Turning A Non-Gamer Into A Gamer


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Want to get a non-gamer into a gamer and what is your example of a gamer. If you're a gamer you are looking for software, hardware and more visit: http://gamersstoreandmore.com See you there.

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Turning A Non-Gamer Into A Gamer

  1. 1. ==== ====Gamers! Whats in store for You?www.gamersstoreandmore.com==== ====If you are like many people, you have friends that just dont understand gaming. There are a fewvariants to non-gamers; some of them can be great candidates for gaming conversion. How doyou convince a person that has no interest in gaming to play games? Similar to the way youbecame a gamer yourself, slowly and patiently.Hardcore game fanatics may have taken to gaming quickly, addictively and without very muchpersuasion. However, this isnt your typical gamer and hardcore gamers do not make up themajority of the video game demographic. The standard hardcore gamer is very vocal andpassionate about their hobby so it is easy to presume all game fans fit this archetype.There are a few motivating reasons for gamers to attempt to persuade others to love their hobbyas they do themselves. First, gamers want others to enjoy the rewards of gaming and tryrelentlessly to convince others about the benefits of being an avid gaming fan. Secondly, gamerswant to grow their circle of local gaming friends because theyve been turned off by obnoxiousgame players on the Internet. Lastly, gamers that married a non-gaming partner want their lovedone to understand why they game so much and for them to share in the fun.The first step to enticing a new game addict is to understand how a common gamer grabspersonal interest in the hobby. Most people do not jump into gaming at a highly advanced levelwith intense action games - they start simple. Do not expect your friend or loved one to power onan Xbox 360 and start playing Gears of War, this isnt a typical path to building a gamer.Many games exist that target the casual gaming demographic. Gaming history shows casualgames as being some of the most desired products in the gaming industry. Not too long agocasual games were hot sellers because that was all a game system could handle - thecomplexities of todays gaming environment could not be processed on early console and PCsystems. Statistics show many of todays gamers are getting older, averaging 32 years of age. If a32 year old gamer started gaming as a kid that would date their gaming experiences to the early1980s. A console or PC from the 1980s almost always catered to causal "simple" games becausethats all they could handle.Older gamers started off with casual games like Asteroids, Pac-Man, Breakout, Pong and other hitclassics. Some of us got the gaming bug from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES),playing simplified games like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt. As time passed weincreased our level of difficulty and purchased Mike Tysons Punch-Out, Contra, Final Fantasy andThe Legend of Zelda. We started slow, grew in intensity and before long we were game addicts.Today we are in the seventh-generation of gaming. This generation includes such systems as theSony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Competition for the gaming market
  2. 2. is hot and each system is vying for your gaming dollar. Each generation releases larger gamesboasting more hours of play, graphically stunning 3D environments, Dolby Digital Surround Soundand complex control schemes. The barrier to entry has never been larger for a non-gamer.To entice a gamer into our seventh-generation of gaming we must start simple as we ourselvesdid so many years ago. The older the non-gamer the more difficult it will be to break theirstereotypical view of "a gamer." We must teach them that its not all first-person shooting bloodygun battles. Not all gamers want to shoot aliens. A non-gamer may have a short gaming attentionspan so you must hook them slowly and use repetition to bring them around to your ways ofthinking.There are two battlefronts to attack: The home console system and the Macintosh/PC. Do notallow your own gaming style to affect games you persuade them to play. Keep an open mind andallow them to explore their own gaming habits, be patient and keep a close eye on what gamesthey react to the best.A casual game may be something as simple as solitaire, sudoku, hearts, minesweeper orFreeCell. The next level of complexity will be Tetris, Zuma, Feeding Frenzy and more complexpuzzle or side-scrolling adventure games. If youre target non-gamer enjoys a few hands ofsolitaire or hearts theyve already got the bug for gaming and you just have to supply them with thenext level of games to explore their curiosity. Perhaps start them on a larger game of TexasHoldem if theyre intense card players.The Internet can assist you in your cause, supplying you and youre non-gamer with Web Gameswhich mimic early arcade games and simple adventures. PopCap games(http://www.popcap.com/) leads in the effort to attract the casual gamer. Microsofts Gaming Zone(http://zone.msn.com) is another magnet to casual gamers. These casual games may be the wormon the hook for your non-gamer. You have to wait for the bobber to dip before reeling them in. Bepatient and let them explore a few of the games. If they do not know where to start, lead them to afew simple games and see how they react.If youre willing to invest some money into your goal, consider the Nintendo DS hand-held deviceor the Nintendo Wii console. These two systems are designed for the casual gamer. Manyhardcore gamers call them "kid gaming systems" and that is perfect for your cause. Peopleconfuse "kid games" with "casual games" on a regular basis because these are games a hardcoregamer played when they were a kid - just when they got hooked. To build your perfect gamer youwant to consider the roots to becoming a hardcore gamer: easy to play games.Sticking with the fishing analogy, consider the library of games for the Nintendo DS and NintendoWii your tackle box. Some fish like a specific lure more then others, some fish will take any lureand sometimes you need a special lure for a special fish. You will find the same true for gamers;some gamers are attracted to all games while certain gamers will play a specific genre.Games that will hook a non-gamer follow the same design as the games that got you into gaming.Games like the Nintendo DSs New Super Mario Brothers, Tetris DS, Magnetica DS, Brain Age,Big Brain Academy, Animal Crossing and other like games. Try to avoid games like Castlevania,Final Fantasy III DS, and Madden 07 until you notice their comfortable with the basic games. Youwant simple gameplay that can be performed in short bursts of time, simple game controls, little to
  3. 3. no game plot and games looking more 2D than 3D in perspective.If youre lucky to find a Nintendo Wii in stores you can pickup a few games to explore your non-gamers horizons. Try a few innovative games like Elebits, Wii Sports, and the soon-to-be releasedWarioWare: Smooth Moves. This system also allows you to pickup a few games that suit your owninterests like Zelda: Twilight Princess.Hardcore gamers may already own a seventh-generation console like the Xbox 360. If you ownthis console and you want to attract your non-gaming friends and family you should make use ofthe Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA). This environment is as close to "arcade" as you will get on aseventh-generation console environment. Many gamers avidly remember the days of the arcadebut our non-gaming counterparts may have never walked into a real arcade. This is your chance tobring them back into your past.XBLA offers a few classic video games like Pac-Man, Contra and Frogger, but offers new uniquetitles like Marble Madness and Zuma. As is true with most causal Web Games, you have theability to trial the games, which allow you to pick and choose from XBLA. Trialing a game allowsyou to judge the interest of your non-gamer before investing further cash into their conversion.A video game hobby is not much different than reading a novel to pass the time. Remember,before you learn to read a novel you probably started reading board books and short stories. Thissame procedure can be used to build up a non-gamers interest in game plots and stories. Youmay start with a short puzzle game like PopCaps BookWorm Adventures before you move into adeeper story like Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2 or Final Fantasy III on the Nintendo DS.Most people cannot go from board book to trilogy overnight, be patient with your growing non-gamer as they explore their own interests.It may take a few months or even a few years before youve persuaded a non-gamer that playingvideo games isnt all "wasting time." Rejoice in small victories and be happy when you see thempickup a Nintendo DS or console joystick on their own to play a few minutes of their favorite game.Jennifer and Derrick Schommer are gaming enthusiasts that write many gaming articles. Theydecided to take their passion to the next level and started an online gaming ecommerce site athttp://www.techdiversions.comKeep up with their blog at [http://www.techdiversions.com/blog]Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Schommer
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