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Sirup abc


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Sirup abc

  1. 1. SirupABC<br />DennieAtika Heiwa KH(0906637102)<br />Diningtyas Dian Putri (0906524476)<br />Eva Aprillia (0906524496)<br />FrimaZhellia (09065524513)<br />Muhammad Galih (0906524665)<br />SyayuZhukhrufa (0906492146)<br />
  2. 2. Target Audience<br />
  3. 3. Attitude and Lifestyle<br />
  4. 4. Contact Point<br />
  5. 5. 05.10-06.00<br />Menyiapkan<br />Sarapan<br />05.00<br />Bangun<br />Pagi<br />06.10-06.25<br />Mandi<br />21.35<br />Tidur<br />06.30-07.30<br />Mengantar<br />Anak<br />18.30-21.30<br />Sinetron time!!!<br />07.45-08.15<br />Belanja <br />Kebutuhan Harian<br />17.15-18.15<br />Menyiapkan<br />Makan Malam<br />08.30-09.55<br />Masak<br />15.20-17.00<br />Rumpi<br />Tetangga<br />10.00-10.45<br />Bersih-bersih<br />Rumah<br />14.05-15.15<br />Tidur Siang<br />12.45-13.00<br />Menyiapkan<br />Makan<br />11.00-12.30<br />Menjemput<br />Anak<br />13.05-14.00<br />Nonton TV<br />Housewives Daily Life – Weekdays<br />
  6. 6. 05.10<br />Senam<br />05.00<br />Bangun<br />Pagi<br />06.10<br />Istirahat / Nonton TV<br />/ Baca Koran<br />21.00<br />Tidur<br />07.00<br />Menyiapkan<br />Sarapan<br />19.45<br />Santai-<br />Santai<br />08.45<br />mandi<br />19.20<br />Mandi<br />10.00<br />Family Day Out<br />19.00<br />Pulang<br />Housewives Daily Life – Weekend<br />