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A 21st Century Christmas Carol


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The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future are called upon once again to help a man feel the true spirit of Christmas. David Fern is no Scrooge, but depression has kept him from enjoying that spirit for many years. How will the visit of three spirits change his heart? How will it change yours?

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Published in: Spiritual
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A 21st Century Christmas Carol

  1. 1. A 21st Century Christmas Carol Dennis J Beesley BOOK TRAILER
  2. 2. You’re probably familiar with the Christmas Classic by Charles Dickens… DID YOU KNOW EBENEZER SCROOGE WAS NOT THE ONLY MAN VISITED BY THREE SPIRITS ON CHRISTMAS EVE?
  3. 3. Are You Ready For a Relatable Christmas Carol Protagonist? Ebenezer Scrooge was cold and heartless. He was a moneygrubbing miser. Who can relate to the ruthless and wretched man at the beginning of A Christmas Carol? His story is inspiring and uplifting, but it isn’t very relatable to the average person. A 21st Century Christmas Carol introduces us to a protagonist you may know very well. Art: Arthur Rackham
  4. 4. Meet David Fern… A TYPICAL 21ST CENTURY MAN • Husband to a Loving Wife • Father to Five Precious Children • Kind and Generous Giver • Church Volunteer • And… He Silently Suffers from Depression Every Year at Christmas
  5. 5. After all… Maria was Dead.
  6. 6. It was difficult every time David looked at the special ornament on his tree.
  7. 7. One Christmas Eve Night… A LIGHT SHONE IN THE ORNAMENT’S PLACE
  8. 8. Whereas Scrooge was frightened by Marley… David Fern’s visitor caused his heart to burn with love.
  9. 9. “You are going to be visited by three spirits…” AND SO, A 21ST CENTURY CHRISTMAS CAROL IS TOLD, UNLIKE ANY OTHER YOU HAVE EVER READ.
  10. 10. Will David experience a transformation as powerful as Scrooge’s? IN WHAT WAYS WILL THE THREE SPIRITS WHO VISIT DAVID FERN BE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE OF EBENEZER SCROOGE?
  11. 11. What role will the Nativity play in David’s Christmas Carol?
  12. 12. How will David find comfort and joy to celebrate each Christmas Season?
  13. 13. Experience A 21st Century Christmas Carol Available on