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Listbuilding highway


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Discover how to EASILY build your lists from 0 to 1,000 in less than 30 days… - Are you struggling in list building? - Do you want to build your lists FAST? - Do you want to grow your networks WITHOUT spending much money?

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Listbuilding highway

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  2. 2. List Building Highway © Tim Pond This special report is proudly published as a part of the series Internet Marketing Secrets Exposed (IMSE) by Tim Pond and Pond Insights. © Tim Pond
  3. 3. Congratulations: YOU HAVE FULL GIVEAWAY RIGHTS FOR THIS SPECIAL REPORT You CAN send this special report to your lists as a bonus gift. You CAN give this report to your friends and family. You CAN use this special report as a giveaway to your subscribers, friends on Facebook, contacts on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter etc... You CAN add this special report as a resource on your blog. You CAN add this special report as a resource on a free or paid membership site. In fact, you can utilize this report in any way that you like. The only conditions are: You CANNOT change or modify this special report in any way. You CANNOT sell this special report. Send this report to your fellow Internet marketers now. They’ll thank you for it! © Tim Pond
  4. 4. Disclaimer and terms of use agreement As follows is the required legal text… The author and publisher of this eBook and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook. The author and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this eBook. The information contained in this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this eBook, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using our products and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements or other statements are strictly estimates. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels for yourself. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond our control, including variables we or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person’s results will vary. There are unknown risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for your success or failure. The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is,” and without warranties. As always, the advice of competent legal, tax, accounting, or other professionals should be sought. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this eBook. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. You should assume that affiliate compensation is received when you purchase any product or service linked to in this report. This eBook is © copyrighted by Pond Insights and is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws, with ALL rights reserved. No part of this may be copied, or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way other than what is outlined within this book under any circumstances without express permission from Pond Insights. © Tim Pond
  5. 5. Contents Before the green light ……………………………………………………………………………………………..6 Do you want to make more money online? ……………………………………..7 Before starting your list-building engines …………………………………………9 Share first, sell later philosophy ………………………………………………………11 List-building wheel – how to get it rolling ………………………………………………………………13 Module 1: Autoresponder service – the hub of your list-building wheel ………………..16 How to use an autoresponder effectively ……………………………………….17 Module 2: Squeeze pages ………………………………………………………………………………………20 How to get targeted traffic to your squeeze pages and websites …….22 Module 3: – the TURBO engine …………………………………………….30 Module 4: Facebook ………………………………………………………………………………………………34 8 steps to grow your network on Facebook …………………………………….34 Module 5: Twitter …………………………………………………………………………………………………..42 6 steps to grow your network on Twitter …………………………………………42 Module 6: LinkedIn …………………………………………………………………………………………………47 6 steps to grow your network on LinkedIn ……………………………………….47 Module 7: Your blog ……………………………………………………………………………………………….50 6 steps to make your blog go viral ……………………………………………………50 Module 8: Giveaways ……………………………………………………………………………………………..55 Module 9: Podcasts ………………………………………………………………………………………………..65 Full throttle …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….61 Do you want to get a real BOOSTER to making money online? ………..61 About the author ……………………………………………………………………………..63 More information and resources ……………………………………………………..64 © Tim Pond
  6. 6. Before the green light… Recommended resources: symbols explained In this special report, I recommend several Internet marketing resources. They are evaluated by using the following symbols: X - $ $ $ = Cost (X = free, 1 = less than $30 a month, 2 = $30-80 a month, 3 = more than $80 a month) ‘ - ‘ ‘ ‘ = Amount of work (how much “sweat” or work by you is needed, 1 = less than 5 hours a week, 2 = 5-10 hours a week, 3 = more than 10 hours a week) * - * * * = Effectiveness (e. g., in growing your networks, driving free traffic to your squeeze page, Facebook Page and blog, 1= fairly effective and 3 = super effective) ! = Turbo tip, a highly effective, underground Internet marketing tip. Note: The cost of each resource is relative because all of the recommended resources are battle-tested and they work. They’ll pay themselves back each month – usually many times over. © Tim Pond
  7. 7. Do you want to make more money online? You may have tried different Internet marketing strategies, products and services. As you may have noticed, most of them don’t work properly. Been there, done that. I’ve used hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars testing them – for your benefit. You’ll save lots of time and money. You don’t have to stumble. You don’t have to make all the mistakes I made at first. In this report, I’ll focus on solutions, and tell you exactly what works. The cons of most Internet marketing (IM) programs: - They cost a lot. You may have to pay up to $2,000 for a product or program. - You get a tsunami of follow-up emails from the seller. - You get tons of lame, cheesy and outdated MRR and PLR products as bonus gifts. - They take too much time to learn and implement. You may get 15 videos and 10 special reports to study. Who has time to check all those materials? I don’t, that’s for sure! - They are so technically complicated that you will need Bill Gates and his brother to install them or make them work. Yet, they always say that even a chimpanzee can install the program. Yeah, right. © Tim Pond
  8. 8. Let me help you save tons of money, time and frustration. I love helping people building easy homebased online businesses. My unique purpose is to help people gain insights and make their lives extraordinary. My Internet marketing philosophy is called Learn & Earn (L & E). I’ll help you Learn and Earn. First, you’ll Learn the best and most profitable IM strategies and tactics. When you start implementing and mastering them, you’ll Earn wads of money. No B.S. When I started my online marketing business, I needed a no-nonsense and comprehensive list-building blueprint like this special report. I’ve read hundreds of online marketing books, eBooks and special reports, but none of them has offered a clear blueprint or alternative blueprints like this report. To build your networks fast, you’re going to need an inspiring objective and an effective strategy. This report will show you how to build your lists from 0 to 1,000, or even 2,000+ in less than 30 days. When I started my Internet marketing career, I had a couple of hundred people in my networks. I grew a network of more than 10,000 people in less than two months. I don’t tell you this to brag, but to show you that the strategies presented in this report really work. © Tim Pond
  9. 9. Before starting your list-building engines… I assume you have a website or several websites. But… You may struggle building your list or growing your network. Furthermore, you may want more targeted traffic to your website. All in all, you want to make more money online. What is a list? You may be active on different sites and networks on the Net, and have different lists of contacts. In this special report, lists are defined in a broad sense. Lists are different networks of yours. For example, they can be your autoresponder lists, Facebook friends and fans, Facebook Group members, LinkedIn contacts and Twitter followers. All of them have immense social, professional and monetary value. © Tim Pond
  10. 10. There are two fundamental reasons why Internet marketers’ build lists. First, it can cost you triple (or more) to attract a new customer than it costs you to retain an existing one. Second, the experts say that every subscriber in your list is worth an average $1 each month. Accordingly, if you have 1,000 subscribers, you can potentially earn $1,000 passive income each month. If you have 2,000 subscribers, you can potentially earn $2,000 passive income each month. This income helps you pay a substantial amount of your static costs, such as loans, food and transportation. How cool is that? Objective Your goal is to continuously build several of your networks. Your objective is to build big autoresponder lists – yes, you’re going to need several targeted lists. The strategy About 80 % of your IM activity should involve in making contacts online in different ways and adding people to your list. Accordingly, you’ll need to have your opt-in forms in as many places as possible. I’ll introduce several effective strategies in this special report that will help you grow your networks fast. Outcome/Result When you build your networks and your autoresponder lists, you’ll start earning continuous, increasing passive income. You can build an easy home-based business, and in the long run, find financial freedom. Something to look for! © Tim Pond
  11. 11. Share first, sell later philosophy "You get all you want if you help other people to get what they want." - Zig Ziglar You certainly can monetize your lists. Yet, the only sustainable IM philosophy is to give first and receive later. Your objective is to build relationships with like-minded people who seek guidance to achieve their goals. People are looking for leaders and great coaches. Build relationships first, sell only later. Don’t just blatantly sell, offer solutions. Don’t offer hype, offer your help. You must always keep in mind that people are interested in themselves first, then anyone else who seems to be interested in them. Every one of us is listening WII-FM channel, i.e., What’s In It For Me channel. Always think “Win-Win” and create synergy. Be an authority and be yourself. Instead of psychology, use personality. Be genuine, be a real person, not another marketing robot. There are too many shameless scammers among Internet marketers. “Be a marketer, not a sharketer” was a great piece of advice I read on an IM forum. Be different. Be a dolphin among IM sharks. © Tim Pond
  12. 12. PII Follow and trust in the PII formula. PII stands for Promote, Inspire & Inform. Combine all three with the promotion approach being the smallest part. If you follow this formula, you’ll stand out from the online marketers' crowd like a beacon. “The money is in the list” You’ve certainly heard the IM adage, “The money is in the list.” No, it isn’t! The money is in the relationship between you and your subscribers. You must become a leader and coach. You must build trust, loyalty, and relationships. © Tim Pond
  13. 13. List-building wheel – how to get it rolling This special report is based on a framework of a list-building wheel. The wheel consists of different modules, i. e., list building strategies. Studying and implementing one module will get the wheel rolling – faster and faster. © Tim Pond
  14. 14. Figure 1: List-Building Wheel Mastering different modules Please read this report at least a couple of times. Next, choose one module that you want to master. Study and implement that thoroughly. Once you do, you’ll easily and continuously grow your network. Once you implement one strategy, it might be all the strategy you ever need. When you do something systematically for a period of time, you master it. You can, for example, become a marketing wizard on Twitter or a warlock of Giveaways. If you try to learn and implement everything at once, you really don’t grow your networks. You’ll just grow wrinkles and gray hair. © Tim Pond
  15. 15. After mastering one strategy, you can learn to become an expert in another one. For example, after learning how to master Twitter, you may want to master LinkedIn and create an impressive presence there. Whichever you pick, study and implement it properly before moving on. However, after reading the report, you will probably want to start growing your different networks and building different platforms at the same time. That’s a good idea because you can automatically build several networks at the same time and easily link different platforms. How? Just keep reading. OK, let’s start our list-building engines! © Tim Pond
  16. 16. Module 1: Autoresponder service – the hub of your building wheel First, we’ll take a closer look at your most important asset: an autoresponder. It’s the hub, the center of your list-building wheel. You really need an autoresponder. If you don’t create autoresponder lists, you’re leaving tons of money on the table. You need to use a paid professional autoresponder service to monetize your lists, i. e., to add them automatically to a certain list, administer your subscribers, and send them follow-up and broadcast messages. A follow-up email is a pre-made and scheduled email that is automatically sent to your list. A broadcast email is a one-time email, e. g., an endorsement or a one-time offer. There are a great number of professional autoresponders. I recommend AWeber. I’ve used their services for a long time. Aweber is reliable and versatile. Their services are easy to use, flexible and their delivery rates are the best in the industry. © Tim Pond
  17. 17. Some IM experts say that you should train your list to receive 5-6 emails a day! Yeah, right. Those “sharketers” may profit, but I call that spamming. Please don’t bombard your subscribers with emails; don’t blast your list to pieces. You should aim to build relationships and be a helpful and trustworthy expert. How to use an autoresponder effectively Below are some tips to keep your subscribers happy and loyal, and wanting to buy from you, not from your competitor. - Create 5-30 automated follow-up emails to each of your lists. Mix promotional and informational emails. Examples include welcome email and download link to bonus gifts, reviews of your product, useful tips and checklists, your edited articles or links to your videos and articles and advertisements of your own products, services and affiliate products. - Schedule your first 2-3 follow-up emails to be sent once a day, and the rest of the bunch every 2-4 days. - Send 1-3 highly useful mini email courses to your lists. You can include one mini course in your follow-up emails (schedule them to be sent every three or four days). - Send your list surprise bonus gifts once a month at random times (so that it always comes as a nice surprise to them). A giveaway can be an eBook, special report, audio or video clip, software, script, application, or free membership, for a few examples. - Send reviews of products you’ve used that might benefit your subscribers in some way. Describe the pros and cons of the product. Whenever possible, embed your affiliate link in the review. - Send new and topical ads (broadcasts) 2-4 times a month to your lists. If you send too many ads to your subscribers, they’ll unsubscribe before you can blink your eyes. - Create and send a monthly newsletter or ezine to all of your lists. The newsletter doesn't have to be long. Just be sure to send them 70-80 percent valuable information and max 30 percent advertising. © Tim Pond
  18. 18. ! The benefits of your product 1. Make a list of 5-10 reasons someone should buy your product. 2. Make each of the 5-10 reasons into a short message. Embed your link in the message. 3. Add the messages into your autoresponder as follow-up messages. ! How to create great content fast There are tons of quality PLR (Private Label Rights) eBooks and other digital materials on the Net. You can buy PLR materials relatively cheaply and turn them into email courses and other follow-up messages. ! New affiliate promotional material Inform your list about new promotional materials of your products that you have for your affiliates, and mention that they’ll earn at least 50 percent of all sales they generate. Include your sign-up link. Ezine tips Below are some theme ideas for your ezine:  Insight of the month (your own or a quote)  Tip of the month (e. g., 3 tips to... or 5 steps to...)  Q & A of the month (you can even create a Q & A)  Article of the month (your own or your colleague's or an article from an article directory)  Video of the month (your own or your company's or link to a YouTube video)  Ask subscribers to send the ezine to their friends. Include the opt-in link to subscribe at the end of the ezine  Include your links to your networks (Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.)  Encourage your readers to “tell a friend” and pass on the ezine to them. © Tim Pond
  19. 19. ! Utilize your email signature line Include a link to your irresistible freebie in your email signature line, for example. __ To get a FREE special report on building your list from zero to 1,000 in less than 30 days, go to www.xxxxx Recommended resource AWeber $ - $$$ ‘ *** AWeber AWeber has great onsite tutorials on how to use an autoresponder effectively. Subscribe to their newsletter, and you’ll regularly receive priceless tips and great case studies of their customers. © Tim Pond
  20. 20. Module 2: Squeeze pages To keep the link-building wheel rolling, you’ll need to get new people to regularly opt in. The most common way to get people to subscribe to our list is to use squeeze or opt-in pages. In this module, we’ll discuss how you can utilize opt-in pages and drive traffic to them. There are tons of sales pages on the Net. Many of them are lucky if they have a conversion rate of 1 percent. Most Internet marketers try too hard to sell on their sales pages. The ideal use of your squeeze page is not to sell, but to capture the emails of visitors. Thus, you can build a relationship to them and email them regularly. According to marketing studies, your prospect needs to see your message at least seven times before buying. You need to gradually convert a prospect to a buyer. And hopefully, a loyal buyer. Because of spam, most people guard their email addresses like their credit cards. The most important thing is to use irresistible bonus gifts for opting in. Offer 1-3 high quality bonus gifts for subscribing. A giveaway can be, e. g., an eBook, special report, audio or video tutorial, software, script, application, or © Tim Pond
  21. 21. free membership. Make sure that your gifts solve a few, but not all, of the problems of your list members. Your freebie should create a strong need to know more. Exit traffic tactics Another tactic that can dramatically improve your conversions is to use an exit pop-up. Driving traffic to your site is only half the battle. The other half is monetizing that traffic. Did you know that at least 95 percent of visitors leave your website in the first 3-7 seconds? How many subscribers and how much money are you losing every day? The good news is there’s a solution: you can utilize exit tactics. Don’t let visitors leave your page too easily. When the visitor tries to exit your page, you can have a pop-up appear. On the pop-up, you ask a visitor to think again and return to your site. Or even better, you can include your opt-in form and an image of your bonus gift on the pop-up. Or it can redirect a visitor to a new squeeze page or affiliate link. This tactic can easily improve your conversions 100 percent or more. The research shows that that exit pop-ups work. They often outperform page-embedded subscription forms for subscriber conversion. They really help convert visitors into buyers. (Source: ! Examples of highly converting pop-ups  Collect ezine subscribers  Advertise affiliate products  Make a reduced offer of your product  Make a one-time-offer (OTO) of your product  Collect visitor feedback why they are leaving your site © Tim Pond
  22. 22. Should you include an audio or video clip on your squeeze page? There are mixed opinions: some experts say it increases conversions, but some say it decreases. Test it for yourself. Split test: add a video or audio clip to your sales page to see if it improves conversions. How to get targeted traffic to your squeeze pages and websites? Constant traffic is the lifeblood of your website. You don’t need traffic – there are robots that can send your site a million visitors a month, but there won’t be any conversions. You need targeted traffic! As follows, I’ll introduce some stellar traffic-generating tactics. Even if you apply just some of them, you’ll get more traffic to your site, that’s for sure. What is cool is that most of them are free. It just takes some time and dedication from you. First of all, I wouldn't recommend buying traffic from traffic-driving services, even if they promise you targeted traffic. They usually just use bots to drive useless traffic to websites. An Internet marketing guru tested one of those services. He bought 500,000 “unique, targeted visitors” to his website. How many sales did he make? Zero, zip, nada. OK, let’s take a look at what works. I assume you already have at least basic knowledge of onsite and offsite SEO. You know you’ll need backlinks. Ideally, you’re going to need a great number of backlinks from a variety of high PR sites, such as:  Article directories  Web 2.0 sites © Tim Pond
  23. 23.  Social bookmarking sites  Video sharing sites  Forums  Blogs Creating backlinks from a variety of sites will drive free, targeted traffic to your website. Below are some tips on how to generate free traffic to your site. Write articles and include your blog link in the author box. Distribute them to article directories, starting from You can use Isnare to distribute them to hundreds of directories. Start creating promotional videos, and add your keyword rich link in the description of the video. You can easily create spectacular videos on Animoto. I have created a great number of videos on Animoto. It’s super easy and fun to use. You can add your own photos, images or video clips. You can even use their excellent selection of ready-made sound tracks. Distribute the videos to different video sites (YouTube, Metacafe, etc.). You can use TubeMogul to distribute your videos. Add several descriptive one-word tags. You can submit your content to top social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Yahoo Bookmarks by using Onlywire. It’s free and easy to use. Comment regularly on blog and forum posts in your niche, and leave the link to your website or Facebook Page in your signature. Create a Squidoo lense on and a page on, and add your links on the pages. By the way, Google loves these two sites. Send out press releases via PRLog (free) and Webwire (inexpensive). Keep in mind that press releases are not ads, but promotional tools. Customize your press releases, and tell why your site is unique. Keep it on one page. To learn more about SEO, check out SEO and affiliate marketing expert Matt Carter’s blog: Matt’s marketing blog and subscribe to his highly useful free SEO video course. © Tim Pond
  24. 24. ! Top 10 social bookmarking websites 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ! Your author bio box Offer a freebie in your bio box rather than telling stories about you. In other words, create a short sales pitch and include a link to one of your bonus gifts, such as a free special report, eBook or script. People love freebies, remember? ! How to create a cool Squidoo lens 1. Make sure your page on Squidoo looks great. A polished page gets more results. 2. Promote your product and website through your profile and content. 3. Title your lenses effectively and use keywords to get attention. 4. Make the introduction and description captivating and useful. 5. Add enticing images. (Source: ) ! Pay a blogger Pay a blogger to write about your product or website. © Tim Pond
  25. 25. Check out: ReviewMe ! Create text links Text links are important in offsite SEO as they create anchor texts. To create a text link on a website or in your author’s bio box, you need to make an html code, such as: <a href=>The Three Insights</a> In other words, you wrap the text with a hyperlink. Some bulletin boards and forums use BBcode. Below is an example of BBcode text link. [url=]The Three Insights[/url] ! How to write a killer press release “The Essential 6 Steps to Writing a Killer Press Release” ! Create an awesome logo Create a logo and add a unique slogan or purpose statement under your logo. Use it in your emails, squeeze pages, videos, websites, etc. to brand yourself and your business. © Tim Pond
  26. 26. Recommended resources: Squeeze pages Instant Bonus Pages (IBP) X-$ ‘ ** Instant Bonus Pages IBP offer you an easy and fun way to create impressive download pages of your bonus gifts. You can select from a great variety of templates and options. The service provider will even host your pages. You can choose from many great bonus gifts by IBP and include them on your download pages. If you upgrade, you’ll also be able to create great opt in pages. You can include your own Aweber opt in form. How cool is that? Instant Squeeze Pages Generator ISPG X - $$ ‘ ** Instant Squeeze Pages Generator ISPG offer you an easy and fun way to create awesome sales pages. You can select from a great variety of templates, graphics and other options. The service provider will host your pages. You can choose from a great variety of smoking hot bonus gifts by IBP, and include them on your download pages. If you upgrade, you can include awesome pre-made video clips on your pages. © Tim Pond
  27. 27. Recommended resources: Exit technology Mike Steup’s WP Slide In X-$ ‘ **-*** Mike Steup’s WP Slide In Mike Steup’s WordPress plugin means that you can establish eye-catching, subscriber sucking opt-in ads. The activated plug-in allows you to insert a variety of messages that will pop up at the pre-defined time, and includes transparent pix as well as opt-in forms. It’s possible to have several messages show up at any side of the computer screen for the length of time that you prefer. You can easily sequence the frequency for the showing of the ads. You will have thorough control over these ads within the command screen, plus you can also set one which are visible by visitors and stop those you do not at any moment. If you upgrade, you’ll have a great number of options to customize your slide-ins. Exit Splash $ ‘ **-*** Exit Splash © Tim Pond
  28. 28. I use Dave Guidon’s tiny but powerful Exit Splash script on most of my sites. It’s one of my favorite scripts. It doesn’t allow visitors to exit from your website too easily. With Exit Splash, you can increase your sales and capture fresh leads. Use Exit Splash to capture leaving visitors and open a new channel of communication and new opt-in opportunities with your prospects. Guidon’s product comes with useful tutorial videos, effective features, great customization options, and excellent bonus gifts. Other recommended resources Isnare $ ‘ ** Isnare It’s a useful and inexpensive service to distribute your articles to hundreds of article directories. Animoto $ ‘ –‘ ’ ’ **-*** Animoto To create really spectacular videos and to utilize all of their awesome soundtracks, you can upgrade to the Pro version. © Tim Pond
  29. 29. TubeMogul X-$ ‘ *-*** TubeMogul Easily distribute your videos to a great number of video-sharing sites. Onlywire X-$ ‘ *-*** Onlywire Distribute your content with no sweat to more than 40 social bookmarking sites. PRLog X ‘ *-*** PRLog It’s a great and effective free press release distribution service. You don’t always have to pay for results. I got one of my PRLog press releases in a competitive niche on the first position on Google first page in just a few weeks. © Tim Pond
  30. 30. Module 3: – the TURBO engine Thank you for reading this report this far. I’ll reward you by introducing (ONW). It is a turbo engine to boost your list building. It’s a “those-in-the-know” resource to build your networks. is the secret of how to build larger and more diverse networks on the world's top social networking sites. Through a shared backend database with their sister site, you get the combined benefit of both services (when you join, it is the same as joining © Tim Pond
  31. 31. I have tested many networking systems. Most of them don’t really work. This one does. All the biggest social media sites are included in the system. It will help you build your different networks automatically. In addition, it’ll help you link them easily. How to build your different networks automatigally Pay the very reasonable membership fee. Download all the lists you want. Then send invitations to connect with you within each network. Please follow their rules. If you just copy and send them by using Outlook, for example, your membership will be banned. And you can be accused of spamming. You can ask the members to connect with you. And remember to send max 20 friend invitations a day on Facebook. Otherwise, Facebook may shut down your account for spamming. The Open networker system works automatigally. Try it yourself. © Tim Pond
  32. 32. ! Loayltepays – Get Paid to Share the Content You Like You can join Loyaltepays for free. It’s a great and growing online community for publishing and sharing content and connecting, sharing and finding support with experts in your niche, fellow publishers and Internet marketers. You can join as a Premium member to publish your own content and share other members’ content. You can also join as a free member to share content. They have an awesome commission structure for creating recurring income streams. I just love Loyaltepays because they have a win-win system to all parties involved. I can easily publish and share the content I like and earn healthy recurring income. And it works in virtually any niche. Loyaltepays ! Simplify list-building with Safe-Swaps Safe-Swaps has an all-in-one automated system for ad swapping, especially in the Internet marketing niche. It will help you with all steps of ad swaps. You can build your list automatically. You can easily find reliable partners for successful ad swaps; the community has more than 3,000 verified premium © Tim Pond
  33. 33. partners. You can create long-term JV partnerships. You get a free, quality autoresponder and great integration with your present autoresponder. Furthermore, if you publish a newsletter, it will be published in their high traffic directory, which effortlessly gives you new subscribers. Safe-Swaps © Tim Pond
  34. 34. Module 4: Facebook In the following modules, we’ll discuss how to grow your social media (SOME) networks, build relationships on SOME and monetize your networks. You may wonder, "Isn’t Facebook (FB) just for connecting with friends and posting comments and photos? And has anybody actually made any money on FB?" Yes, it’s a great place for networking, sharing and selling. Facebook has over 800 million users, and that number is rapidly increasing. More than half of its users are over 35. That means millions and millions of users have their credit card at the ready! Facebook offers increasing opportunities in building your lists and growing your network. You need to have a goal, a plan, and a great strategy to build your network on FB. 8 steps to grow your network on Facebook Step 1: Create an account Add your photo and create a professional profile. Add descriptive content on your profile. Add your links and other great images. People want to know about you and connect with you. Send friend invitations to ONW members. And please follow my advice and send max 20 new friend requests a day, no more. Accept all decent friend requests. Send them a welcome message with a link to one of your bonus gift opt-in pages. © Tim Pond
  35. 35. Remember to add new friends to your network sublists (one message list cannot have more than 20 friends on Facebook). Thus, you can easily send them messages in the future. Step 2: Create a Like page (Fan page) or several pages You can start to earn continuous passive income by utilizing FB Pages. You can create a cool page or several pages in your niche. The advantages of pages are: 1. Customizable features and applications. 2. SEO opportunities – pages show up in search engines. 3. You can send updates to fans. 4. Automatic content submission – you can set your blog and twitter feed to automatically post on your page. 5. You can create events. 6. You can create cool URLs of pages. 7. You can monetize your page. The experts say that each person that likes your Page or is a member of your group is worth an average 25 cents a month. © Tim Pond
  36. 36. Tip  Create a professional description on your Page. Add your links and great images on your Page.  Create a Page on which you give out free materials in your niche. Check out and like one of my pages Free Self-help Downloads ! How to change your long and cryptic Like page URL Go to your profile. Visit Next, type a new name on the box and check availability. You can also change your profile name. Note: You can only do this once. Step 3: How to get likes on your Page? Invite your friends to like your Page. And like their Pages too. Share regularly each other’s content on Walls and Pages. Regularly like Pages in your niche, and join Groups in your niche. Be an active and helpful contributor on 3-10 other Pages and Groups. You can at times add links to your articles and videos. Now and again, invite members to like your Page and connect with you. ! Find tagging (reciprocal) partners Tagging partnership means reciprocal tagging for greatly increased visibility. 1. Send emails to your friends and suggest tagging partnership. 2. Post tagging partnership invitations to your Wall, such as “Would anyone be interested in being my tagging partner?” © Tim Pond
  37. 37. Add the YouTube application to your Page (through Involver). You can add a link to your YouTube channel and the app shows thumbnails of your latest videos. Add Promotion Gallery application on your page (through Involver). This app adds other users’ Pages that you recommend on your Like Page. It can have a great synergistic effect, and help you build strong connections with other page admins. ! Create several accounts on Facebook You could create and use at least two different accounts on FB, e. g., one of them to administrate your adverts. Add both of your accounts as admins to your Pages. If you have only one account, and Facebook suspends or shuts down your account for some reason, you won’t be able to admin your page anymore. You would be FB paralyzed. But, bear in mind that this is actually against Facebook Terms of Service. You are supposed to create just one account. Accordingly, if you create two or more accounts on Facebook, you do it at your own risk. The safest way is to ask your significant other or friend (who doesn’t use Facebook a lot) to create an account and add him or her as an admin on your page. ! FacebookFriendAdder You can use awesome Facebook FriendAdder software to speed up account creation and administration. Step 4: Add great content! Post 2-5 times every day on your Wall and Page. No pressure. Your posts don’t have to be long. Tips:  Start a mini course in your niche. Every day, post 1-3 sentences useful and inspiring pieces of advice. You can add images for enhanced visibility.  Post links to your videos, podcasts and articles. © Tim Pond
  38. 38.  Include at times status posts to make your posts more personal.  Post a question of the week on your Page.  Add Notes (your articles, etc.) regularly, add a great image, add at the bottom of your note your resource box + link to your squeeze page (like an article bio box).  Regularly post ad messages. Every fifth of your posts can be an ad with a link to your squeeze page etc.  Tag posts by your friends and colleagues and share them on your Wall and Page.  If you regularly post great content and you get constant traffic on your Page, your Facebook Page might end up on Google first page. And you’ll get tons of free visitors to your Page. Not bad, eh?  Each month, create a great and fun quiz on your Page. Use the app Fan Appz.  You can promote your quiz on FB, Twitter, your site, blog, etc.  Utilize Networked blogs syndication. Watch the video: You can easily link your blog posts on your Facebook Page, and drive more visitors to your blog too. Check out the video “How To Add Notes and Your Blog On Your Facebook Fan Pages: Where to find fresh and topical material for posting? You can find great videos on YouTube and useful articles on article directories that you can easily link to your Wall and Page. You can find great quotes in your niche on a great number of quote sites. Step 5: Create a group When you have more than 1,000 likes on your Page, you can create a group. Your group can be open or private. The benefits of a group are that the size of your group is limitless, you can easily send messages to all group members and you can easily create group events. Tips: © Tim Pond
  39. 39.  Add exclusive content (remember the private members’ area) on your group, e. g., eBooks, special reports, tutorial videos and podcasts and scripts.  Send no more than 1-2 ads to Group members a month. Step 6: Suggest Joint Ventures (JV) with other Page and Group admins When you have more than 1,000 members on your Page or Group, you can suggest JVs with other Page admins and Group creators. Then your Page and Group will really go viral, and you’ll get a tsunami of likes and group members. Simply contact them, and say something like: Hi X, I’m YOUR NAME. I’m a member of your successful Page/Group “X”. I also have popular Page/Group on this theme, called “X”. I have a great proposal for you. If you are interested in growing your fan base at no cost to you, I’d like to propose we make a simple swap promotion. I’ll invite all my fans to Like your Page, for free, and I hope you’ll do the same on your Page. If you are interested in my suggestion, please feel free to reply. To our online success, YOUR NAME Step 7: Create an Event You can easily create an event on Facebook, e. g., a webinar or a giveaway. Best uses of webinars are: “question & answer” sessions, short sales presentations, and “how to” demonstrations. © Tim Pond
  40. 40. You can be the expert of the webinar or you can interview an expert. Market your Page, blog, website or squeeze page at the end of the webinar. You can also market a webinar of a leading expert in your niche and get whopping commissions. You can easily invite your friends and other users to attend your event. To get them join you can use additional incentives, and add your own bonus gifts. For example, “Use this link to sign up for Jack Johnson’s Doberman Training Webinar in the next 48 hours and receive my free Doberman Training Guide.” Furthermore, you can add great webinar replays as bonus gifts for visitors who opt in. Step 8: Create Facebook ads You can easily create targeted and cost-effective ads on Facebook. Facebook offers free tracking statistics to advertisers. The most inexpensive tactic is to point your ads to your Like page. Tips:  Split test 2-5 different ads to see which of them gets the most clicks.  Use a smiling image of a young man/woman/couple or a humorous, yet relevant image.  Body: highlight benefit, a strong call to action: “Like my Page and get X.”  Buy pay per click ads. Start with less than half of the suggested bid. Facebook is a money-making machine, and they always suggest you more than is reasonable to pay. You can use your own images or buy them at a reasonable price, e. g., from Recommended resources Jo Barnes’ blog Jo Barnes is the queen of marketing on Facebook. Her blog is loaded with tons of practical and easy tips on promoting on Facebook. Her own page, The Social Networking Academy, is one of the most active and synergistic Pages in the social media marketing niche. © Tim Pond
  41. 41. Paul Teague’s Fast Fan Pages $ ‘ **-*** Fast Fan Pages Paul Teague’s product shows you the fastest and easiest way to create profit-pulling Fan Pages on Facebook. There's no tech involved, no massive guidebooks to read, no coding, no extra expenses. Just 'select and click' simple. Anybody can use this, from a sole trader to a big business! And not only does he give you the tools for the job, he’ll show you how to use them too. Paul Teague’s product comes complete with comprehensive, step-by-step 'getting started' videos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. Webinar software For webinar software, check out GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting or DimDim. © Tim Pond
  42. 42. Module 5: Twitter Twitter is a micro blog where you share your ideas. Twitter is rapidly growing. They are getting on average 400,000 new users every single day. More than one billion tweets are sent every week. Twitter is a great place to generate business, too. You’ll need a stellar strategy in order grow your network on Twitter. 6 steps to grow your network on Twitter © Tim Pond
  43. 43. Step 1: Create a separate account in each of your niches Create a fantastic background (tip: check out TwitBacks) and a great description. Add links to your websites. Step 2: Start to regularly follow people on Twitter Invite your ONW members to follow you. Step 3: Start a mini course on each of your accounts Tweet informative and insightful comments 1-2 times a day. Step 4: Tweet regularly Tweet about your squeeze page and bonus gifts. Invite followers to Like your Page on FB. Tweet about your videos, podcasts and articles. Participate in discussions. Reply to users. Retweet other users’ (especially the experts in your niche) great tweets to connect with them and to get noticed. Step 5: Tweet about your offers and ads only 1-2 times a week There are an unbelievable number of spammers and spam bots on Twitter. You recognize them easily as most of them only tweet links and don’t have an image in the profile. It’s not easy to sell things or services on Twitter. Yet, some Internet marketers manage to earn five-figure earnings a month on Twitter. The best tactic is to allure your followers to check out your squeeze pages, and have them opt in to your list. You can sell later. Best ways to sell are to use humor and easy-going language on your tweets. Below are a few examples: “I stumbled upon this course and it really hit me…” “I dug up this cool offer …” © Tim Pond
  44. 44. “This is so good that even your postman and her cat are selling this…” “They must be nuts to give this awesome sample away…LOL…” “Check out this ninja tip about X…” “If you are not an idiot, you can monetize this…” “What if you realized that you’ve been misled in everything about X…” You can add your affiliate links, too. Step 6: Offer targeted help Use,, or Twitter Search to see who’s asking for advice in your niche and then offer some help, and ask them to opt in to claim bonus gifts. ! Link your accounts Link each of your niche Twitter accounts with your niche Facebook Page and LinkedIn profile. Your tweets will appear as posts on your Page and LinkedIn profile. Easily add great content and save tons of time. See Help section on Twitter for instructions. ! Set up Twitter alerts is a lot like Google alerts. Set up your keywords and you’re pinged each time they are used. ! Best times to tweet Some experts say your links get more clicks and your tweets will be retweeted most between noon and 4 p.m. EST. The best times to tweet your offers are just before and on pay days and on holidays. © Tim Pond
  45. 45. ! Create an account on a CPA network You can register at or or any other CPA network. People love free samples and there’ an army of freebie hunters on the Net. Via a CPA network you can offer freebies to your followers, e. g.:  Gift check  Movie ticket  iPad ! Get your new content indexed by tweeting When you add new content to your site, article directory, etc., tweet about it. Google spiders will crawl like crazy to get your link indexed. For example, “Just added a new lense about X on Squidoo + link.” ! Hootsuite Use Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts. It’s very versatile, easy and fun to use. ! Finding quality content is a content aggregator that lists the trends and most popular content on social bookmarking sites such as Digg. You can re-tweet content that you think your followers would find interesting. Check out,, and too. These sites are useful because your re-tweets will be about popular and topical things. You can post on your Facebook Wall and Page too. ! TweetBeep TweetBeep offers free Twitter alerts by email. You can use the service to keep track of conversations based on keywords or usernames. © Tim Pond
  46. 46. Recommended resource Hootsuite (HS) $ ‘ * Hootsuite Hootsuite makes my social media life so easy! HS is inexpensive and versatile online tool. Features and benefits of HS are:       Manage unlimited social networks and profiles under one interface Schedule Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Company Pages and Google + Pages posts and messages Track keywords, mentions, and trending topics Unlimited RSS/Atom feeds Integrated social analytics so you can measure engagement and campaign success Collaborate with team members to enhance social communication and improve efficiencies and much more. © Tim Pond
  47. 47. Module 6: LinkedIn LinkedIn is a network of over 200 million professionals. It’s a great network to connect with like-minded people. LinkedIn is not just a social site for people to make friends. It is a professional media site that caters to professionals, entrepreneurs, self-employed, head hunters and those in high positions. You need to have a good strategy on LinkedIn too in order building your network. 6 steps to grow your network on LinkedIn Step 1: Create a professional profile Create a catchy headline, and use the keywords, such as “dog trainer” or “email marketer,” you want to rank for in your headline. Add your special skills, expertise, and highlights of your career. Add links to your sites and use descriptive titles (e. g., keywords you want to rank for) of the sites. If you want to rank for certain keywords, add them several times in your current and past experience. Utilize LinkedIn apps to highlight your videos, sales presentations, special reports, etc. Set a custom URL, e. g. Remember to make your profile visible to everyone. © Tim Pond
  48. 48. Step 2: Send invitations to connect to ONW members Accept their invitations too. You will be amazed how fast your network grows on LinkedIn. When I started connecting on LinkedIn, I got more than 1,000 new contacts in four weeks. Step 3: Post regularly Post interesting and relevant comments. You can post ads with links at times. Step 4: Join several groups on LinkedIn Be an active contributor on them. At times, you can invite group members to Like your Facebook page and connect with you on Facebook too. Step 5: Create your own group Create a great theme and a descriptive title to your group. Invite contacts to join and post relevant and interesting content. Naturally, add your links at times. Step 6: Post ads You can post text-based ads – DirectAds – on LinkedIn. Each ad runs about 30 days. Like on Facebook, you can target your ads based on job title, industry, seniority, a certain group, or other targets. ! Download your LinkedIn contacts to an autoresponder When you have at least 1,500 contacts, you can download their emails to your autoresponder list (at your own risk!). I recommend using or GetResponse for this. AWeber makes downloading your LinkedIn list harder because it requires a verification of opt-in. Some of your LinkedIn contacts will naturally opt out. If you follow the principles of the chapter Share first sell later philosophy of this special report, most of them will stay on your list. © Tim Pond
  49. 49. Downloading your lists is not possible on Facebook and Twitter. But it’s possible on LinkedIn. Cool? Cool. ! LinkedIn InMail Consider subscribing to LinkedIn's internal mailing system. The monthly fees are quite expensive, but you may reach hundreds of contacts easily. Certain response rates are guaranteed by LinkedIn. ! Track your links is a useful and fairly inexpensive service that allows you to track each link you post on the web. It also provides information on the activity of visitors on your website. Thus, it allows you to follow a prospect from clicking your link to the time he or she exits your site. You will be able to track which marketing approach works and which doesn’t. ! Cloak your links You can use your domain name to redirect leads to an affiliate product by cloaking your affiliate links to prevent link robbery. You can do this by logging into your domain user panel. Redirect the URL to transfer traffic directly through your affiliate link. Visitors who see the link won’t even recognize it’s an affiliate one! Alternatively, you can use cloaking service called ViralURL. You can easily cloak your links and track them. Furthermore, they have a great affiliate program. ViralURL © Tim Pond
  50. 50. Module 7: Your blog Despite new web 2.0, blogging still remains very popular. There are now 100 million blogs globally, approximately 1.5 new blogs are started every second, and bloggers post on average 20 posts per second. Blogging is a great way to connect and share with people on your niche. It helps you earn respect as an accomplished expert in your niche. You can add your opt-in form and bonus gifts on your blog site. You can easily monetize your blog site by adding AdSense, banners, product reviews, and affiliate links. 6 steps to make your blog go viral Step 1: Use a WordPress template WordPress templates are easy to optimize for search engines, and they are easy to use. Use your most important keywords in creating categories and in the titles of your posts. There are a great number of free apps to add to your WordPress sites. © Tim Pond
  51. 51. Step 2: Post continuously Post informative, fun and great content 1-2 times a day. At times, tell personal stories – e. g., give your readers a “sneak” peak into your average work day. Use humor and self-irony. Step 3: Add social bookmarking box and buttons to every page on your blog site Make it easy for visitors to share your content. Check out to get customized social media buttons on your site. Step 4: Add “Like my Facebook” app to your blog Check out your Facebook Page settings for this app. Step 5: Link your blog posts automatically to your Facebook wall and Like pages See Networked blogs syndication tip earlier in this special report. Step 6: Add an opt-in form on your blog Remember your most important goal? Add your opt-in form on several pages on your blog. ! How to triple your opt-in requests without spending a cent Add your opt-in form in the middle of your page, such as in the middle of your product review. For example, offer a free 5-day mini course or a special report on the subject. While the visitor is interested in your content, you let him or her to know that additional, ongoing, up-to-date information is available. © Tim Pond
  52. 52. Blogging tips Blogging is not as difficult and time-consuming as you may think. Below are some tips for blogging:  Your own video or video from YouTube  Podcast  An excerpt of your book, eBook, special report, etc.  Your article or articles from article directories  Your own insight or a quote from a quote site  Promote your product or affiliate product  Promote your affiliate program  Feedback/testimonial from a reader/customer  Q & A session  Review of a new product/program  Review of a new book/movie  New 3I products/services  Recommended resource (blogs, websites, etc.)  Lists (top 5 ways… top reasons…)  News about your niche  New research  Guest blogger/interview  Self-assessment  Survey (use Survey Monkey’s free version)  Contest with great prizes (works like gangbusters on Facebook too!)  Ask a question ! Ezine contest You can give a hot new product each month to one lucky subscriber. You could ask a question at the beginning of your ezine, and subscribers must look for the answer somewhere within the newsletter. The first one to send the answer wins the product. © Tim Pond
  53. 53. ! Suggest JVs Ask for JVs with fellow bloggers in your niche, Facebook Page Admins, Warrior Forum members (see section Warrior JVs), prolific writers, etc. Most of them are crying for more traffic. Suggest to them things like:  Affiliate deals to promote your product  Guest blogging  Interviews  Podcasts  Product review  Exchanging bonus gifts to subscribers  Banner trades  Forum signature swaps  Tweet swaps  List cross-promotions  Like Page and Friend swaps on Facebook  Email solo ad swapping  Solo ad swapping in your ezines. ! Reciprocal links Reciprocal links mean that two websites link to each other. Always try to get links to your site from a site with more traffic than yours. Accordingly, traffic to your site will increase. ! Be the first to promote If your potential JV partner has a great product and an affiliate program, promote his or her product first. Sign up as an affiliate and market the product on your blog, to your lists, etc., first. When you get that piece going, you can tell him or her about that, and ask for a JV. The marketer will without doubt love your suggestion. And your JV will work like gangbusters! © Tim Pond
  54. 54. ! Wondering who’s talking about you? is even better than Google Alerts. It’s a current social media search engine. The results are shown in chronological order. To maximize Google Alerts, make sure you’re using all keywords possible. Include your name, product titles, niche keywords, website and blog URLs, etc. When inserting URLs, don’t use the http://www prefix, just the short version, e. g., © Tim Pond
  55. 55. Module 8: Giveaways Giveaways (GA) are a great, inexpensive and fast way to build your lists. You can participate as a contributor in a giveaway. Contributors list different freebies, such as eBooks, special reports, software, scripts, and free memberships. You can list your own bonus gifts, text ads, and special offers. A giveaway lasts usually 7-14 days. During that period, visitors can download freebies. In order to download your gifts, they must opt in. Tips:  Always upgrade (from $5-97) to offer more bonus gifts, text ads, offers, and to get more visibility  Try to get JV partners on board. This is not necessary, but you’ll get bonus points for this.  You must market the GA to your lists, otherwise your offers may be downgraded. © Tim Pond
  56. 56.  Participate especially in the giveaways arranged by the “big dogs” of online marketing. They’ll typically drive 10,000 or more members in their giveaways.  Your gifts must be among the stars of the show. Offer irresistible and unique gifts with fabulous graphics and captivating titles and enticing descriptions. You can use your own gifts, JV partners’ gifts, or PLR products. The opt-in rates vary a lot, but you can expect a rate of even 75 percent, which is phenomenal. Depending on the number of members of a giveaway and the quality of your freebies, you can expect to get 15-300 subscribers via a certain giveaway. Isn’t that cool? My best result has been more than 1,100 subscribers in a giveaway (a private self-improvement giveaway hosted by me). You’d have to pay a fortune to get this result by pay-per-click ads.  Add free bonuses on your gift download pages.  Join in a new giveaway as a contributor at least twice a month and inform your lists about the new giveaway.  When you gain experience on giveaways and build your networks, you can create your own giveaway.  In the Internet marketing niche, I recommend giveaways arranged or recommended by Chris Freville, Paul Teague, and Anwesh Rath.  In health and wellness niche, I recommend giveaways arranged or recommended by the aforementioned gentlemen or Dr. Joe Rubino, Carolyn Hansen, and Stephanie Mulac.  When you promote a giveaway, you’ll get credits for referrals. For example, you might get more displays to your text ads. Furthermore, you can win the best contributors’ prizes. ! Host your own private giveaway I’ve arranged a great number of private giveaways in the self-improvement niche. I invite only 4-5 contributors – quite a few of them have been the industry leaders. Each of the contributors gives one gift on the squeeze page of the event. I’m positive that you can host a superb private giveaway in your niche as it’s a win-win event to all parties. © Tim Pond
  57. 57. ! Alternate your images Alternate between 2D and 3D images of your freebies. I’ve noticed that sometimes a quality 2D image stands out of the pack like a pearl. Check out Amazon’s Book section for proof of this. ! Create a giveaway page on your blog Create a GA page and update it regularly. Thus, you make it easy for your visitors to become members and contributors to the giveaways that interest them. Where to find great bonus gifts? To find quality PLR content and bonus gifts, I recommended Resell Rights Weekly and Mike Steup’s different PRL sites. Furthermore, I recommend Viral Ebook Explosion. You can use their great eBooks as bonus gifts, rebrand them and add your own affiliate links to them. Resell Rights Weekly Mike Steup’s PLR sites Viral Ebook Explosion Recommended resources Auto Cash Funnel $ © Tim Pond
  58. 58. ‘ ‘ – ‘ ’ ’ (during the first 1-3 months) – ‘ (after that) *-*** Auto Cash Funnel Auto Cash Funnel is one of the most practical, no-nonsense training courses for an IM newbie. The course will teach you step-by-step how to participate effectively in giveaways. They even give you a great number of free gifts to start with. The instructional videos are so useful that you can contribute to your first giveaway in less than 24 hours. Push Button Giveaways 2.0 (PBG) $ - $$ ‘ ** - * * * (depending of the quality and uniqueness of your gifts, text ads, etc.) Push Button Giveaways 2.0 You’ve probably noticed I love giveaways. Yet, I must admit it’s pretty tedious to join them. You have to fill the same details over and over again… Boring! I’ve found a “Push a few buttons” solution: Push Button Giveaways by Keith Purkiss and John Thornhill. PBG pretty much automates joining giveaways. You can easily join tens of these events in a month. This system has everything you need to easily and effectively build your list by joining giveaways. It stores your gifts, text ads, and special offers. It lets you join giveaways with a few clicks of your mouse, and then add your details, set up all your gifts, etc. with a few more clicks. I use PBG regularly, and it's simply awesome. © Tim Pond
  59. 59. Module 9: Podcasts Every Internet marketer and his or her neighbor is writing articles or creating videos like crazy. You can stand out of the IM crowd by creating great podcasts. You can submit your podcasts online, and link them to your blog, FB Page, etc. Podcasting is a method of publishing audios to the Internet. Podcasts are an effective and free way to get traffic to your squeeze pages, blog, and website. You can easily recycle your content. First, write an article, submit it to the Net. Second, record a voiceover of the article. You can use an audio recording service, such as AudioAcrobat to record, to organize and store your voiceovers. Submit your voiceovers to different podcast sharing sites such as iTunes for free. It is easy to submit new voiceovers under your existing podcasts. Add links to your sites on the description of your podcast and at the end of each voiceover. ! Naming your audios Include your website URL in the title of your audios, e. g. Part 1 – © Tim Pond
  60. 60. If you cannot use multiple dots in your file name, try this: Part 1 – wwwthreeinsightsnet.mp3 Related podcast websites: Recommended resources AudioAcrobat $ ‘‘–‘’’ *-*** AudioAcrobat AudioAcrobat is an inexpensive service to record and publish your audios. Cinch Cinch is a no-cost and easy way to record and share your audios on the Net. Cinch © Tim Pond
  61. 61. Full throttle Do you want to get a real BOOSTER to making money online? FREE Special Report: Quick Cash Formula To get instant access to this cutting-edge FREE report, click here the banner below. © Tim Pond
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  63. 63. About the author Photo: Jenniina Nummela Tim Pond is an author, coach, and Internet marketer. He’s CEO of Pond Insights. He has published 15 books. The Happiness Hop is his latest book. His own unique purpose is to help people gain insights and make their lives extraordinary. He is the proud father of three children. © Tim Pond
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