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Lessons From Healthcare and Higher Education: Changing Culture and the Role of Leadership


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The University of North Texas Health Science Center, a state institution, finds itself situated between two distinct verticals as a provider of graduate degrees and delivering healthcare services in their community. As such, they face some unique challenges from both increased competition for students as well as increased competition in the healthcare market; declining reimbursement for healthcare; new models for research funding and declining federal funding for research. All of these challenges positioned them to take some pivotal changes in their organization and their culture in order to face the changing demands of their business environment. Dr. Thomas Fairchild, Vice President of the Office of Strategy and Measurement, has been at the forefront of that culture transformation. Join us in our upcoming webinar to find out how the UNTHSC embraced the concepts of Transparency, Accountability, and Communication to unfreeze the old culture and “refreeze” a new, more effective, culture to help UNTHSC realize their vision of becoming a Top Ten Health Science Center.

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