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Cloud Computing Complex is a Tier 3+ purpose built data center facility located in the industrial Estate managed by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) in Tseung Kwan O, New Territories. HKCOLO.NET aims to serve Cloud Computing Companies, Financial Institutions, Business Enterprises, Application and Hosting Service Providers, Telecom Carriers, Internet Content and Service Providers and Infrastructure Providers.

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TELEHOUSE Hong Kong Cloud Computing Complex

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Complex + More than just a facility.TELEHOUSE Hong Kong CCCOne of the largest and technologically advanced neutral data center facilities in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Region. Thefacility is a Tier 3+ purpose built data center located inside the industrial park in Tseung Kwan O, New Territories. The facilityfeatures a 360,000 sq.ft. data center with a 7.8 ft. high concrete perimeter wall and private driveway around the building.Additional features include road blockers and bollards against vehicle force entry, and a secondary security gate againstunauthorized human entry to the building. The facility’s mechanical and electrical systems are configured at a minimum ofN+1 and are designed to meet the highest level of resilience and security, which is critical to ensure optimum operationalperformance. The Cloud Computing Complex aims to serve Cloud Computing Companies, Financial Institutions, EnterpriseBusiness, Application and Hosting Service Providers, Telecom Carriers, Internet Content and Service Providers andInfrastructure Providers.
  2. 2. Welcome AboutTELEHOUSE is a high-tech and supervior global carrier-neutral data center brand. TELEHOUSE brandwas established almost 20 years ago in the United States and the United Kingdom as a pioneer in the datacenter industry. HKCOLO.NET licensed the use of the brand under trademark agreement in 2011. We willprovide our service in Hong Kong under this trade name. Quality of service and technical specifications areconsistent with TELEHOUSE’s worldwide presence in 43 sites across 12 countries.The total floor space reached 154,000 m2 worldwide. AboutHKCOLO.NET is determined to provide the best colocation service for its customers which includes, CloudComputing Companies, Financial Institutions, Enterprise Businesses, Application and Hosting ServiceProviders, Telecom Carriers, Internet Content and Service Providers and Infrastructure Providers.We recognize the challenges faced by our customers in a world of rapid change and development,HKCOLO.NET alway sets itself accordingly to the highest standards of operational excellence to supportits client’s needs. 1
  3. 3. Welcome HISTORY of TELEHOUSE1989First TELEHOUSE data center was established in New York, USA and became operational.1990TELEHOUSE opened Europe’s first purpose built colocation facility in London Docklands – TELEHOUSENorth.1994TELEHOUSE North became the primary site for the London Internet Exchange (LINX).1996European expansion began in earnest with the opening of TELEHOUSE Jeuneurs, in the heart of Paris.1997TELEHOUSE opened metro site in the City of London. Its TELEHOUSE Broadway Center, the second NewYork facility, became operational.1998KDDI Group established data center presence in Seoul, Korea.1999TELEHOUSE London Docklands expanded with the completion of the TELEHOUSE East facility. TELEHOUSEParis opened Voltaire site in the financial center of the French capital.2000Hong Kong data center opened for business.2004TELEHOUSE Paris won prestigious Security Award that recognized its exceptional safety policy implemented atits Boulevard Voltaire data center.2007TELEHOUSE Beijing opened for business.2008TELEHOUSE Singapore opened for business. TELEHOUSE launched global Interlink connecting UK, France,Magny Les Hameaux near Paris.2010TELEHOUSE West, the fourth data center in London opened for business. TELEHOUSE also opened datacenters in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, Hanor in Vietnam and Shanghai in China.2011TELEHOUSE America expanded and TELEHOUSE New York “Chelsea” came as the forth TELEHOUSE brandeddata center in USA. TELEHOUSE Europe opens TELEHOUSE Istanbul data center in Turkey. HKCOLO.NETwill open for business in new TKO facility under the brand name of TELEHOUSE Hong Kong CCC. 2
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Complex CCC offers highly secured, resilient and reliable environmentCloud Computing Complex suitable for mission-control operations worldwide. F eaturing a 360,000 ft2 / Tier-3+ grade colocation center at Tseung Kwan O, the Cloud Computing Complex (CCC) offers great space on a highly secured, and reliable environment to deploy computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure. We provide private cabinets, cages and suites. They are supported by our dedicated services designed to meet wide range of high-end specifications with resilience Flexible Space Designation and redundancies. Tier-4 grade space built to specifications is also available upon request. CCC provides infrastructure solution for clients to efficiently run Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in an existing office within the center. The center allows deployment of mission critical operations and also provides a Staging Area for clients to test and install their various equipments. Parking space, PABX, computers, data ports and related services are readily available for use. Fully Managed Service Target markets Cloud Computing Companies Financial Institutions Enterprises Application and Hosting Service Providers Telecom Carriers Internet Content and Service Providers Infrastructure Providers 3
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Complex Safeguards your Crown Jewel Cloud Computing ComplexT he center has raised floor with floor loadings up to 1,500 kg per square metre. Locking cabinets (Standard/Non-Standard), Hotand Cold aisles and Cold Aisle Containments areavailable. The entire center is monitored throughCCTV system with around the clock securitymanagement and multi-level security entrances.Apart from the existing services, the data center Digital CCTV recording of all aspects of the sitewill add over 360,000 sq. ft. of data center spaceto the market supply. Fuel Storage Capacity,without refueling, is from 24 hours (at full load) to100 hours (upon demand). The center has a 7.8 fthigh concrete fence wall and an internal 1,762 ft x20 ft driveway around the building for surveillance,patrol and security. The center is protected by roadblockers and bollards against vehicle force entryand a secondary security line of stainless steelswing gates against unauthorized human entry. Stable Power Supply What will the data center feature A Cloud Computing Center A Center for Corporate Clients A Carrier Colocation Center A Submarine Cable Colocation Center (a multi-cable landing station) A Ground Station for Extraterrestrial Link A place for City Center Connectivity 4
  6. 6. Meeting the Growing Demand for Connectivity CCC provides diverse connectivity options to safeguard andMeeting the Growing Demand for Connectivity keep your business running when natural disaster strikes. Submarine Cable CCC is located near the submarine Cable Landing Station. CCC is capable of being a city POP to connect to submarine cables. Extraterrestrial CCC features a flat rooftop capable of supporting extraterrestrial connectivity. For operations that require satellite uplink and downlink, this is an ideal center where all means of data transportation is available. Terrestrial CCC will have direct access to major Fixed Telecommunications Network Services (FTNS) and be ready to provide a full spectrum of telecom services to its customers. OUR CAPABILITIES YOUR OPTIONS 5
  7. 7. The Ideal Facility for Mission-Critical Business Operations CCC is strategically located and provides the capability needed to The ideal Facility for Mission-Critical Business eliminate potential vulnerabilities. It gives you a peace of mind.LocationSituated in Tseung Kwan O, the surrounding areaof the center is home to an array of local andinternational companies.No presence of high-risk facilities in the vicinity,suitable for mission critical business operations.Located at the fringe suburbs, buffer space isapproximately 11.62 km from the Central BusinessDistrict. Physical SecurityBuilding is not directly on a major highway, arterial Building perimeter built with concrete securityroad or railway line. fencing. Entrance gate equipped with hydraulic road blockersEarthquake and bollards.Our center meets or exceeds the designrequirements of local buildings codes to withstand Security gate for primary processing of clients,dynamic motion caused by earthquake or wind gust. visitors and staff.Hong Kong lies far away from the nearest crustal Interior and exterior surveillance by patrol securityplate boundary which is 600 km away. The chance and digital CCTV camera coverage.of major local tremor is very small. FloodThe earthquake risk in Hong Kong is low to No history of flooding for over 100 years.moderate. Located outside Flooding Black Spot Area. Risk Assessment The location of the facility is in the immediate vicinity of a major leading bank where risk assessment has been carried 6
  8. 8. Specifications - Cloud Computing Complex Building FeaturesSpecifications - Cloud Computing Complex TKO Location: Tseung Kwan O, New Territories, Hong Kong Site Area: 182,783 ft2 Total Gross Area Space: 364,131 ft2 Building: 3-storey building with rooftop Construction: Reinforced concrete with concrete roofing structure Floor to beam: 4.3 m (G/F), 2.9 m (1/F and 2/F) Floor Loading: 1,500 kg/m2 (G/F), 750 kg/m2 (1/F and 2/F) Power UPS: N+1/2N with 15minutes load discharge Generator: N+1/2(N+1) Gensets Diesel Tank: 24-hour supply plus contract with fuel company for refill within 2 hours DC and Other Power Options: Available upon customer request Air-Conditioning Temperature: 22°C ± 4°C Humidity: 50% ± 10% Cooling Capacity: CRAC N+1 design Fire Protection Fire System: FM-200 / Pre-Action Sprinkler System Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) Security Physical Security: Building perimeter with 7.8 ft high concrete security fencing Hydraulic road blockers and bollards 20 ft wide private driveway 24 x 7 Security Guards Surveillance: Digital CCTV recording of all aspects of the site Access Control: Card key with PIN, Emergency exits are wired with alarms Technical Support Control Center: 24 x 7 Control Center and Technical Support Team Provides first-level Smart Hands Support and higher-level Engineering Support Services Other Facilities Parking: Parking spaces for cars, lorry and containers Loading Bay: Dock leveller, loading space for lorry and containers Flexible Space Designation: Flexible partitioning of the floor space is available with restricted access Cabinet Available: Standard 19” cabinet is available and 23” cabinet available on special order Suite/Room Available: Private space constructed according to client specification BCP Space Available: BCP space and DR space are available * As of 19th October, 2011 Note: Other options are available upon request. The above specifications are standard supply and are subject to change without prior notification. 7 11
  9. 9. Location MapLocation of TELEHOUSE HONG KONG CLOUD COMPUTING COMPLEX Location Map- Within 25 minutes from Central Business District to CCC- Near to Submarine Cable Landing Station- Risk assure location 8
  10. 10. TELEHOUSE: 43 sites around the World Global Coverage:TELEHOUSE: 43 sites around the World 9
  11. 11. 10 TELEHOUSE: 43 sites around the World
  12. 12. CONTACTTo know more about the Cloud Computing Complex or toarrange for a site tour, please contact:Corporate SalesEmail: corporatesales@hkcolo.netTel: (852) 3975 0200Fax: (852) 3975 0227Web: Computing ComplexTseung Kwan OHong Kong