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Asana desktop ppt


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Introduction to the important features of Asana as a Project Management tool. Looks at features of this platform as it is used by Builders to increase collaboration and enhance productivity in a construction business.

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Asana desktop ppt

  1. 1. Asana Desktop Putting It To Work A Construction Business Curriculum Designed to Help the Independent Builder Transition to a Lean and Efficient Technology-Based Environment Builder Resources
  3. 3. BUILDER ACADEMY from Desktop View different levels of your information. Team Members available. The LEFT PANE contains the Organization Summary information and the Personal Projects information. My Dashboard – Limited use in free version. Add a Project Team Calendar – Use to check Team member schedules. Projects My Inbox – Notifications relating to all projects in which you have a responsibility or which you follow. My Tasks – all tasks assigned to you in all projects. Search for projects, words, teammates, etc.
  4. 4. BUILDER ACADEMY from Desktop The CENTER PANE contains the Tasks, Project Information, View Controls and various Productivity Tools.
  5. 5. BUILDER ACADEMY from Desktop Filtered Groups of Tasks Completion checkbox (hovered) List View List of Team Members on this Project Attachments Calendar View Tasks, action items, ideas, sections are listed here Assignments Project Overview Project Actions – Sync, Print, Copy, Export, Archive, Delete Add New Task or New Section
  6. 6. BUILDER ACADEMY from Desktop Move a Task down in the list Guideline for getting started Videos on various topics Keyboard shortcuts Quick-Add for Tasks Quick-Delete for Tasks Takes you to the Asana Guide
  7. 7. BUILDER ACADEMY from Desktop The RIGHT PANE contains all the information about the Task, history of the Task, and the people involved with the Task. Team Member responsible for Task Delete Task, Make Copy, Print, Merge Tasks, Create Follow-up Task Attachments Tags Sub-TasksAssigned Due Date Project that Task belongs to Task Description of Task Completion check box Time Stamps for all activity COMMENT Remember to hit blue “comment” button to save Followers