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SDC - Control over marine air pollution in the Southern District 17 Feb 2014

  1. Control over marine air pollution in the Southern District 規管南區的海上空氣污染問題 February 2014 Paul Zimmerman District Councillor 司馬文區議員
  2. Marine Air Pollution 海上空氣污染問題 • Hong Kong – Third busiest port in 2012 香港為全世界第三大繁忙港口-2012年 • East Lamma Channel: busiest shipping channel in the world 東博寮海峽:全球最繁忙的航道之一 • Vessels contributed 54% of the 31,900 tonnes of sulphur dioxide emitted in Hong Kong in 2011 全港於2011年排放了31,900噸二氧化硫,而船舶的排放 量佔54%。 (Civic Exchange report, November 2013 思匯政策研究所報告- 2013年11月發表) • Directly impacts Ap Lei Chau, Wah Kwai, Wah Fu, Pok Fu Lam 直接影響鴨脷洲、華貴、華富及薄扶林
  3. 東博寮海峽 East Lamma Channel 20-01-2014, 11:33am
  4. 東博寮海峽 East Lamma Channel 02-02-2014, 6:20pm
  5. 東博寮海峽 East Lamma Channel 17-11-2013, 4:15pm
  6. 東博寮海峽 East Lamma Channel 02-02-2013, 1:01pm
  7. Marine Pollution at MTRC Barging Points at Ap Lei Chau and Telegraph Bay 鴨脷洲及鋼線灣港鐵卸泥口 產生的海上空氣污染
  8. 鴨脷洲港鐵卸泥口 Ap Lei Chau MTRC Barging Point 11-01-2014, 3pm
  9. 鋼線灣港鐵卸泥口 Telegraph Bay MTRC Barging Point 30-09-2013, 8:20am
  10. 鋼線灣港鐵卸泥口 Telegraph Bay MTRC Barging Point 21-11-2012, 8:36am
  11. Solution 解決方案 Mandatory switching to low sulphur fuel (not more than 0.1%) for all vessels entering and sailing in Hong Kong waters as soon as possible. When??? 盡快立法規定所有船隻進入香港水域或於其 水域行駛時轉用低硫﹝不超過0.1%﹞燃料。 時間表??
  12. Questions 質問 • What precautionary actions does Government (Marine Department?) take to safeguard the health of the residents? 當局(海事處?)有何預防措施保障市民的 健康? • Will EPD set up roadside and seaside pollution monitoring station in the Southern District? 環境保護署會否考慮在南區設立路邊及海 邊空氣質素監測站 ?
  13. Questions 質問 • For the smokey barges spotted at Ap Lei Chau and Telegraph Bay, what actions have and will the MTRC take to confirm its environmental performance pledges? 港鐵在區內的卸泥口有躉船排放黑煙,詢問港鐵公 司已經/會採取什麼措施,以履行其環境服務承諾? • Will MTRC include incidents report in the regular CLG and SDC meeting? 港鐵會否於區議會及社區聯絡小組會議定期匯報躉 船排放黑煙的報告?