appreciated as Radha-Krishna. Sri Krishna is known by many different names. This kind of listcontains 108 names of master Krishna with their meanings :
  28. 28. NamesMeaningsAchalaStill LordAchyutaInfallible LordAdbhutahWonderful GodAdidevThe Lord of the LordsAdityathe Son associated with AditiAjanmaOne Who Is limitless and EndlessAjayathe Conqueror of Life and DeathAksharaIndestructible LordAmrutOne that is Sweet as NectarAnaadihOne Who Is the First CauseAnandsagarCompassionate LordAnantathe Endless LordAnantajitEver Victorious LordAnayaOne who has No LeaderAniruddhaOne that Cannot Be ObstructedAparajeetthe master Who Cannot Be DefeatedAvyuktaOne Who Is As clear As CrystalBalgopalthe child Krishna, the just about all AttractiveBalithe Lord associated with StrengthChaturbhujFour-Armed Lord
  29. 29. DanavendraGranter associated with BoonsDayaluRepository of CompassionDayanidhithe Compassionate LordDevadidevthe the almighty of the GodsDevakinandanSon associated with Mother DevakiDeveshLord of the LordsDharmadhyakshathe Lord associated with DharmaDwarkapatiLord of DwarkaGopalOne Who Plays using the Cowherds, the GopasGopalpriyaLover of CowherdsGovindaOne that pleases the Cows and the Nature.Gyaneshwarthe Lord of KnowledgeHarithe Lord of NatureHiranyagarbhathe All Powerful CreatorHrishikeshthe Lord of All SensesJagadguruPreceptor of the UniverseJagadishaProtector associated with AllJagannathLord of the UniverseJanardhanaOne Who Bestows Boons on One And AllJayantahConqueror of All EnemiesJyotiraadityathe Resplendence of the SunKamalnaththe master of Goddess Lakshmi
  30. 30. Kamalnayanthe Lord with Lotus Shaped EyesKamsantakSlayer associated with KamsaKanjalochanathe Lotus-Eyed GodKeshavaOne Who Has Long, african american Matted LocksKrishnaDark-Complexioned LordLakshmikantamthe Lord of Goddess LakshmiLokadhyakshaLord of All the a few Lokas (Worlds)Madanthe Lord of LoveMadhavaKnowledge Filled GodMadhusudanSlayer associated with Demon MadhuMahendraLord associated with IndraManmohanAll Pleasing LordManoharBeautiful LordMayurthe Lord who has A Peacock Feathered-CrestMohanAll Attractive GodMuralithe Flute Playing LordMurlidharOne that Holds the FluteMurlimanoharthe Flute Playing GodNandgopalathe child of NandNarayanathe retreat of EveryoneNiranjanathe Unblemished LordNirgunawithout Any Properties
  31. 31. PadmahastaOne Who Has Hands such as LotusPadmanabhathe Lord who has a Lotus designed NavelParabrahmanathe Supreme complete TruthParamatmaLord of All BeingsParampurushSupreme PersonalityParthasarthiCharioteer of Partha ArjunaPrajapatiLord of most CreaturesPunyahSupremely PurePurshottamthe best SoulRavilochanaOne whos eye Is the SunSahasraakashThousand-Eyed LordSahasrajitOne Who Vanquishes ThousandsSahasrapaatThousand-Footed LordSakshiAll Witnessing LordSanatanathe Eternal LordSarvajanaOmniscient LordSarvapalakaProtector of AllSarveshwarLord of most GodsSatyavachanaOne Who speaks Only the TruthSatyavratathe reality Dedicated LordShantahPeaceful LordShreshtathe Most Glorious Lord
  32. 32. ShrikantaBeautiful LordShyamDark-Complexioned LordShyamsundaraLord of the Beautiful EveningsSudarshanaHandsome LordSumedhaIntelligent LordSureshamLord of All Demi-GodsSwargapatiLord of HeavensTrivikramaConqueror of all the Three WorldsUpendraBrother associated with IndraVaikunthanathaLord of Vaikuntha, the Heavenly AbodeVardhamaanahthe Formless LordVasudevAll existing LordVishnuAll Prevailing LordVishwadakshinahSkilfull and Efficient LordVishwakarmaCreator of the UniverseVishwamurtiForm of the Entire UniverseVishwarupaOne that Displays the universal FormVishwatmaSoul of the UniverseVrishaparvaaLord of DharmaYadavendraKing of the Yadav ClanYogithe best MasterYoginampatiLord of the Yogis
  33. 33. Lord RamaMula Mantra :Om Sri Ramaya NamahRama Gayatri Mantra :Aum Dasarathaye VidmaheSitavallabhaya DheemahiTanno Ramah PrachodayatShivaMula mantra :Om Namah ShivayeShiva Gayatri Mantra:Aum Panchvakraye VidmaheMahadevaye DheemahiTanno Rudra PrachodayatShiva ChalisaShiva Chalisa is a "40 verse" prayer. Verses are recited or even chanted by groups. The acts anddeeds of Shiva are recalled during these verses to aid the devotee to meditate on virtuous and noblequalities.ll Doha llJai Ganesh Girija Suvan, Mangal Mool Sujaan l lKahat Ayodhyadas Tum, Dehu Abhaya Vardan lll Chaupai ll
  34. 34. Jai Girijapati Deen Dayala, Sada Karat Santan PratipalaBhal Chandrama Sohati Neeke, Kanan Kundal Nag Phani KeAng Gaur Shiv Ganga Bahaye, Mundamal suntan Kshar LagayeVastra Khaal Baghambar Sohe, Chhavi Ko Dekh Nag Muni MoheMaina Matu Ki Priya Dulari, bang Ang Sohat Chhavi PyariKar Trishul Sohat Chhavi Bhari, Karat Sada Shatrun ShaykariNandi Ganesh Sohe Tanha Kaise, Sagar Madhya Kamal Hain JaiseKartik Shyam Aur Gana Raau, you Chhavi Ko Kahi Jaat Na KaauDevan Jabhee Jaaye Pukara,Tabahin Dukh Prabhu Ap NivaaraKeen Upadrava Taarak Bhari, Devan Sab Mili Tumhee PukariTurat Shadanan Ap Pathayo, Luv Nimesh Mahi Mar GirayoAp Jallandhar Asur Sanhara, Suyash Tumhar Vidit SansaraTripurasur Sang Yuddha Machayi, Sabahin Kripa Kari Leen BachayiKeeya Taphin Bhagirath Bhari, Purahi Pratigya Tasu PurariDarpa Chhod Ganga Tab Ayee, Sewak Astuti Karat Sadahee
  35. 35. Ved Naam Mahima Tav Gayaee, Akath Anadi Bhed Nahin PayeePragati Udadhi Manthan Mein Jwala, Jare Surasur Bhaye VihaalaMahadeva loss Kari Sahayee, Neelkantha Tav Nam DharayeePoojan Ramchandra Jab Keenha, Lanka Jeet Vibhishan DeenhaSahas Kamal me ho rahe dhaari, Keenha Pareeksha Tabahi PurariEk Kamal Prabhu Rakheu johee, Kamal Nayan Poojan Chahin SoyeeKathin Bhakti Dekhi Prabhu Shankar, Bhaye Prasanna Deya Icchhit VarJai Jai Jai Ananta Avinasi, Karat Kripa Sab Ke GhatvasiDushta Sakal Mohi Nitya Sataven, Bhramita Rahe Mohe Chain Na AaveTrahi Trahi main Nath Pukaro, Yeh Avasar Mohi Ani UbaroLai Trishool Shatrun Ko Maro, Sankat Se Mohi Ani UbaroMata Pita Bhrata Sab Hoi, Sankat Mein Poochat Nahi KoiSwami Ek Hai Aas Tumhari, Aaye Harahu Mam Sankat BhaariDhan Nirdhan Kon Det Sadaee, Arat Jan Ki Peer MitaeeAstuti Kehi Vidhi Karahu Tumhari, Shamhu Naath stomach Chook Hamari
  36. 36. Shanker Ho Sankat Ke Nashan, Vighna Vinashan Mangal KaaranYogi Yati Muni Dhyan Lagave, Sharad Narad say no to NavaveNamo Namo Jai Namah Shivaye, Sur Brahmadik Par Na PaayeJo Yeh Path Kare person Layee, Tapar warm Hain Shambu SahayeeRiniya Jo Koi Ho Adhikaari, Paath Kare So PaavanhaariPutra Heen Ichha Kar koi fish , Nishchaya Shiv Prasad Tehi HoiPandit Triyodashi Ko Lave, Dhyan Poorvak hom KaraveTriyodashi Vrata Kare Hamesha, suntan Nahi Take Rahe KaleshaDhoop Deep Naivedya Chadhavai, Shanker Sanmukha Path KaravahiJanam Janam Ki Pap Nasave, Anta Vaas Shivpur Men PaaveHey Shankar Hai Aas Tumhari, Dukh Peera Ab Harahu Hamarill Doha llNit Nem Kar Praatha Hee ,Paath Karo Chaalis lTum Meri Manokaamna, Puran Karo Jagdeesh llMagsar Chhati Hemant Ritu, Sanvat Chausadh Jaan l
  37. 37. Astuti Chaalisa Shivhi, Puran Keen Kalyaan llShiva LegendsShiva is considered as the destroyer of the galaxy , in Hinduism. Shiva is a complex the almighty , interms of nature to represent contradictory qualities, becoming the destroyer as well as the restorersimultaneously. Youll find so many legends surrounding master Shiva and his power. Herere a fewwell-known stories of master Shiva.Story associated with Shiva Lingam -- Why Shiva is worshipped in the Phallic FormThis is an interesting story regarding the praise of Lord Shiva in the phallic kind. It is believed that assoon as Brahma and Vishnu, the two deities of the Trinity, got into a quarrel regarding theirsupremacy. Lord Brahma announced himself to be more admired, being the creator. While thepreserver, Vishnu, pronounced he commanded more admiration. Just then a huge pillar of fireplace(lingam), called as Jyotirlinga, appeared in flames, before all of them. This Lingam fascinated bothBrahma and Vishnu, with its hastily increasing size.With this incident, they forgot their fight and decided to locate its size. Vishnu took the form of boarand went to the netherworld. Brahma thought the form of a Swan and flew towards the skies.However both of them were unsuccessful in completing the self-assumed tasks. During those times ,Shiva appeared out from the lingam and recognized that he was the progenitor of each , Brahma andVishnu. So, he should be worshipped in his phallic (lingam) form, and not in the anthropomorphickind.Story of Shiva and the HunterHere is a more interesting tale of Lord Shiva, showing his merciful nature. Once a seeker waswandering in a dense forest, to chase a deer and suddenly he found himself about the banks of riverKolidum, where he heard the roar of a tiger. So that you can defend himself from the tiger, he climbedup a tree close by. The tiger sat on the ground beneath the tree without the purpose to leave.The huntsman stayed on the tree whole evening and to keep himself awake, he plucked one leaf to
  38. 38. another from the tree and threw it lower. There was a Shiva Lingam under the tree and gracefully thetree turned out to be a bilva tree (results in of this tree are usually adored by Shiva). Without anyknowledge, the huntsman had delighted the deity by pouring Bilva results in all night. With theintroduction of the sun, the hunter looked lower and found the tiger gone. In its spot , Lord Shiva hadbeen standing and he prostate gland before the lord. With Shivas blessings, he attained salvationfrom the bondage of the substance world.Different brands of ShivaLord Shiva is considered as the destroyer of the Universe according to the Hindu Mythology. Shiva isone of the most widely used gods of the Hindus. Lord Shiva is really a complex god such as goddessKali, becoming destroyer and restorer at the same time. Shiva can also be known as Bhole Shankar,the innocent the almighty , who gets appeased easily. Shiv Shambhu is also recognized as a goodascetic, as he lives on Mount Kailash in meditation. The almighty Shiv is worshipped usually in hisphallic (Lingam) form. Specific Worship of Shiva can be seen during the month of Saawan (July-August) of Hinduism. Master Shiva is known by many different names. This kind of list contains 108names of master Shiva with their meanings :NamesMeaningsAashutoshOne Who meets Wishes at onceAjaUnbornAkshayagunaGod with Numberless AttributesAnaghaWithout Any errorAnantadrishtiof limitless VisionAugadhOne Who Revels All the TimeAvyayaprabhuEverlasting LordBhairavLord of TerrorBhalanetraOne who has an Eye in the ForeheadBholenathKind Hearted LordBhooteshwaraLord associated with Ghosts and bad BeingsBhudevaLord of the Earth
  39. 39. BhutapalaProtector of the GhostsChandrapalMaster of the MoonChandraprakashOne Who Has celestial satellite As A CrestDayaluCompassionateDevadevaLord of the LordsDhanadeepaLord Of AffluenceDhyanadeepIcon Of Meditation and ConcentrationDhyutidharaLord Of RadianceDigambaraAscetic Without Any ClothesDurjaneeyaDifficult to become KnownDurjayaUnvanquishedGangadharaGod Of river GangaGirijapatiHusband Of Girija (Parvati)GunagrahinAcceptor associated with GunasGurudevaMaster Of AllHaraRemover Of SinsJagadishaMaster of the UniverseJaradhishamanaRedeemer From AfflictionsJatinOne Who Has Knotted HairKailasOne Who Bestows PeaceKailashadhipatiLord Of Mount KailashKailashnathMaster Of Mount Kailash
  40. 40. KamalakshanaLotus-Eyed LordKanthaEver-RadiantKapalinOne WhoWears a Necklace Of SkullsKhatvanginOne Who Has The bomb (Khatvangin) In His HandKundalinOne Who Wears EarringsLalatakshaOne Who Has An Eye inside the ForeheadLingadhyakshaLord Of The LingasLingarajaLord Of The LingasLokankaraMaker of the Three WorldsLokapalOne that Takes Care Of The WorldMahabuddhiExceptionally IntelligentMahadevaGreatest GodMahakalaLord of most TimesMahamayaOf Great IllusionsMahamrityunjayaGreat Victor Of DeathMahanidhiGreat StorehouseMahashaktimayaOne Who Has limitless PowersMahayogiSupreme of All GodsMaheshaThe AlmightyMaheshwaraLord of the LordsNagabhushanaOne Who Has Snakes as OrnamentsNatarajaKing of the art of Dancing
  41. 41. NilakanthaBlue Necked LordNityasundaraEver BeautifulNrityapriyaLover associated with DanceOmkaraOriginator of OMPalanhaarOne Who Protects EveryoneParameshwaraFirst among All GodsParamjyotiGreatest SplendorPashupatiLord of All residing BeingsPinakinOne Who Has a Bow In His HandPranavaOriginator of the Syllable associated with OMPriyabhaktaFavorite of the DevoteesPriyadarshanaof Loving VisionPushkaraOne that Gives NourishmentPushpalochanaOne who has Eyes like FlowersRavilochanaHaving Sun as the EyeRudrathe DreadfulRudrakshaOne Who Has eye like RudraSadashivaEternal GodSanatanaEternal LordSarvacharyaPreceptor of AllSarvashivaAlways ChasteSarvatapanaScorcher of All
  42. 42. SarvayoniSource of EverythingSarveshwaraLord of most GodsShambhuOne Who Bestows ProsperityShankaraOne Who gives HappinessShivaAlways PureShoolinOne who has a Trident (Trishool)Shrikanthaof Magnificent NeckShrutiprakashaIlluminator of the VedasShuddhavigrahaOne who has a Pure BodySkandaguruPreceptor of SkandaSomeshwaraLord of most GodsSukhadaBestower of HappinessSupritaWell PleasedSuraganaHaving Gods as AttendantsSureshwaraLord Of All GodsSwayambhuSelf-ManifestedTejaswaniOne Who Spreads IlluminationTrilochanaThree-Eyed LordTrilokpatiMaster of All the a few WorldsTripurariEnemy of TripuraTrishoolinOne Who Has a Trident in His HandsUmapatiHusband associated with Uma (Parvati)
  43. 43. VachaspatiLord of SpeechVajrahastaOne who has a Thunderbolt in his HandsVaradaGranter of BoonsVedakartaCreator of the VedasVeerabhadraSupreme master of the Nether WorldVishalakshaWide-Eyed Lord sVishveshwaraLord of the UniverseVrishavahanaOne Who Has fluff as His MountVishnuMula Mantra :Om Namo Bhagwate VasudevayaVishnu Gayatri Mantra:Om Narayanaya VidmaheeVasudevaya DheemahiTanno Vishnu PrachodayaatHindu GoddessesDurgaMula mantra :Om Sri Durgaya NamahDurga Gayatri mantra :Aum Girijaye Cha VidmaheShiva Priyaye Cha DheemahiTanno Durga PrachodayatLakshmi
  44. 44. Mula Mantra :Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai NamahSaraswatiMula Mantra :Om Aim Saraswatyai NamahSaraswati Gayatri Mantra:Aum Saraswatye Cha VidmaheBrahmaputriye ChaDheemahi Tanno Saraswati PrachodayatKaliMula Mantra :Om Kreem Kalikaye NamahRadhaRadha Gayatri MantraAum Vrashbhanujaye VidmaheKrishnapriyaye DheemahiTanno Radha PrachodayatSitaSita Gayatri Mantra :Aum Janaknandiniye VidmaheBhumijayai DheemahiTanno Sita PrachodayatBedtime Sloka
  45. 45. Bedtime is the time when people wish to relax themselves following your long hectic schedules of theday. It is considerable to remember God at such time. Following Bedtime Sloka / Shloka is a bed timeprayer of the Hindus.Bedtime SlokaBedtime is the time when people want to unwind themselves after the extended hectic schedules ofthe day. It is considerable to consider God at these kinds of time. Following bed time Sloka / Shloka isa bedtime prayer of the Hindus."Karacharana Krn Itam Vaakkaayajam Karmajam Vaa,Shravananayanajam Vaa Maanasam Vaaparaadham,Vihitamavihitam Vaa Sarvametatkshamasva,Jaya Jaya Karunaabdhe Shriimahaadeva Shambho"Meaning: The literal meaning of the mantra is: "O the almighty , kindly pardon my own incorrectactions done consciously or instinctively , either through my bodily organs of action (hand , feet, andpresentation ) or through my own organs of perception (eyes, ears) or even by my mind. I enjoy theGod, that is the ocean associated with kindness".Significance: by Gods grace, we have completed one more day of our life. Thus , in order to thankgod and also to ask for his mercy , one can recite this kind of Sloka. This bed time Sloka is a prayerto God asking him to justification our mistakes and maintain his mercy on us.Bhagavad Gita SlokasSlokas are verses inside the praise of the almighty. Shlokas from Bhagwad Gita are well-known fortheir massive power. Gita Slokas deliver the idea of spirituality to the mind. Slokas associated withBhagavad Gita can be recited in order to get the peace of mind. Daily chant of these slokas, with theirmeanings kept in the mindBhagavad Gita SlokasSlokas are verses inside the praise of the almighty. Shlokas from Bhagwad Gita are well-known fortheir massive power. Gita Slokas deliver the idea of spirituality to the mind. Slokas associated with
  46. 46. Bhagavad Gita can be recited in order to get the peace of mind. Daily chant of these slokas, with theirmeanings kept in your head , makes the person privy to the fact of substance world and the celestialworld. Gita Slokas tell about the everlasting divine world which can be pure and tranquil. Theseslokas result in the person realize the point , for what he/she has come in this world.Following are some of the Slokas coming from Bhagavad Gita with their meanings:"Cancalam Hi Manah Krsna Pramathi BalavaddrdhamTasyaham Nigraham Manye Vayoriva Suduskaram"This Sloka states that the personal self is the tourist in the chariot of the material body as well as theintelligence is the driver. Mind is the traveling instrument and the senses are the horses. Thus , theself will be the enjoyer or sufferer in the relationship of the mind and senses."Balam Balavatam Caham KamaragavivarjitamDharmaviruddho Bhutesu Kamosmi Bharatarsabha"The Sloka says which God is detached and passionless power of the dominant as well as the virtuouscraving in males.Ye Caiva Sattvika Bhava Rajasastamasasca YeMatta Everti Tanviddhi Na Tvaham Tesu TemayiThis Shloka tells which God is the just source of all good (satva), obsessive (rajas) and dark (tamas)components still, they are not inside God nor the deity is within all of them.
  47. 47. "Tribhirgunamayairbhavairebhih Sarvamidam JagatMohitam Nabhijanati Mamebhyah Paramavyayam"This Sloka states that the whole world is immersed in the three aspects of Satva, Raja, andTama.This is the reason, individuals dont recognize the everlasting God who is beyond them."Daivi Hyesa Gunamayi mom Maya DuratyayaMameva Ye Prapadyante Mayametam Taranti Te"The Shloka states that the celestial maya of the almighty with its threefold features is very complex.However , those who worship the almighty are able to conquer it."Na Mam Duskrtino Mudhah Prapadyante NaradhamahMayayapahrtajnana Asuram Bhavamasritah"This Shloka says that people who are attracted by maya of God shed their mind. They get fascinatedby the baser impulses preventing worshipping God. This type of person stupid and bad who dont alsounderstand that all these situations are part of the web developed by the Almighty."Caturvidha Bhajante Mam Janah SukrtinorjunaArto Jijnasurartharthi Jnani Ca Bharatarsabha"This Sloka claims that there are four types of good people who praise god, those who wish earthlygains, those people who are suffering, those who look for knowledge and those who have wisdom.
  48. 48. "Tesam Jnani Nityayukta EkabhaktirvisisyatePriyo Hi Jnaninotyarthamaham Sa Ca mom Priyah"This Shloka tells that out from the devotees, there are some sensible people who want one thing inreturn and the people who dont expect any kind of fruit in return of the worship. God loves the peoplewho dont expect anything in exchange as their love for the god is true."Udarah Sarva Evaite, Jnani Tvatmaiva myself MatamAsthitah Sa hi Yuktatma Mamevanuttamam Gatim"This Sloka states that all those who praise God are commendable. But the outstanding devotees ,who worship the almighty with the single purpose to merge inside the God, are the correct devoteeswho have achieved the highest aim of living.Early Morning SlokaEarly Morning is considered as the best time to praise God. Early morning can also be known as"Brahma Mahurat" in the Hindu Mythology. It is regarded which prayers made at the moment reachdirectly to the God. Early Morning Shloka (Sloka) is given the following which also serves as the firstprayer of the day towards the almighty.Early early morning SlokaEarly Morning is recognized as as the best time for you to worship God. Morning is also known as"Brahma Mahurat" in the Hindu Mythology. It is deemed that prayers created at this time reachstraight to the God. Morning Shloka (Sloka) is given here which also is the first prayer of the day tothe almighty.Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi Karamadhye Sarasvati,
  49. 49. Karamuule Tu Govinda Prabhaate Karadarshanam,Samudravasane Devi Parvatastanamandale,Vishhnupatni Namastubhyam Paadasparsham Kshamasva MeMeaning: leading part of the hands (the finger tips) is credited to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddessassociated with wealth. The middle part or palm is credited to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess oflearning as well as the root (the part of hand near the wrist) to Govinda. So, every morning, oneshould have a reverent look at your hand which represents sincere labor.I bow to mother nature , who has mountains and jungles on her physique and whose clothes is madeby the sea. The wife associated with Lord Vishnu, you should pardon me regarding touching you withmy feet.It is considered propitious to start out the day with this genuine prayer.Just phone guruji at: +91-9876146495, +91-9878019497 (Vashikaran expert , Gold Medalist andWachaspati winner coming from Punjab University, india.)(Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 40+ yrs of experience.)Emails us at: vashikaran109@gmail.comguruji109@gmail.comWebsite: Here To Find Out More