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Psychological attributes of personality


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Personality Development

Published in: Education
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Psychological attributes of personality

  1. 1. Psychological Attributes of Personality Personality Development
  2. 2. A. Personal Discipline  Getting more with less time  Schedule task by jotting them down on “post it” notepads  Get outside the house at least twice a day  Don’t over-prepare  Minimize distractions  Create a simple time saving system around your home
  3. 3.  Simplify your shopping  Go to work or appointment five minutes early  Streamline your schedule  Time Management  Planning  Identifying priorities  Great Achievers Are Great Planners  Organize activities  Sort out the unimportant from the important  Invest time in productive and meaningful efforts
  4. 4. B. Self-awareness  Degree of clarity with which we perceive and understand, both consciously and unconsciously, all factors that affect our lives  Know thyself ( Socrates)  The way we reveal ourselves to others is the way others will respond to us  Get feedback
  5. 5. C. Self-Esteem  It is a sense of adequacy and personal self-worth  Indicates how one actually feels about himself  Enhance by  Becoming an officer of Organization  Topping the class  Being a dependable or responsible member of family
  6. 6. D. Attitude Awareness  A healthy mind is the outcome of positive attitudes  Define happiness  The feeling that makes our life truly worthwhile  Being at peace with oneself, feeling comfortable, enjoying self-acceptance and being tension-free  Feeling good
  7. 7. Ways to achieve a Positive Outlook  Remember the truth that life is tough  Learn to accept your asset and liabilities  Learn to recognize self-hate (in/outside)  Remember that happiness is everyday living  Believe in yourself  Trust yourself  Schedule “fun time” and “alone” time  Make a list of things you like and those you don’t like
  8. 8. E. Creative Thinking  90% of our original ideas die upon conception  We find it difficult to believe what we want in life  Believe in what we will become (reality)
  9. 9. F. Innate Love for People  Love, respect for the right of others and continuous regard for the welfare of others  Deep motivation  Trust and respect
  10. 10. G. Self-Confidence  Dare try to succeed  Transform self-consciousness to self-confidence  Strive toward mental relaxation  Respond to the need of others  Have confidence in your values  Learn to listen  Be a doer instead of a sitter  Be quick to complement and slow to criticize
  11. 11. Ways to improve Personality  Treat other people as very important persons  Continuously grow, change and develop  Be time-conscious  Have self-confidence
  12. 12. Thank you!