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A short 4 page report giving you an update about the Indian Media and Entertainment market. It sources its facts from reputed research reports as well as some press releases, along with a few of our own thoughts.

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India Media & Entertainment Industry

  1. 1. Compliments: Criesse Communications, India Email: 
 ! ! ! Media & Entertainment Industry - India Brief Introduction ! The Rs 83, 000 crore (US$ 13.23 billion) - Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is making slow growth strides. Proving its resilience when the global economy is going through tough times, the Indian M&E sector is perhaps on the cusp of a slow growth phase, backed by rising consumer payments and advertising revenues across sectors. ! ! 1
  2. 2. “While the ‘instant news’ era of 24 hour news channels on television has had its impact on the circulation numbers of newspapers, it is evident that India still ‘wakes up’ with a cup of tea and a newspaper.” ! Market Dynamics 
 The size of the Indian Media & Entertainment sector increased from about Rs 805 billion (US$ 12.84 billion) in 2011 to almost Rs 965 billion (US$ 15.38 billion) in 2012, showcasing a year-on-year (y-o-y) growth of 20 per cent, according to PwC India.
 ! India's television market expanded by 13 per cent with revenues increasing from Rs 340 billion (US$ 5.42 billion) in 2011 to Rs 383 billion (US$ 6.11 billion) in 2012.
 ! Filmed entertainment recorded a growth of 17 per cent; revenues increased from Rs 96 billion (US$ 1.53 billion) in 2011 to Rs 112 billion (US$ 1.79 billion) in 2012.
 ! The print sector continued to sustain its beneficiary position. The revenues are expected to increase by more than 9 per cent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach Rs 331 billion (US$ 5.28 billion) in 2017 from Rs 212 billion (US$ 3.38 billion) in 2012.
 ! A report by CII-PwC states that the television and print sectors dominated the industry with about 40 per cent and 22 per cent contribution to industry revenues respectively in 2012. On the other hand, Internet access and films account for about 18 per cent and 12 per cent of the industry revenues, respectively.
  3. 3. Print ! Newspapers remain pervasive and will continue to form part of the fabric of the Indian landscape. In India, new newspapers being published continue to grow at around 6% every year. ! While the ‘instant news’ era of 24 hour news channels on television has had its impact on the circulation numbers of newspapers, it is evident that India still ‘wakes-up’ with a cup of tea and the newspaper. The highest circulated daily in India remains a regional language newspaper. At the national level, the English language dailies rule. ! A trend that is picking-up is that of digital editions of newspapers. Though impacted by bandwidth challenges, changing lifestyles, particularly in metro cities has led to more people being ‘on-the-move’ and wanting to catch-up with the latest on their tablets or handhelds. More applications (apps) are predicted for print media, which will help the publishers to monetise digital content. ! Magazines on the other hand have had a bumpy road. In general, the circulation of national weeklies/monthlies is on the decline due to the exposure of similar content on television and on other mediums, though niche sector specific magazines, such as in the travel and lifestyle space have bucked this trend. Publishers are exploring innovative means to monetise digital content by publishing digital paid editions of the magazines with additional exclusive content bundled in. ! Road Ahead ! The CII-PwC report named 'India Entertainment & Media Outlook 2013' estimates that the Indian M&E industry would exceed Rs 224,500 crore (US$ 35.8 billion) by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 18 per cent from 2012. The growth includes television and print (which together account for more than 60% of the M&E sector) but would also be driven by increasing penetration of digital platforms across all industry segments. ! 3
  4. 4. While the print sector is expected to register a CAGR of 9 per cent and touch Rs 33,100 crore (US$ 5.28 billion) of revenues by 2017, sectors such as internet access, internet advertising, gaming and music are expected to continue on their high growth trajectory, said the report. ! - Exchange Rate Used: INR 1 = US$ 0.01595
 - References: Media Reports, Consultancy Reports & Press Releases. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Dennis Taraporewala Mobile: +91 9819810500 Email: Team Contributions: 
 Gitika Taraporewala, Shaili Jani, 
 Ashmita Kotian, Rhea Parekh 4