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Webmail - Our guide to online advertising Volume 2


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Webmail - Our guide to online advertising Volume 2

  1. 1. our guide to advertising betteronlinebrought to you by volume 2 / 2011 Agency (N/R) v 20110128
  2. 2. Some of our clients your brand here
  3. 3. contents welcome to the world of webmail 4-5 a new page is born 6-7 own me for a day or four 8 peel me off skattie 9 great home spaces 10-11 in my mailbox 12-16 webmail .mobi 17 gratis sms 18-19
  4. 4. welcome to the world of Webmail, a division of Interface, is a focused online media company offering digital advertising and marketing solutions. The business has grown from strength to strength for over 12 years and employs in the region of 200 people. We strive to create online and related digital marketing products that provide exposure for clients through leadership brands and advertising opportunities. The company has developed a strong and growing client base, from single person businesses through to large listed corporate entities that look to benefit from Internet exposure or presence. In essence we strive to have an entrepreneurial, youthful, spirit that extols a high level of professionalism without enforcing a corporate approach or environment, but has a high level of performance.4
  5. 5. Webmail a FREE email service in South These include targeting by categories,Africa (similar to Gmail and Yahoo mail) gender, area, lifestyle, etc as well asfocused only in South Africa for local users. load management and balancing for the targeting requirements andIn exchange for our users information database management of aspects(demographic and psychographic) we related to this. { {offer them a free email and sms service inwhich we have the rights to serve highlytargeted offers. Active users: 717,767 User Sessions: 3,502,396There is also a specially developed adserving system with various features Session duration : ± 08:54specific for each company. Impressions: 30,205,826 * as at the end of November 2010 Accommodates both branding and targeted marketing in the form of direct targeted emailers and conventional CPM and CPC display adverts Guaranteed exposure Assisting in lead and database generation through call to action campaigns. Approximately 30,000 new registrations per month With over 700,000 active users a month, it is time to "fish where the fish are!" Cost effective Over 30 million successful page impressions per month* All advertising is fully measurable Average of 8 - 10 minutes spent in their inbox per user session * Independant site tracking by Nielsen Site 5
  6. 6. a new page is bornIn mid 2010, our designers and headlines and your daily weatherdevelopers embarked on a project to forecast, so, items that one wouldgive Webmail fresh new face. expect to see when you login to your mailbox in the morning.And from there, the new homepage wasborn! Other content includes magazine clips from a local, slightly off-the-wallWe identified the need to give our users publisher, a weekly political toon, healtha faster, enhanced user experience related articles and more to follow.whilst creating great opportunities andspaces for our advertisers, following The homepage was preceded by aninternational trends. intense mailbox redevelopment. In conjunction with one another, users areThe new homepage includes an offered a 2 gig mailbox, 10 GB online fileeasy-on-the eye layout giving users more storage, access to sending free SMS’scontent items like the latest news and many other services. * Fresh new homepage enhanced user experience whilst creating great opportunities and spaces for our advertisers. ”new advertising spacesThe redesign and development of the Advert spaces include the following:new homepage and mailbox, facilitates Own the homepagea range of new advertising spaces. Page peelWe have geared the site for facilitate Front page tower (Vertical rectangle)international standards, as indicated by Billboard (Square Pop-Up)the International Advertising Bureau (AIB) Sponsored linksand general industry standards. Various area for sponsorshipMost adverts allow for rich media (flash) Inbox banner (Leaderboard)in all advertising spaces and we can Graphic and text mail tagsfacilitate all 3rd party adverts andtracking systems. Please see advertising sheet for full list.6
  7. 7. “ 5
  8. 8. own mefor a day or fourWe are proud to introduce our new star! The advert consist of two creativeAnd she is up for sale... components: branding image with main corporate“Own the home page” (OTHM) offers full colour that fills the backgroundhome page ownership* and is limited to rich-media square-pop/ billboard thatonly 4 days of the month. expands over main content area Expands to 960w× 470h px on mouse-over Square pop or billboard size on original state *Static branding onbackground that fillspage over 970w px ” Only 4 da ys per mo Available nth in time slo Monday - ts Friday Impression s: ± 400K+ p/daySpecificationLocation: HomepageCreative: 251w x 180h / 250w x 250h expands to 960w x 470hFormat: .swf with clickTagsSize: 60kb max * excludes content sponsors and branding8
  9. 9. peel me off, skattie The launch of the new homepage, saw It is located in the top, right hand corner the addition of another high-impact and is using flash scripting to show and advert to the family. hide the advertisers creatives. The sleek and sexy page peel (peel The is also an exellent branding back) is just waiting to be peeled off! opportunity and will add value to any brand.“ Specification Location: Homepage Creative: Original state: 73w x 73h Over state: 500 x 500px Format: animated gif / .jpg Size: 40kb max 9
  10. 10. EW Billboard / square pop N Sponsored links or expandable billboard EW N Tower Billboard or (vertical rectangle) square pop Floater Sponsorship6
  11. 11. great home spaces The Webmail homepage also offers a When you consider how many times you range of other great advertising spaces. check your email a day and how many people are coming to the site on a From small tabs, more focussed on the regular basis its absolutely astonishing. small and medium enterprise, to larger spaces suitable for branding and sales To put this into perspective, imagine a driven campaigns. billboard on the side of the road seen by this many people all the time, where they All the adverts on the front page are have to take notice of the ad and aren’t flighted a minimum of 50 000 times per preoccupied driving. month. The ad is seen by them in a relaxed With the site sitting as one the top most environment. visited site in the country, this front page is indeed prime inventory. The branding opportunities here are endless. EW Billboard / Square pop Tower (Vertical rectangle) N Location: Home / Logout page Location: Home / Logout page Creative: 251w x 180h/ 250w x 250w px Creative: 240w x 400h px“ Format: .gif / .swf Size: 20kb max Format: .gif / .swf Size: 20kb max Expandable billboard Floater Location: Home / Logout page EW Location: Home / Logout page Creative: 251w x 180h px expands to N Creative: 100w x 100h px 360w x 400h px Format: .gif / .swf Format: .swf Size: 4kb max Size: 30kb max Sponsored links (Top sites) Sponsorship opporunities Location: Home / Logout page Location: Home / Logout page Creative: text Creative: dependant on content Size: 35 characters max Format: .dependant on content 11
  12. 12. EW Banner N (Leaderboard)Lenovo NotebooksLooking for notebooks Text adverts& netbooks?Find the right one 8.6 KB Leaderboard (Banner) Text adverts Location: Inbox Location: Inbox Creative: 728w x 90h px Creative: text Format: .gif / .swf Size: 30 char ad title + 70 char ad copy Size: 20kb max Target: target groups Target: full demographics
  13. 13. in my mailbox The mailbox is really the first major Adverts are then flighted to them component of the site that creates according to their interests, needs & stickiness. demographic profile. This is where targeted & direct marketing There is no medium in the South African happens. Once the subscriber types in market that can be as specific and their username & password & logs in, targeted as Webmail based on the he/she comes to this page to read their demographical breakdown. mail. demographics * as at the end of November 2010 Gender Age Race 300000 Other Asian 250000 3.3% 1.7% 37.7% 52.2% 200000 White 12.8% female male 150000Number of users Indian 100000 2.4% Coloured Black 50000 3.8% 45.5% 0 up 16 17 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 45+ 25 Language Income R20K+ % of users 6.8% R0 - R1 999 20 16.2% 15 R10 000 - R19 999 10 9.5% 5 R2 000 - 0 R5 000 - R9 999 R4 999 ga ho o a s le a ish a er lu an tu th i nd os an az be 12.4% 10.4% on Zu ot th gl Su So ka Xh Sw Ve O -S w En de Ts S- fri N Ts N A 13
  14. 14. Direct mail subject line What is your idea of fun with Lenovo? 13 Dec 2010 14:13 pm 8.6 KBLenovo NotebooksLooking for notebooks& netbooks? Click through to HTML mailerFind the right one Click through to HTML mailer Mail tag (outgoing mail)
  15. 15. in my mailbox (continue)Whoever your audience , we can cater An html mailer is delivered to the user’sfor you , niched or targeted. As one of inbox. Since all users are opted in, thethe busiest websites in South Africa, it mail is delivered by means of “dropping”caters for excellent branding the mail in the inbox, thus guaranteeingopportunities. delivery.All targeting is done via targetedleaderboards, text adverts or targetedmailer campaigns, with the direct mailersshowing huge success within thisenvironment.Directmail Mail TagLocation: Inbox The graphic appears in HTML mails.Creative: 760w x unlimted height px The text in text mailsFormat: .html Location: Sent mailSize: 20kb max excluding images Creative: 468w x 60h px / textTarget: full demographics Format: .gif Size: 12kb max / 80 characters 15
  16. 16. in my mailbox (continue) Compose TowerLenovo NotebooksLooking for notebooks& netbooks?Find the right one Compose Tower Location: Inbox (Compose page) Creative: 120w x 240h px Format: .gif / .swf Size: 12kb max Target: user groups
  17. 17. mobile advertisingThere are now at least 9,5-million mobilewap users (read: mobile web) in thecountry.Compared to the estimated 5,7-milliontraditional desktop internet user, mobilehas become a fantastic and accessibleadvertising space.Webmail launched a mobile emailinterface, creating a powerful platformfor mobile advertising.All adverts are scale to the users phonespecification. Mobile homepage Mobile generic Mobile text bar notice board notice boardLocation: Home page Location: Login /Main menu Location: mail itemsCreative: 300w x 150h px Creative: 300w x 50h px Creative: textSize: 15k max Size: 10k max Format: 50 charactersFormat: jpg / gif Format: jpg / gif 17
  18. 18. Gratis SMS campaign components Step 1 User types in the recipient’s cell number and a message, scrolls over the advertiser’s first advertise- ment and clicks ‘Send SMS’ Gratis small banner Click to website / microsite Step 2 User is automatically sent to advertiser’s website or microsite when they click ‘Send SMS’ Gratis large banner Step 3 User interacts with the advertiser’s website and after closing it down the user is shown the advertiser’s second advertisement on the ‘Send another SMS’ pageStep 4 Step 5User sends the SMS message from the website to Click though from url in SMS text to mobi sitethe recipient’s cell phone and the recipient or mobi-micrositereceives the message and the advertiser’s 40character text advertisement Hi Jo, meet me at the gym 19:00? Click to mobi -AD- News on the move! za SMS tag line 18
  19. 19. gratis smsGratis SMS is a South African service that first advertisement is displayed on theallows users to send free SMS messages message pagefrom the website to a targeted audience advertiser’s website / microsite isto any cell phone across any network in automatically opened on 100%exchange for exposure to the yielded once the user clicks ‘sendadvertiser’s advertising. SMS’ second advertisement is displayed onA typical Gratis campaign consist of the ‘send another SMS’ pagevarious campaign components that a 49 character text advertisement isutilizes both online and mobile sent in the SMS message to theenvironments. recipient Click though from SMS to mobisite /(see campaign component diagram onopposite page) Gratis small banner Website / Microsite Location: SMS compose page 1 page submit page included in cost, Creative: 460w x 90h pxpx otherwise to be Supplied by client or Format: .gif / .swf optional extra Size: 20kb max Target: age, income, area and gender Mobisite / Micro-mobi site 1 page submit page included in cost, Gratis large banner otherwise to be supplied by client or Location: SMS sent page optional extra Creative: 460w x 400h pxpx Format: .gif / .swf Size: 50kb max Target: age, income, area and gender SMS tag line Location: recipients mobile phone Creative: text Size: 49 character incl url
  20. 20. We would like to thank you and urge you to contact us when questions arise. HEAD OFFICE 25 West Street, Houghton, Johannesburg Tel: (011) 628 9700Cape Town: (021) 442 9100 | Durban: (031) 566 5135 | Pretoria: (012) 665 0366 This document is confidential. It can not be used or shared with any third party without our written permission. Images may be subject to copyright of the respective companies and /or brands. All images and concepts in this document is for illustrative purpose only.