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Little productivity tools every developer should use

During my last few talks I was surprised to learn how few developers are aware of the power of Microsoft OneNote, one of the products in the Microsoft Office suite. OneNote is an advanced digital notebook that I use for accessing my personal notes through SkyDrive or Office 365, as well as a shared notebook that agile teams use for keeping track of who is doing what. In fact, those who practice Test Driven Development will be surprised how essential OneNote is. In addition to OneNote, many other tools and add-ons exist that can really boost your productivity. Some you may know, some you don't. But do you already get the most out of tools like NuGet, GhostDoc, ReSharper, Notepad++, and many others? If you're in doubt, come check out my session. I'lI show you what I use to be as efficient as possible in my job as a professional developer.

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Little productivity tools every developer should use

  1. 1. Little ProductivityTools EveryProfessional DeveloperShould KnowDennis DoomenPrincipal ConsultantAviva Solutions
  2. 2. About Me• Principal Consultant • Speaker• 16 years IT experience • Public initiatives• C++ origins but since 2001 – C# Coding Guidelines addicated to C# – Fluent Assertions• Specialties – BoilingPointRT (in progress) – Architecture • Internet – Scrum/XP – – ALM – DZone MVB – @ddoomen
  3. 3. OneNote
  4. 4. Scrum PowerTools
  5. 5. JetbrainsReSharper
  6. 6. Jetbrains dotPeek
  7. 7. dotPeek
  8. 8. JetbrainsdotTrace
  9. 9. Highlight All Occurrences
  10. 10. Twitter / MetroTwit
  11. 11. MetroTwit
  12. 12. Google / NextGenReader
  13. 13. Other
  14. 14. GhostDoc Notepad++
  15. 15. Contact