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Client contracts

Client contracts can help to set up expectations and carefully define our roles. See how to use this contract series in your construction business.

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Client contracts

  1. 1. The Client Contract Series A Construction Business Curriculum Designed to Help the Independent Builder Transition to a Lean and Efficient Technology-Based Environment Builder Resources
  2. 2. Design-Build Contracts 1. Schematic Design Agreement 2. Design Development Agreement 3. Construction Drawing Agreement 4. Construction Agreement 5. Mold Disclaimer and Waiver 6. Builder Limited Warranty DISCLAIMER: This discussion is presented as a matter of business management. Any action on your part should be discussed with your legal counsel. is not a legal advisor, and is not practicing law by discussing these business documents.
  3. 3. Design-Build Contracts The Construction Agreement (item 4) is the most important to you. It is critical to impress on the client that you are interested in assisting them in arriving at the best project design possible, and will be happy to build their project from plans developed by any other design professional. Don’t make them feel “locked-in”.
  4. 4. Schematic Design Agreement • General outlines for rooms, window and door locations • Preliminary kitchen and bath layouts • Notes concerning the client's design suggestions • Elevations showing what the exterior lines of the house will look like • Preliminary budget for the house prepared using standard specifications Deliverables: Click for Sample
  5. 5. Design Development Agreement • Decorative details • Storage details • Bath and Kitchen details • Specification folder initiated • More detailed budget prepared • Alternatives suggested to maintain budget constraints Deliverables: Click for Sample
  6. 6. Construction Drawings Agreement • Engineering details • Structural details • Trade drawings • Your Company Scope of Work • Energy Compliance calculations • Final Budget Deliverables: Click for Sample
  7. 7. Construction Agreement • Role Risk • Work Risk • Financial Risk • Payment Risk • Performance Risk • Materials Risk • Unknown Risks Risk Management: Click for Sample
  8. 8. Exhibits • Floor Plans and Elevations • Initial Specifications • Mold Disclaimer and Waiver • Builder Limited Warranty Click for Sample
  9. 9. Floor Plans and Elevations • Final drawings • May be from your office or from another design professional • Either way, signed and dated by Client Includes: Click for Sample
  10. 10. Initial Specifications • Listing of materials and products used to create proposal on which the Construction Agreement is based • Any future changes will be made in a Confirmation of Instructions (Change Order) Include: Click for Sample
  11. 11. Mold Disclaimer and Waiver • Client education • Homeowner mold prevention information • Mold prevention resources • Mold disclaimer and waiver Include: Click for Sample
  12. 12. Builder Limited Warranty • Begin and end date • Warranty exclusions • “Pass-through” warranties • Maintenance requirements • Non-warrantable conditions • Warranty remedies available to Client Include: Click for Sample
  13. 13. Interactive Contract Package Take a look -- Only $50.00 for entire package, or $30.00 for the Construction Agreement Sure, you can re-type all the contract samples I have provided, but is that a smart use of your time?
  14. 14. Final Disclaimer I don't know if I can say it enough times, so I'll say it once more. This discussion is about the BUSINESS aspects of these agreements which I use in my business. If you decide to use any of the above information or documents in your business, be sure to discuss any such use with your legal counsel.