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201002 brochure email

  1. 1. Ann Arbor Zurich Shanghai Bringing Organizational Culture and Leadership to the Bottom Line. Our research is the difference. Our mission is to improve your Profitability, Innovation, Sales Growth, Return on Investment, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality by improving your Organizational Culture and Leadership.
  2. 2. Bringing Organizational Culture and Leadership to the Bottom Line. ADAPTABILITY MISSION Pattern...Trends...Market Direction...Purpose...Blueprint Translating the demands of the Defining a meaningful long-term business environment into action direction for the organization “Are we listening to the marketplace?” “Do we know where we are going?” INVOLVEMENT CONSISTENCY Commitment...Ownership...Responsibility Systems...Structures...Processes Building human capability, ownership, Defining the values and systems that and responsibility are the basis of a strong culture “Are our people aligned and engaged?“ “Does our system create leverage?” About Denison Denison Consulting has developed what many regard as the world’s best organizational and leadership diagnostics. Founded by Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. and William S. Neale M.A., M.L.I.R in 1998, we provide research-based tools designed to improve the bottom-line performance of leaders, teams, and organizations. Built on over two decades of research and used by organizations globally, our Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, and Team 360 surveys allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Research has shown that these factors impact sales growth, market share, quality, innovation, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. Our diagnostic surveys allow your organization to align culture and leadership to accelerate the achievement of your goals. We benchmark your scores against our global database in four key areas: Mission, Consistency, Involvement, and Adaptability. Accurately diagnosing your specific areas of strengths and weaknesses is the first step in the change process and directs the individual, team, or organization towards specific targets of action. Our surveys build accountability into the change process by enabling you to track and monitor your progress towards desired improvement goals. (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  3. 3. The Denison Approach The Denison Approach supports your need for choices in the change process, giving you the support you need, where you need it as you focus on your improvement efforts. The Denison Model – Our research shows that successful organizations attend to the four traits in our model: Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability. Our surveys allow your organization to leverage your organizational culture, leadership or teams to improve your performance. Our Research is the Difference The Model Global Focus on Performance Delivery Consulting System Network Supporting Innovative Client Choices Web-Based Delivery The Delivery System – Our surveys are The Consulting Network – We’ve created a global available on our world-class delivery system Consulting Network to support your organization’s allowing your organization flexibility, ease improvement efforts. Along with our Senior of customization, and speed of delivery. We Consultants, we provide the right amount of support continue to develop innovative systems such as for your needs ranging from full consulting support, our On-Demand Reporting Library and Action report debriefing, action planning, to training for Planning tools to help you maximize your members of your organization. This system is performance improvement efforts. designed to give you the support you deserve. We strive to provide flawless accuracy in our surveys and reports, speed and ease of use in our delivery system, and flexibility to tailor consulting support to meet your organization’s needs. If you are not successful, we are not successful. (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  4. 4. The Denison Organizational Culture Survey and Change Monitor Low Performing High Performing Organizations Organizations 75 82 80 67 20 14 20 21 80 84 22 9 20 15 24 19 77 77 21 17 80 81 70 83 Average ROE = 6% Average ROE = 21% Our research shows that companies with higher culture scores also have higher Return on Equity. (Based on a study of 161 publicly traded companies from a broad range of industries.) The Denison Organizational The Denison Organizational Culture Survey Culture Survey: Change Monitor The Denison Organizational Culture Survey The Denison Organizational Culture Survey: is a 60-item survey designed to assess an Change Monitor is a targeted pulse survey organization’s strengths and weaknesses as that your organization can use to track they apply to organizational performance. progress and promote accountability in the The survey has been used by thousands change process. Implemented at specific of organizations globally to benchmark short-term intervals after your organization their organizational culture against a has reviewed the results on the Denison normative database and develop action Organizational Culture Survey, the Culture plans for improvement. Tracking change Change Monitor enables you to monitor over time provides a useful measure of progress in two to three selected indexes your organization’s progress. The Denison allowing you to gauge the effectiveness Organizational Culture Survey: of your action planning and make any necessary course corrections. • Captures and presents results in real- world business language, making it easy to translate results into effective actions. • Leverages a well-researched, credible, and fully validated model and theory of organizational culture. • Measures fundamental characteristics of effective organizations, going beyond the narrow focus of traditional engagement surveys to include how well your employees are engaged in your organization’s market, mission, systems, and people. (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  5. 5. The Denison Leadership Development Survey and Change Monitor Ineffective Leader Effective Leader 90 94 97 97 24 10 28 11 93 66 16 19 26 13 21 20 80 86 13 16 93 85 89 90 Combined Other Combined Other The Denison Leadership Development Survey The Denison Leadership Development Survey is a diagnostic tool that provides leaders and managers with multi-source feedback on a set of twelve leadership skills and practices that can impact bottom-line organizational performance. Based on the Denison model, this survey measures specific aspects of an individual manager’s leadership skills and practices, and benchmarks them to other leaders in our global database. The survey also compares an individual manager’s self- perception with that of his or her supervisor, peers, and direct reports using confidential 360-degree feedback. The Denison Leadership The Denison Leadership Development Survey: Development Survey: For Individual Contributors Change Monitor The Denison Leadership Development The Denison Leadership Development Survey: For Individual Contributors was Survey: Change Monitor is a targeted pulse developed as a 360-degree assessment tool survey that your leaders can use to track for non-supervisory employees. Based on progress and promote accountability in the Denison model, this survey is designed the development process. Implemented to give a simple, yet comprehensive analysis at specific short-term intervals after the of the skills of individual contributors in an leaders review their results on the Denison organization by evaluating the underlying Leadership Development Survey, the leadership traits and work practices that Leadership Change Monitor enables leaders influence organizational performance. This to monitor their progress in two to three survey compares self-survey results with selected indexes allowing them to gauge the peers and supervisors making it highly useful effectiveness of their action planning. for professional and leadership development. (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  6. 6. Denison Understands Your Need for Flexibility and Choice in the Change Process We understand your need for flexibility and choice in the change process. We offer a range of services that allow you to utilize just the support you need, just when you need it. Consulting Network Our global network of consulting professionals can help you to turn diagnosis into action. Our Consulting Network of over 200 individuals and firms along with our Senior Consultants are experienced in our approach to creating change and organizational improvement. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, we can help coordinate support for your organization’s performance improvement efforts around the world. Action Planning Support Support during the action planning phases is crucial to successfully creating change. We can support your action planning and follow- up efforts many different ways ranging from consulting support to our online action planning tools. Our approach allows your organization to focus on developing specific and appropriate action plans and track your progress over time. Internal training Our consultants are also available to train and support individuals within your organization in the Denison approach. This allows your internal staff the tools to be able to conduct effective upfront planning, debriefing, and action planning sessions based on your Denison Survey Results. Workshops The Denison Workshop is designed to help consultants, executives, and managers learn how to incorporate Denison tools to improve profitability, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, quality, and growth. The Workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn in a small class setting from those who know the Denison model best! (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  7. 7. Our Research is the Difference Research The Denison model and surveys are based on over two decades of research. Research continues to be the hallmark of our approach linking organizational culture, teams, and leadership to bottom-line performance. Our ongoing efforts continue to build on this link: • Organizational Performance – Our research is focused on understanding the impact of organizational culture, leadership, and teams on business performance. • Publishing – We contribute to both the academic and business literature, and also publish our own Case Studies and Research Notes. • Research Network – Our Research Network includes faculty and students at top-ranked Universities around the world who work with our research staff, clients, and client managers to conduct-cutting edge research and practical application to client questions. • Client Customization – We also bring our research capabilities to bear on client-focused innovations and custom applications. (734) 302-4002 | www.DenisonCulture.com
  8. 8. Survey Research & Development by: Daniel R. Denison, Ph.D. William S. Neale, M.A., M.L.I.R Copyright © 2007-2008 Denison Consulting, LLC www.DenisonCulture.com