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Dennis teach 2

  1. 1. Respondus 4.0Test Authoring from Start to Publish
  2. 2. MenuIntroductionSTARTEDITSETTINGSPUBLISHOther Tools & Features
  3. 3. What is Respondus?A. A test publishing toolB. A test editing toolC. A test authoring toolD. A test importing toolE. All of the above
  4. 4. Introduction & Learning ObjectivesRespondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing examsthat can be printed to paper or published directly to yourBlackboard course, and other eLearning systems. Exams can becreated offline using a familiar Windows environment, or movedfrom one eLearning system to another. Whether you are aveteran of online testing or relatively new to it, Respondus willsave you hours on each project.When you have completed this overview tutorial you will have abasic understanding of how the Respondus application works.You will be able to: open, create, or import a test add, delete, or move questions adjust test settings and options print, save, or publish your test
  5. 5. STARTOpen, Create, or Import a FileThe Start menu provides the abilityto Open a Respondus file, Create anew file, and Import questions froma MS Word or text file.
  6. 6. OpenFrom the Start menu, click the Open button. Thefollowing menu will appear:Highlight an exam or survey project by clicking itonce. Click the Open button at the bottom of thewindow to open the project.
  7. 7. CreateCreating a FileFrom the Start menu, select the Create button tocreate a new file. You are first prompted to enter afile name and a description for the file. Then youmust indicate whether the file is an “Exam” or a“Survey.” The type of file you create (or open) willdetermine the features that are available throughoutthe program. Click [OK] when you are finished.Once a file is created, you are automaticallyswitched to the Edit menu. This is where you addquestions to the file.
  8. 8. ImportRespondus allows you to import multiple choice, true-false, essay, fill in the blank, fill in multiple blanks,matching, ordering, jumbled sentence, and multipleanswer questions from a file. The questions must beorganized in a format that is acceptable to Respondusand the file must be stored in one of the followingformats: plain text (.txt), rich-text (.rtf), MS Word (.docand .docx), tab/comma delimited (.csv) format,StudyMate Class format (.zip and .xml).Here’s a short youtube video describing the Importprocess.
  9. 9. Test Your KnowledgeWhich option allows you to use questions froman existing file?A. ImportB. OpenC. Exam WizardD. Archive WizardE. Test Bank Network
  10. 10. EDITAdding & Modifying QuestionsThe Edit menu allows questions tobe added, deleted, reordered, andmodified to the currently open file.
  11. 11. Adding, inserting, & deleting questionsThe Edit menuallowsquestions to beadded ordeleted to thecurrently openfile. This quick-tip video willshow you howeasily this isaccomplished.
  12. 12. Question Types & FeedbackFifteen question types are available to be added in the editmenu: True & False, Essay, Matching, Ordering, Fill in theBlank, Multiple Answers, Calculated, Jumbled Sentence,Either/Or, File Response, Opinion Scale, Numeric, QuizBowl, and Fill in Multiple Blanks. Feedback and pointvalues can also be added to questions, as can images,media files, tables, HTML, and other types of enhancedformatting.The appearance of the Edit menu is dependent on whetheryou open an exam or a survey file. This is because feweroptions are available for survey files (correct answers,point values, and feedback are not used with surveys).This tutorial primarily describes the use of the Edit menuas it relates to exam files.
  13. 13. Enhanced FormattingRespondus makes it easy to add enhanced formatting to questionwordings, answers, and feedback. The bold, italic, and underline taskswork just like a standard word processor. Simply highlight the text youwant to modify and click the appropriate [B], [I], or [U] button on the toolbar. The superscript [X2] and subscript [X2] tools function in the samemanner.One of the more powerful features in Respondus is the ease in whichmedia (e.g., images, audio clips, video clips), attachments (e.g.,spreadsheets) and links can be added to exams. Media content can beadded to question wordings, answer choices, and feedback without writingor viewing HTML.
  14. 14. Test Your KnowledgeHow many question types does Respondus have?A. SixB. EightC. TenD. TwelveE. Fifteen
  15. 15. SETTINGSAdjust Test OptionsIn the Settings menu you canselect “settings” prior touploading an exam, like randomblocks or “make available”
  16. 16. Identical settings to BlackboardThe design of the Settings task in Respondus is nearlyidentical to that used by Blackboard. Note that yoursettings will only be transferred to the Blackboard server ifyou select the checkbox “Apply Settings to Exam” duringthe Publish to Blackboard step.
  17. 17. Random BlocksBlackboard supports the creation of "randomblocks," which are sets of questions that arerandomly selected during an exam. Before creatingrandom blocks in Respondus, it is important thatquestions intended for these sets be organized andgrouped properly. For example, if the fifth question inthe exam is going to be randomly selected from a setof three questions, then those three questionsshould be grouped together at 5, 6, and 7 in the file.Make sure your questions are organized in thismanner before continuing.To create a random question set, go to the Settingsmenu and select the "Random Blocks" tab. Click theRandom Blocks button to continue.
  18. 18. Test Your KnowledgeThe settings in Respondus are designed to be _____________to those in Blackboard.A. IdenticalB. DifferentC. Very closeD. None of the aboveE. All of the above
  19. 19. PUBLISHPublish, Print, or SaveThe Publish menu let’s youdetermine what to do with the file;upload to Blackboard, print, orsave
  20. 20. Preview, Connect & PublishOnce an exam or survey is created in Respondus, thePreview and Publish menu let’s you determine what to dowith the file. Most users will first want to examine thecontents of the file using the Preview task. When thequestions are ready to be uploaded, the Publish toBlackboard task connects Respondus to a Blackboardserver and transfers the exam or survey to it.The connection to the Blackboard server is very important.This is the only way that an exam can be uploaded. Thefollowing link contains a video on how to establish andmaintain this linkage.Configuring the connection to the Blackboard server.
  21. 21. Printing OptionsRespondus allows you to format and print exams/surveysdirectly from the software. It is also possible to save anexam to MS Word format for further enhancement andprinting. To begin, go to the Preview and Publish menu inRespondus and select the Print Options tab.The screen now displays the printing options available inRespondus. There are three formatting templates fromwhich to select: Exam, Exam with Answer Key, AnswerKey Only. Once a template is selected, you can furthermodify it by clicking the Settings button to its right. If theexam being printed has matching questions, be sure toselect the checkbox labeled "Matching, randomizeanswers" if you want the second set of answers to berandomized. Also, if you have sequential questions thatrefer to the same image or graphic, you will likely want toselect the “Suppress Repeated Images” button so thatthe image is not repeated with each question.
  22. 22. Saving OptionsClick the [Edit Headers] button to enter theinformation you want to appear at the top of eachpage. Different information can be entered for thesecond and subsequent pages too. The headerinformation might look something as follows:
  23. 23. Test Your KnowledgeWhich features can Respondus allow you to do with yourfile?A. Publish it to BlackboardB. Print itC. Save it to an external fileD. All of the aboveE. None of the above
  24. 24. Other Tools and FeaturesThere are several additional tools in Respondus that offera range of functions.Retrieval and ReportsOnce an exam or survey is administered in Blackboard,Respondus allows you to retrieve reports that containsuch things as the gradebook and student scores onassessments. The second option on the Retrieval andReports menu allows the retrieval of the exam/surveyinstrument from Blackboard so that it can be modified inRespondus, published to another course, or archived.
  25. 25. Other Tools and FeaturesDownload DataRespondus will download answer databases for exams or surveys. The resultsare saved as “comma separated values” files (.csv) which are easily opened byExcel, Access and many statistical analysis programs. The download feature inRespondus is especially useful with surveys since additional analyses (e.g.,crosstabs) are usually desired.Cleanup HTML ToolQuestions imported from a Word document or by pasting from Word into aquestion editor may contain more formatting than is needed, such as fontchanges and styles that don’t work properly with a course management systemserver.The Cleanup HTML tool, located under File on the menu bar, allows you toapply three levels of cleanup to all questions in the current file. The first levelstrips away some extra font and style information that is usually not appropriatefor use on servers. The next level removes almost all font information so thatthe server’s normal fonts are used instead of other fonts. The final levelremoves almost all formatting which can solve problems with unsafe HTML thatare not fixed using the other two levels.
  26. 26. Other Tools and Features“Check for Update” toolThe “Check for Update” tool, located on the Help menu bar, provides aneasy way to see if an update is available for Respondus. WhenRespondus is used to publish an exam, it will automatically check to see ifan update is available for the Respondus software. To manually check fora software update, select the “Check for Update” option from the Helppull-down menu (you will need a live Internet connection).Respondus will instantly return a message indicating whether an upgradeis available. If an upgrade to Respondus is available, you can letRespondus download the required file(s) automatically and update thesoftware for you. This is the easiest way to apply a patch or upgrade.
  27. 27. Test Your KnowledgeWhat are some of the other tools and features offered byRespondus?A. Retrieval and ReportsB. Download DataC. Cleanup HTML ToolD. Check for UpdatesE. All of the Above
  28. 28. Correct! E. All of the above Respondus is a powerful authoring tool that lets you import, edit and publish tests. open, create, or import a test add, delete, or edit questions adjust test settings and options print, save, or publish your test
  29. 29. Sorry, that’s incorrectRespondus is more than just that. Tryagain!
  30. 30. Correct! A. Import Respondus allows you to import multiple choice, true-false, essay, fill in the blank, fill in multipleblanks, matching, ordering, jumbled sentence, andmultiple answer questions from a file. The questionsmust be organized in a format that is acceptable toRespondus and the file must be stored in one of thefollowing formats: plain text (.txt), rich-text (.rtf), MSWord (.doc and .docx), tab/comma delimited (.csv) format, StudyMate Class format (.zip and .xml).
  31. 31. Sorry, that’s incorrectThat option does not let usequestions from anexisting file. Tryagain!
  32. 32. Correct!E. There are fifteen question types in Respondus!
  33. 33. Sorry, that’s incorrectThere are more question typesthan that! Tryagain!
  34. 34. Correct! A. identicalThe settings in Respondus are supposed to beidentical to those in Blackboard.
  35. 35. Sorry, that’s incorrectThat’s now how the settings inRespondus are supposed to bewith Blackboard. Tryagain!
  36. 36. Correct! E. All of the aboveRespondus will let you publish your file toBlackboard, print it, or save it to an external file.
  37. 37. Sorry, that’s incorrectRespondus will let you do morethan that with your file. Tryagain!
  38. 38. Correct! E. All of the aboveThere are many other tools and features that areoffered by Respondus.
  39. 39. Sorry, that’s incorrectThere are even more tools andfeatures offered by Respondus. Tryagain!