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  1. 1. BEHAVIOR DISORDERS TITLE AUTHOR DATE DESCRIPTION After the Diagnosis: The Tourette Syndrome 2001 This video about Tourette Syndrome for parents and Next Steps-Video Association educators offers information critical for dealing with Tourette syndrome personally and educationally. The video is narrated by Richard Dryfuss. 35 Min. Anger Control McKay, Matthew 2000 This workbook offers techniques that are Workbook: Simple, And streamlined and presented in a clear, step-by-step Innovative Techniques Rogers, Peter format, including numerous exercises and for Managing Anger And worksheets. It is arranged to make it as easy as Developing Healthier possible to put together a program tailored to the Ways of Relating-Book obstacles and triggers of the individual user of this workbook. 185 Pages Anxiety and Phobia Bourne, Edmund 2000 This book is a practical and comprehensive guide Workbook, The offering help to anyone who is struggling with panic Book attacks, agoraphobia, social fears, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, or other anxiety disorders. 430 Pages Bipolar Disorder: A Mondimore, 1999 In this book for persons with bipolar disorder and Guide For Patients And Frances, Mark their families, Dr. Mondimore offers a Families-Book comprehensive, practical, compassionate guide to the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and causes of this psychiatric illness. 252 Pages Building the bonds Of Hughes, Daniel 1998 This book illustrates the process of repairing Attachment: Awakening children who have been severely damaged by abuse Love In Deeply Troubled and neglect. This book explains reactive attachment Children-Book disorder and through a quasi-novel format, helps the reader understand the disorder and offers clinical information. 306 Pages Can This Child Be Cline, Foster 1999 Children who are have been severely damaged by Saved: Solutions for Helding, Cathy their past often have behavioral, psychiatric, Adoptive and Foster emotional, and/or neurological disorders. These Families-Book children who are now in foster or adoptive homes need more than conventional techniques and approaches to their behavior. This book explores the reasons for the difficult behavior and offer techniques and therapeutic approaches the can succeed with these children. 333 Pages Children and Trauma: A Monahon, Cynthia 1993 This book teachers parents and professionals about Guide For Parents And the effects of childhood traumas on children and Professionals offers a blueprint for restoring a child’s sense of Book safety and balance. The author helps adults understand psychological trauma from a child’s point of view and explores the ways both parents and professionals can help children heal. 209 Pages 52
  2. 2. TITLE AUTHOR DATE DESCRIPTION Controls From Within- Redl, Fritz 1952 Fritz Redl and David Wineman are pioneers in the Techniques for the Wineman, David psycho-educational approach to therapy with Treatment of The children who have severe behavioral difficulties. Aggressive Child-Book The life-space interview came from this approach. 325 Pages Explosive and Green, Ross 2001 The subtitle for this video is “Why Your Child Isn’t Noncompliant Child, Doing What He or She is Told and What You Can The: A Special do About It”. Dr. Green specializes in the treatment Workshop for Parents of explosive, inflexible, easily frustrated children and adolescents and their families. 120 Min. Forms For Helping The Roban, Whitney 1998 These forms were developed to help professionals Oppositional Child-Book who work with children who have oppositional defiant disorder. The forms were developed based primarily on the theories of behavior psychology and cognitive-behavior therapy. All forms may be photocopied from the book for professional use. 114 Pages Functional Behavioral Wilkerson, Linda 2002 This presentation by Linda Wilkerson was given as Assessment and Positive a professional growth/staff development in-service Behavioral Supports- at GWAEA, November 2002. Videos 5 Hours How The Special Needs Sousa, David 2001 This book is for educators and parents who want to Brain Learns-Book better understand the way their children process and retain information. It also offers practical classroom activities and strategies for children with special needs. 220 Pages I Can’t Get Over It: A Matsakis, Aphrodite 1996 This book directly addresses survivors of trauma. It Handbook for Trauma explains the nature of post traumatic stress disorder Survivors and describes the healing process. Book 385 Pages No Thanks, I Just Had A Ogden, Sally 2002 This video is geared primarily for students in grades Banana: Responses To Northway 6-12. Teachers, counselors, parents, and anyone Put Downs, Power who has to deal with difficult or challenging people Struggles and Button would benefit from the strategies shown in this Pushers-Video video. 27 Min. Oppositional Child, The- Braman, O. Randall 2000 This book introduces the oppositional child and how Book to recognize, diagnose, and change children’s self- defeating behavior. 212 Pages Positive Alternatives to Success 4 and the Feb. 2001 Carl Smith presents information about IDEA and its Disciplinary Exclusions- Iowa Dept. of disciplinary provisions. Dr. Smith demonstrates the Video Education elements that go into a written positive behavior plan for children with behavior goals on their IEP. 2 Hr. 53
  3. 3. TITLE AUTHOR DATE DESCRIPTION Psychology For Kids 2: Kincher, Lonni 1995 These fun and fascinating experiments helps 40 Fun Experiments That students learn what makes people tick. There are Help you Learn About step-by-step instructions, “Explore More” sections, Others and a “Why It Matters To You” section that relate Book the experiment to the student’s life. 145 Pages Psychology For Kids: Kincher, Lonni 1995 This book filled with cartoon, quotes, fill-in-th- 40 Fun Tests That Help blanks, brain-teachers, experiments, and fascinating you Learn About facts make self-discovery fun for preteens, and Yourself teens. The activities help students make choices and Book decisions that are right for them. 132 Pages Reality Therapy-A New Glasser, William 1965 This classic book started a different approach to Approach to Psychiatry- therapy with children who had emotional and Book behavioral difficulties. Reality therapy emphasizes moral values. It does not concern itself with the patient’s past, but the present and future. 206 Pages Responding To Anger: A Bilodeau, Lorraine 2001 This book is a how-to-manual that combines up-to- Workbook date information with questions and exercises to help one recognize, understand, and respond to other people’s anger in positive, effective, and constructive ways. 243 Pages Sensory Processing For 2000 This video features families who use various Parents sensory strategies to help their children with behavior and learning. The video interviews parents and experts on the benefits of a sensory diet. 30 Min. Survival Strategies For Lynn, George 2000 Because bipolar disorder is being increasingly Parenting Children With diagnosed in children, the author is offering clear, Bipolar Disorder practical advice on recognizing the symptoms, understanding medication and accessing the necessary support at school as well as managing the day-to-day challenges. 224 Pages Taking the Mystery Out Tsai, Luke 2001 This book focuses on three types of Pervasive Of Medications In Developmental Disorder (PDD). They are autistic Autism/Asperger disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and Syndromes: A Guide For PDDNOS/atypical autism. This is a comprehensive Parents And Non- medication guide for parents and non-medical Medical Professionals caregivers. Although research on the use of Book psychoactive, psychotropic, or psychotherapeutic medications to change or improve troubling behaviors, disturbed emotions, or impaired cognitive function in persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, has focused primarily on autistic disorders, the information and guides described in this book are also applicable to persons with Asperger Syndrome and PDDNOS/atypical autism. 388 Pages 54
  4. 4. TITLE AUTHOR DATE DESCRIPTION Troubled Children- Success 4 and the 2001 This ICN presentation features Polly Nichols, Mark Troubled Futures-Video Iowa Dept. of Cannon, Beth Troutman, Susan Knau, and Carl Education Smith. These experts in the area of behavior disorders in children and youth present information and teaching strategies for parent and professional about children with behavior disorders. 2 Hr. When Chicken Soup Barris, Bradley 1999 This book addresses the needs of those individuals Isn’t Enough: Managing struggling to manage their anger. Once the origins Your Anger In An of anger are explained, readers are given the tools Increasingly Angry necessary to help them choose an emotion, other World than anger, that helps them be more assertive, helps Book them solve life’s problems, and results in their being better parents and partners. 111 Pages 55