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The overall concept of financial management


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Financial Management II

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The overall concept of financial management

  1. 1. Financial Management 2 K.V. Mendoza, MBA
  2. 2. What is Finance? Finance within an Organization Areas of Finance  Jobs in Finance  Trends that Affects Financial Management  Global Perspectives
  3. 3. money management (dictionary) application of economic principles to decision making that involves the allocation of money under conditions of uncertainty (Drake & Fabozzi)
  4. 4. Economics Accounting Figure 1 Finance
  5. 5. Board of Directors Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marketing, Production, Human Resources, and other Operating Departments Accounting, Treasury, Credit, Legal, Capital Budgeting and Investor Relation Figure 2
  6. 6. 1. Financial Management 2. Capital Markets 3. Investments
  7. 7. Banking Investments Insurance Corporations Government Value Based Management provides a precise and unambiguous metric—value— upon which an entire organization can be built.
  8. 8. 1. Changes in business practice 2. Increased globalization 3. Ever improving information technology 4. Corporate governance
  9. 9. Business Ethics A company’s attitude and conduct toward its employees, customers, community, and stockholders.  The Enron Scandal  Strong push to improve business ethics in America
  10. 10. end of lecture 1