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The story of Vita-Lea


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My first introduction to Shaklee was Vita-Lea, Using this product everyday changed my health in a way that no other company on the market could. I started having greater energy, back, hip, neck and shoulder pains started to go away and never came back, acid reflux gone. It's true that nature has the answers to our health problems. It's been over 5 years now with no recurrence something my doctor couldn't do in 10 years under his care. He even told me that stuff doesn't work. I'm glad I found Shaklee Life is a whole lot better for myself and my family!

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The story of Vita-Lea

  1. 1. “Vita-Lea” J & M Burke Enterprises offers the greatest career training in network marketing Jim & Mary Jo Burke Presidential Master Coordinators Our success has been acclaimed and rewarded by reaching the top rank of Presidential Master Coordinators. 1
  2. 2. 2 Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Sr. In 1915 Dr Shaklee developed techniques for extracting nutrients from food, and introduced “vitalized minerals” to a market, a primitive version of vitamin pills.
  3. 3. “There is a story to everything Nature does and that is now our biggest mystery. We must remember one thing, she created the value of life and we must never forget that. That’s why what we remove from Nature is such an incredible component of the Shaklee products.” Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr. 3
  4. 4. The Shaklee Difference BEST OF SCIENCE • $250 million invested in research & development • 90 published clinical studies • 75 Shaklee scientists • 50 patents & patents pending • 50th Anniversary Landmark Study proves Shaklee supplement users have markedly better health BEST OF NATURE • Natural ingredients • No artificial flavors • No artificial sweeteners • No hidden filers • No ingredients that are harmful to the planet • No animal testing OVER 50 YEARS OF PROVEN SUCCESS PURITY AND QUALITY GUARANTEED • 83,000 annual quality control tests • Guaranteed potency – 3rd party verification of botanical ingredients • Guaranteed purity – 358 contaminant tests conducted by 3rd party labs on EACH new botanical ingredient • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 4
  5. 5. Why Shaklee Vita-Lea  Shaklee makes their products from concentrated food sources, retaining all the extra value of the food.  Using a whole food source is what makes our product superior to anything else in the market place Scientifically Advanced Technology To Create The Ultimate Food Concentrate 34 Food Sources Combined in one Powerful Tablet  The finest raw materials available  24 separate test are performed for purity of the raw materials used  The fastest delivery system ever developed to insure proper utilization  The newest in film coating to insure long shelf-life  Only 56% of heat used in making the tablet to insure the live enzymes are retained  Unique tablet formulation to insure every ingredient is the in the right amount in every tablet  Calcium delivery system to replace bone loss 5
  6. 6. The World’s First High-Capacity Aqueous Solution Columnar Tablet Film Coating Equipment And Shaklee Has it!! 6
  7. 7. VITA-LEA Supports Optimal Health Promotes  Heart health  Immune System  Bone & joint health  Physical energy  Healthy skin, hair, & nails  23 essential vitamins and minerals  Based on 7 clinical studies  Patented micro-coating system designed to enhance absorption of folic acid  Exceptional quality – over 340 quality tests every time Vita-Lea is made Superior Formulation 7
  8. 8. Scientifically Advanced VITA-LEA Multivitamin Liqui-Lea Incredivites Children Vita-Lea Men & Women Vita-Lea Gold Adults 50+ The First Step to Better Health Nutritional insurance/scientifically balanced No added preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners Provides all essential vitamins & minerals in significant amounts Clinically proven to increase blood levels of vitamins & minerals For the Very Young and the Young at Heart 8
  9. 9. Why Shaklee Vitalizer™ Gladys Block, PhD School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, CA • Backed by 55 years of nutrition science • Based on 12 clinical trials and a first-of-its- kind clinical study • Vitalizer is the first step toward an optimal nutritional foundation • Delivers 80 bio-optimized nutrients— including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fish oil, and probiotics—in one convenient Vita-Strip™ • Designed to enhance absorption of key nutrients • With formulas specially designed for men, women, and adults 50+ Research Interests   • Vitamin C and cardiovascular disease risk factors • Antioxidants, oxidation, inflammation • Nutrient status and disease relationships • Low-cost computerized methods to help people improve physical activity and nutrition 9
  10. 10. Medical Biomarkers NO Supplements OTHER Supplements SHAKLEE Users Average Age 53 58 63! Personal Health Self-Assessment 49.1% 55.7% 84.2% Diabetes 8.5% (+193%) 11.1% (+283%) 2.9% Heart Attacks 4.4% (+76%) 7.6% (+204%) 2.5% Congestive Heart Failure 3.5% (+250%) 2.8% (+200%) 1.4% Stroke 2.5% (+39%) 2.6% (+44%) 1.8% Coronary Heart Disease 5.6% (+12%) 7.1% (+42%) 5.0% Emphysema 2.3% (+109%) 1.8% (+64%) 1.1% Triglycerides 180 145 121 HDL 51 53 58 C-reactive Protein 4.6 3.2 1.9 Homocysteine Levels 9.6 9.5 6.1 “The study results were very impressive and support the potential benefits of long-term use of Shaklee dietary supplements.” - Gladys Block, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition THE LANDMARK STUDY 10
  11. 11. The Research Behind Vitalizer Clinical Research = Independent, Third Party Proof  Conducted at UC Berkeley  Published October 2007 in Nutrition Journal  Compared those taking Shaklee to other brands or nothing at all  Most comprehensive study EVER done on nutritional supplements 11
  12. 12. Shaklee Vitalizer™ By The Numbers  50 Years VMS Experience  75 Shaklee Scientists  3 Years Intensive R&D  12 Shaklee Clinical Studies  80 Bio-optimzed Nutrients  4 Revolutionary Delivery Systems  12 Patents Vitalizer = 1 Convenient Daily Dose 2 “Caroto-E-Omega” 2 Advanced Formula Vita-Lea 1 Sustained-Release B+C 1 Optiflora Probiotic 12
  13. 13. Shaklee Taps The World For The Best Sources Found in Nature that makes Vitalizer so Powerful 13 HAWAII for microalgae for astaxanthin Across the US for passion flowers that yield flavones & citrus fruits that provide flavanoes NOVA SCOTIA for wild blueberries that produce anthocyanidins FRANCE to grapeseed that yields proanthocyanidin AUSTRIA for elderberries that produce anthocyanidins United States for non-GMO tomatoes for Lycopene MALAYSIA for oil of palm for alpha & beta carotene THAILAND for marigolds that produces lutein CHINA for green tea that yields flavan-3-oils AUSTRALIAN salt marshes for sea algae that yields beta carotene BRAZIL for fava cl’anta that produces quercetin
  14. 14. Pantothenic Acid Vitami n A Vitami n C Vitami n D Vitamin E Vitami n K B12 Folic Acid Niacin Riboflavi n Thiami n Biotin Calciu m Magne sium Iron B6 Zinc Copper Phosphorus Manga nese Chromi um Omega -3 Lycopene Seleniu m Alpha Caroten e Beta Caroten e Berry Seed Blend Lutein & Zeaxanthi n Boron Iodine *The nutrient content of a daily serving of Vitalizer™ is not the same as the amount of nutrients found in the foods shown. Detailed nutritional information can be found on the Vitalizer supplement facts box. All in one Vita-Strip™! 14
  15. 15. Pantothen ic Acid Vitamins, Minerals, Omega- 3s, and Phytonutrients* Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K B12 Boron Folic Acid Niacin Riboflavin Thiamin Biotin Calcium Magnesiu m Iron B6 Zinc Copper Phosphoru s Iodine Manganes e Chromium Omega-3 Lycopene Selenium Alpha Caroten e Beta Caroten e Berry Seed Blend Lutein & Zeaxanthi n *The nutrient content of a daily serving of Vitalizer™ is not the same as the amount of nutrients found in the foods shown. Detailed nutritional information can be found on the Vitalizer supplement facts box. 15
  16. 16. S.M.A.R.T.—really smart! 16
  17. 17. 17 NATURE KNOWS BEST Nature does speak, in no uncertain terms, to us all. And, as man is a product of Nature, he may, if he so desires, receive helpful guidance from Nature, for Nature is the expression of the Creator. Every living thing on the face of this earth is a product of Nature, including man. Everything that has happened on the face of this earth may be credited to the Laws of Nature. Is there any wonder that the life of Forrest C. Shaklee has been guided by these Laws? He believed that “Nature knows best.” His research into the field of things natural has accounted for the quality of Shaklee products. Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.