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Webmail - Our guide to online advertising Volume 3


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Webmail - Our guide to online advertising Volume 3

  1. 1. toour guide beteronline volume 3 / 2011 Agency v 20110211 advertising brought to you by
  2. 2. a word from the pitt boss :)Jeff Ellis MD & cool guy Some of our clients your brand here
  3. 3. contents a word from the pitt boss 2 welcome to the world of webmail 4 did you know? 5 specials cricket fewa 6 sweet specials 7 a new page, with great results 8-9 own me for a day or four 10 peel me off skattie 11 great home spaces 12-13 in my mailbox 14-17 gratis sms 18-19 webmail .mobi 20-21 new adverts 22 mobile vouchers 23 Outgoing faxes 24 ratesheet
  4. 4. welcome to the world of { {Webmail a FREE email service in SouthAfrica (similar to Gmail and Yahoo mail) Active users: 752,728focused only in South Africa for local users. User Sessions: 2,982,975In exchange for our users information Session duration : ± 08:55(demographic and psychographic) weoffer them a free email and sms service in Impressions: 26,894,015which we have the rights to serve highly * as at the end ofJanuary 2011targeted offers.There is also a specially developed adserving system with various features We strive to create online and relatedspecific for each company. digital marketing products that provide exposure for clients through leadership brands and advertising opportunities.These include targeting by categories,gender, area, lifestyle, etc as well as The company has developed a strong andload management and balancing for growing client base, from single personthe targeting requirements and businesses through to large listed corporatedatabase management of aspects entities that look to benefit from Internetrelated to this. exposure or presence. In essence we strive to have an entrepreneurial, youthful, spirit that extols a high level of professionalism without enforcing a corporate approach or environment, but has a high level of performance. * Independant site tracking by Nielsen Site Sensus 4
  5. 5. *** official languages did you know We have 113,974 rugby fanatics and 92,657 cricket fans on our base We know the home language of our users and can talk to them in banners and mailers in their mother tongue - this includes Englsih, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Northern Sotho and the other 128,809 people have told us that they are looking for investment opportunities Please see page 17 for more demographicswe offer ? Accommodates both branding and targeted marketing in the form of direct targeted emailers and conventional CPM and CPC display adverts Guaranteed exposure Assisting in lead and database generation through call to action campaigns. Approximately 30,000 new registrations per month With over 700,000 active users a month, it is time to "fish where the fish are!" Cost effective Over 30 million successful page impressions per month* All advertising is fully measurable Average of 8 - 10 minutes spent in their inbox per user 5
  6. 6. cricket fewa Cricket world cup -------------------- Feb & March only special 4 x 50,000 mailers Page peel We are offering a month of front page Billboard branding – page peal, rotated with the Floater Billboard and the Floater, 50 000 emails a 10,000 Free SMS click week for Feb / March to drive the campaign and 10 000 guaranteed clicks on our Free SMS service (based on 2 users, the only composer (on his pc) as well as the recipient on mobile phone all of which are linked to R75,000 the website or mobi site). for the entire month At R75000 for the entire month, this makes the CPM very low and the guaranteed audience attractive as all will be targeted to the above base. World Cup | FIXTURES ts away March 2011 We are giving ticke February 2011 19 India v Bangladesh 1 Kenya v Sri Lanka ing to all planners plac 20 Kenya v New Zealand 2 England v Ireland R20k with us 3 Netherlands v South Africa campaigns over 20 Sri Lanka v Canada 21 Australia v Zimbabwe 3 Canada v Pakistan nk Pro 20 to the Standard Ba 22 England v Netherlands 4 New Zealand v Zimbabwe derers or 23 Kenya v Pakistan 4 Bangladesh v West Indies at the Bidvest Wan 24 South Africa v West Indies 5 Australia v Sri Lanka enturion. SuperSport Park C 25 Bangladesh v Ireland 6 England v South Africa 25 Australia v New Zealand 6 India v Ireland 26 Pakistan v Sri Lanka 7 Canada v Kenya 27 India v England 8 New Zealand v Pakistan 28 Canada v Zimbabwe 9 India v Netherlands 28 Netherlands v West Indies 10 Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe 11 Ireland v West Indies 11 Bangladesh v England 12 India v South Africa 13 Canada v New Zealand 13 Australia v Kenya 14 Bangladesh v Netherlands 14 Pakistan v Zimbabwe 15 Ireland v South Africa 16 Australia v Canada 17 England v West Indies 18 Ireland v Netherlands 18 New Zealand v Sri Lanka 19 Bangladesh v South Africa 19 Australia v Pakistan 20 Kenya v Zimbabwe 20 India v West Indies 23 TBA (Quarterfinal) v TBA 24 TBA (Quarterfinal) v TBA 25 TBA (Quarterfinal) v TBA 26 TBA (Quarterfinal) v TBA 29 TBA (Semifinal) v TBA 30 TBA (Semifinal) v TBA April 2011 2 TBA (Final)6
  7. 7. sweet specials 50% off0p1li ------------- April fools day direct mailers We are offering mailers to 400,000 users in our base only 15c a mailer and will be Usually: R 0.30 / mailer dedicated to the advertiser and can This offer: R 0.15 / mailer Ar include a promotion or call to action if required. It is personalized, you own the subject line and the mailer is HTML and Reach 400k users Personalised mail you get 100% delivery on the numbers Guaranteed delivery at the time. --------- ------------ ----------- St Patrick’s day home page ownership Own the Webmail home page on Thursday 17 March 2011. This is a great Expose your brand opportunity for brand exposure, to +/- 15,000 espacially for beverages associated people per hour with festivities. Easter Special Buy 1 and Own the Webmail home page on get 1 FREE Friday 22 AND Sunday 24 April 2011. Two for the price off one! So, take EASTER SUNDAY and you get GOOD Friday free!* Upcoming Give us a Upcoming days to keep in mind: call to put a Mother’s day custom Father’s day package Women’s day together Rugby World 7
  8. 8. a new page,with great resultsIn mid 2010, our designers and headlines and your daily weatherdevelopers embarked on a project to forecast, so, items that one wouldgive Webmail fresh new face. And from expect to see when you login to yourthere, the new homepage was born! mailbox in the morning.We identified the need to give our users Other content includes health tips anda faster, enhanced user experience weekly political toon, sports relatedwhilst creating great opportunities and articles and more to follow. { {spaces for our advertisers, followinginternational trends. Click thought ratio’sThe new homepage includes an doubled on some adeasy-on-the eye layout giving users more types since the launchcontent items like the latest news * Fresh new homepage enhanced user experience whilst creating great opportunities and spaces for our advertisers. ”new advertising spacesThe redesign and development of the Advert spaces include the following:new homepage and mailbox, facilitates Own the homepagea range of new advertising spaces. Page peelWe have geared the site for facilitate Front page tower (Vertical rectangle)international standards, as indicated by Billboard (Square Pop-Up)the International Advertising Bureau (AIB) Sponsored linksand general industry standards. Various area for sponsorshipMost adverts allow for rich media (flash) Inbox banner (Leaderboard)in all advertising spaces and we can Graphic and text mail tagsfacilitate all 3rd party adverts andtracking systems. Please see advertising sheet for full list.8
  9. 9. own mefor a day or fourWe are proud to introduce our new star! The advert consist of two creativeAnd she is up for sale... components: branding image with main corporate“Own the home page” (OTHM) offers full colour that fills the backgroundhome page ownership* and is limited to rich-media square-pop/ billboard thatonly 4 days of the month. expands over main content area Expands to 960w× 470h px on mouse-over Square pop or billboard size on original state *Static branding onbackground that fillspage over 970w px ” Only 4 da ys per mo Available nth in time slo Monday - ts Friday Impression s: ± 400K+ p/day R 68,000 p er daySpecification Available Jan 2011Location: HomepageCreative: 251w x 180h / 250w x 250h expands to 960w x 470hFormat: .swf with clickTagsSize: 60kb max * excludes content sponsors and branding10
  10. 10. peel me off, skattie The launch of the new homepage, saw It is located in the top, right hand corner the addition of another high-impact and is using flash scripting to show and advert to the family. hide the advertisers creatives. The sleek and sexy page peel (peel The is also an exellent branding back) is just waiting to be peeled off! opportunity and will add value to any brand.“ onth p ressions/m Sold on im er month R 25,000 p Jan 2011 Available Note: me days yed on sa Not displa e home p age” wn th as the “O advert Specification L Location: Homepage Creative: Original state: 73w x 73h Over state: 500 x 500px Format: animated gif / .jpg Size: 40kb max 11
  11. 11. EW Billboard / square pop N Sponsored links or expandable billboard EW N Tower Billboard or (vertical rectangle) square pop Floater Sponsorship6
  12. 12. great home spaces The Webmail homepage also offers a When you consider how many times you range of other great advertising spaces. check your email a day and how many people are coming to the site on a From small tabs, more focussed on the regular basis its absolutely astonishing. small and medium enterprise, to larger spaces suitable for branding and sales To put this into perspective, imagine a driven campaigns. billboard on the side of the road seen by this many people all the time, where they All the adverts on the front page are have to take notice of the ad and aren’t flighted a minimum of 50 000 times per preoccupied driving. month. The ad is seen by them in a relaxed With the site sitting as one the top most environment. visited site in the country, this front page is indeed prime inventory. The branding opportunities here are endless. EW Billboard / Square pop Tower (Vertical rectangle) N Location: Home / Logout page Location: Home / Logout page Creative: 251w x 180h/ 250w x 250w px Creative: 240w x 400h px“ Format: .gif / .swf Size: 20kb max Cost: R 15,000 per month Impressions: 100,000 Format: .gif / .swf Size: 20kb max Cost: R 22,000 per month Impressions: 100,000 EW Floater Expandable billboard N Location: Home / Logout page Location: Home / Logout page Creative: 100w x 100h px Creative: 251w x 180h px expands to Format: .gif / .swf 360w x 400h px Size: 4kb max Format: .swf Cost: R 18,000 per month Size: 30kb max Impressions: 50,000 Cost: R 22,000 per month Impressions: 100,000 Sponsored links (Top sites) Location: Home / Logout page Sponsorship opporunities Creative: text Location: Home / Logout page Size: 35 characters max Creative: dependant on content Cost: R 12,000 per month Format: .dependant on content Impressions: 12,000,000 Cost: R 12,000 per month (min 12 months) 13
  13. 13. EW Banner N (Leaderboard)Lenovo NotebooksLooking for notebooks Text adverts Direct mail& netbooks?Find the right one at subject Is your family covered? 13 Dec 2010 14:13 pm 8.6 KB Click through to HTML mailer Is your family covered? Mail tag (outgoing mail)
  14. 14. in my mailboxThe mailbox is really the first major Whoever your audience , we can catercomponent of the site that creates for you , niched or targeted. As one ofstickiness. the busiest websites in South Africa, it caters for excellent brandingThis is where targeted & direct marketing opportunities.happens. Once the subscriber types intheir username & password & logs in, All targeting is done via targetedhe/she comes to this page to read their leaderboards, text adverts or targetedmail. mailer campaigns, with the direct mailers showing huge success within thisAdverts are then flighted to them environment.according to their interests, needs &demographic profile. An html mailer is delivered to the user’s inbox. Since all users are opted in, theThere is no medium in the South African mail is delivered by means of “dropping”market that can be as specific and the mail in the inbox, thus guaranteeingtargeted as Webmail based on the delivery.demographical breakdown.Leaderboard (Banner) Text advertsLocation: Inbox Location: InboxCreative: 728w x 90h px Creative: textFormat: .gif / .swf Size: 30 char ad title + 70 char ad copySize: 20kb max Cost: R 5,000 per monthCost: R 12,000 per month Impressions: min 50,000Impressions: 50,000 Target: target groupsTarget: full demographicsDirectmail Mail TagLocation: Inbox The graphic appears in HTML mails.Creative: 760w x unlimted height px The text in text mailsFormat: .html Location: Sent mailSize: 20kb max excluding images Creative: 468w x 60h px / textCost: R 0.35 per mailer Format: .gifImpressions: min 50,000 Size: 12kb max / 80 charactersTarget: full demographics Cost: R 20,000 per month Impressions: average 50,000 per day 15
  15. 15. in my mailbox (continue) Compose TowerLenovo NotebooksLooking for notebooks& netbooks?Find the right one Compose Tower Location: Inbox (Compose page) Creative: 120w x 240h px Format: .gif / .swf Size: 12kb max Cost: R 10,000 per month Impressions: min 50,000 Target: user groups
  16. 16. in my mailbox demographics * as at the end of January 2011 Age Race Income 300000 Other Asian 250000 R20K+ R0 - R1 999 200000 White 150000 R10 000 - Number of users R19 999 Indian 100000 Coloured Black 50000 R2 000 - 0 up 16 17 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 R5 000 - R9 999 R4 999 45+ up to 16 45,602 6.1% Asian 12,420 1.6% 17 to 24 191,614 25.4% Black 326,788 43.4% R0 - R1 999 128,340 17.0% 25 to 34 268,729 35.7% Coloured 27,402 3.6% R2 000 - R4 999 78,697 10.4% 35 to 44 106,481 14.1% Indian 16,931 2.2% R5 000 - R9 999 94,129 12.5% 45+ 141,062 18.7% White 91,525 12.1% R10 000 - R19 999 73,219 9.7% 753,488 Other 23,670 3.1% R20K+ 53,178 7.1% 498,736 427,584 Gender 25 Language Other 24,225 3.2% Afrikaans 71,721 9.5%% of users English 175,440 23.3% 20 Ndebele 12,878 1.7% Northern Sotho 65,118 8.6% 37.8% 52.6% 15 Southern Sotho 38,316 5.1% Sutu 3,133 0.4% 284,825 396,348 10 Swazi Tsonga 15,047 28,152 2.0% 3.7% female male 5 Tswana 48,395 6.4% Venda 25,444 3.4% Xhosa 74,957 9.9% 0 Zulu 95,959 12.7% ga ho o a s le a ish a er u an tu th i nd os an l az be on Zu ot th gl Su So 679,208 ka Xh Sw Ve O -S w En de Ts S- fri N Ts N A Sports Location Watersports 23,807 3.2% Other 33,772 4.5% Mountain biking / Cycling 39,337 5.2% Botswana 2,804 0.4% Aerobic / Gym 82,072 10.9% Cape Town 21,504 2.9% Scuba diving 25,956 3.4% Eastern Cape 61,175 8.1% Horseriding 24,067 3.2% Free State 31,330 4.2% Swimming 82,671 11.0% Gauteng 242,480 32.2% Running 55,117 7.3% Kwazulu Natal 92,695 12.3% Cricket 92,417 12.3% Mpumalanga 35,174 4.7% Fishing 64,601 8.6% Northern Cape 8,560 1.1% Soccer 295,958 39.3% Northern Province 66,335 8.8% Hiking 27,902 3.7% North West 26,605 3.5% Squash 24,882 3.3% Western Cape 48,447 6.4% Tennis 80,820 10.7% 681,173 Rugby 113,782 15.1% Golf 47,830 6.3% Boxing 43,692 5.8% Surfing 14,690 1.9% Kite Surfing 9,184 1.2% Body Boarding 12,969 1.7% Paddle Skiing 5,473 0.7% * full list of demographics available on request 17
  17. 17. gratis smsGratis SMS is a South African service that first advertisement is displayed on theallows users to send free SMS messages message pagefrom the website to a targeted audience advertiser’s website / microsite isto any cell phone across any network in automatically opened on 100%exchange for exposure to the yielded once the user clicks ‘sendadvertiser’s advertising. SMS’ second advertisement is displayed onA typical Gratis campaign consist of the ‘send another SMS’ pagevarious campaign components that a 49 character text advertisement isutilizes both online and mobile sent in the SMS message to theenvironments. recipient Click though from SMS to mobisite /Gratis small banner Website / MicrositeLocation: SMS compose page 1 page submit page included in cost,Creative: 460w x 90h pxpx otherwise to be Supplied by client orFormat: .gif / .swf optional extraSize: 20kb maxTarget: age, income, area and gender Mobisite / Micro-mobi site 1 page submit page included in cost,Gratis large banner otherwise to be supplied by client orLocation: SMS sent page optional extraCreative: 460w x 400h pxpxFormat: .gif / .swfSize: 50kb maxTarget: age, income, area and gender R 2.00 per clickSMS tag line Min. 10 00 0 clicks peLocation: recipients mobile phone r monthCreative: text CPC on th e guaranteSize: 49 character incl url click page ed th are additio e rest nal
  18. 18. gratis sms Case study: Albany Bakeries -------------Albany Bakeries is a brand of Tiger brands, who Campaign statshasn’t really played much on digital. We had Gratis credits : 200,000oppotunity to run a competition drivencampaign to generate responds and measure Guarenteed clicks: 200,000the products uptake cross various ages and Impressions: 421,913areas. Banner clicks: 191,589The “Wacky Sandwich” concept that was Submission- online: 7,265created where users needed to give their Submissions- mobi: 369description of their “wackiest” sandwich thatthey can make with Albany breads. Campaign creatives Gratis large banner Gratis small banner Mobi submit pageOnline submit page 19
  19. 19. mobile advertisingThere are now at least 9,5-million mobile wapusers (read: mobile web) in the country.Compared to the estimated 5,7-million traditionaldesktop internet user, mobile has become afantastic and accessible advertising space.Webmail launched a mobile email interface,creating a powerful platform for mobileadvertising.All adverts are scale to the users phonespecification.Visitor statsUnique visitors: ± 96,000No. of visits: ± 190,357* as at the end November 2010300 000250 000200 000 Number of visits150 000100 000 50 000 Unique visitors - ril r t e y ly r er y h r ry ry us be be be p ar a n rc Ju a a b ug A Ju M m ru nu nu a o em m ct M b A e eJa Ja ec Fe pt O ov Se D N20
  20. 20. mobile advertising Mobile homepage Mobile generic Mobile text bar notice board notice boardLocation: Home page Location: Login /Main menu Location: mail itemsCreative: 300w x 150h px Creative: 300w x 50h px Creative: textSize: 15k max Size: 10k max Format: 50 charactersFormat: jpg / gif Format: jpg / gif Cost: R 8,000 per monthCost: R 10,000 per month Cost: R 9,000 per month Impressions: 50,000Impressions: 50,000 Impressions: 50,000 Detailed statsMonth Unique visitors Number of visits Pages HitsJanuary 2010 238 555 3 815 6 401February 2010 21 816 63 609 1 650 020 2 845 207March 2010 52 465 136 705 3 774 949 5 782 854April 2010 54 472 149 255 3 727 626 5 672 555May 2010 65 331 167 783 4 256 585 6 545 094June 2010 62 308 165 623 3 932 174 6 051 833July 2010 26 153 83 624 1 345 280 2 055 162August 2010 22 726 71 014 1 198 240 1 859 902September 2010 64 430 155 222 3 560 524 5 551 366October 2010 88 518 184 064 4 588 312 7 180 060November 2010 95 638 190 357 5 023 195 7 782 638December 2010 77 100 174 029 4 383 185 6 816 384January 2011 84 087 184 229 4 997 475 7 835 818 21
  21. 21. new advertsMobile vouchers
  22. 22. new adverts Outgoing faxesYou can own this space on all out going faxes sent from our users , being personal or business,you get the benefit of this being printed as a cover sheet as well as the digital advertisingEWN Fixed mon thly cost only R 25,000 23
  23. 23. ratesheetWebmail Ad Types - CPM Branding and Targeted adverts SpecialType Ad Type Placement Target Creative Size Type Sold C.P.M. notes 1 day per month / Own the Min 250 000 Web Home Page Home Page graphic All front page ads All Time based av 250 impressions R 380.00 000 imp gif / Impressions / Min. 100 000 Web Peel Back Home Page graphic swf Month impressions R 220.00 front / Logout - gif / impressions / Min 100 000 Web Billboard Mouse over / graphic 251w x 180h pixels swf month impressions R 200.00 expandable impressions / Min 100 000 Web Tab front / Logout graphic 125w x 050h pixels gif month impressions R 50.00 impressions / Min 50 000 Web Floater front / Logout graphic 100w x 100h pixels gif month impressions R 266.67 average 5000 Web Top Sites front / Logout text 60 characters txt monthly 000 impressions R 12 500.00 gif / impressions / Min of 100 000 Web Tower front / Logout graphic 240w x 400h pixels swf monthly impressions R 200.00 Banner / Full gif / impressions / Min of 50 000 Web leaderboard Inbox demog graphic 468w x 060h pixels swf month impressions R 120.00 Variety gif / Min of 50 000 Web V Tower Variety Pages Pages graphic 120w x 430h pixels swf monthly impressions R 180.00 Compose Variety Min of 50 000 Web Tower Inbox Pages graphic 120w x 240h pixels gif monthly impressions R 150.00 Direct E-mailersType Ad Type Placement Target Creative Size Type Sold Special notes 1 Page A4 with Scratch panel, with algorythm in Scratch and All Impressions / Web Inbox graphic mouse over html backend to manage prize Win Demogs month scratch panel allocations Viral campaigns - send to 5 All Mailer 2 with database and Web graphic 1 Page A4 html Unlimited entries friends Demogs competition entry managment Graphic: 468 x 60 Text: gif / impressions / On all outgoing emails, est 50 Web Mail Tag Sent Mail n/a 80characters swf month 000 a day SponsorshipType Ad Type Placement Target Creative Size Type Sold Special notes Sponsorship Widget onhome Web All graphic gif monthly Exclusive to 1 advertiser Page page Sponsorship Variety Web Variety pages graphic gif monthly Exclusive to 1 advertiser Page Pages Mobile advertisingType Ad Type Placement Target Creative Size Type Sold C.P.M. Home Page min 100 000Mobile Home Page graphic W=300 x H=150 gif/jpg R 150.00 Notice Board Impressions Notice Boards - min 100 000Mobile Login / Main graphic W=300 x H=50 gif/jpg R 140.00 Generic Impressions Folder Items; min 100 000Mobile Text Bars text 50 characters R 130.00 read email Impressions Splash Page / min 100 000Mobile every 100 clicks graphic W=300 x H=300 gif/jpg R 150.00 Interstitial Impressions24
  24. 24. so what is in it for you?Rebates for agency spend payable annually not for billing but for payments made,this excludes the agency discount included on monthly billing.Please enquire about these options from one of our representatives. We would like to thank you and urge you to contact us when questions arise. 25
  25. 25. We would like to thank you and urge you to contact us when questions arise. HEAD OFFICE 25 West Street, Houghton, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 628 9700Cape Town: (021) 442 9100 | Durban: (031) 566 5135 | Pretoria: (012) 665 0366 This document is confidential. It can not be used or shared with any third party without our written permission. Images may be subject to copyright of the respective companies and /or brands. All images and concepts in this document is for illustrative purpose only.