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Pokfulam Report December 2014 薄扶林報告


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Pokfulam Report December 2014 薄扶林報告

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Pokfulam Report December 2014 薄扶林報告

  1. 1. Southern District Councillor ,1; EE.5.‘§E 9096 3070 / E info@pcru| zimmerman. hk » I Unit 7, 5/F, Eastern Harbour Centre 28 Hoi Chcik Street, Quarry Boy, HK I it‘ Primed on Environmentally Friendly Paper
  2. 2. I- € - Public 'r‘rcanspor'i' itnitia .7‘ ‘ Transport changes when the We_st Island Line stations open Efififiifififimfiflaflfifiitfiét; JJ 77,, E The new MTR stations will open on 28 December 2014. To ; 0 , support the new stations there will be new bus and ‘fl’ ' » 1' ~J minibus services as well as s ' I ' I f d 0 . . ‘ ~20 . __ , 5 , pecra sectrona ares an 5’ ‘T -‘,1,’ rnterchangedlscounts. 4. 1'-—" _~_f”"“’": a; ee. zaete2o14e12a2s mafia o %E$i§§E—1*: b Ha; ‘fl% %%Ei&$fi¢E%fiEAWfi’fifi%E-fifl 0 ‘= === =" at E’9$§il'Ei§§§J3ifi}E£| l5Z§%+§l o New minibus 58M connects Bel-Air, Cyberport and Sandy Bay with Kennedy Town Station ¥fi’l‘EHE¥§58M§l§J§i. §.5flv‘i§~. “ ‘ fiififi ‘ 7C| I|£EEE£l? .1tl_1i£ifiEi In response to worries over boarding the 58 once the West Island line opens, we requested the Transport Department in July 2013 to extend the 58M service to Be| —Air. With security concerns over terminating inside Be| —Air, it was agreed to terminate at the slip road opposite Be| —Air Phase 6. The 58M will be popular with Cyberport and Sandy Bay workers arriving, and Bel-Air residents leaving for work in the morning; and vice versa in the evening. It runs from Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm with a peak headway of 15 minutes and off-peak headway of30 minutes. Passengers can take 58 or 58M, whichever arrives first, to the MTR. EHMEEli? /I))°54‘fii%%é%? iE$f&EJZfiJi= ‘EJ:58%L%/ JEEl’9l§lé%§JEi9 ' 1iilFfiJ3<‘2013$7fi iE1%§$iii% E3l? ?l$}Hl?1i%lEl3§l; Zr§E! >‘9‘? *%‘ ° EE4‘EE¥TE! >‘9‘? *‘é‘*$EI79$§§%firEi'¥T£l%Z£_l: E1/9%Jf§ ’ 58M. $§! fi£ §l¥}%%-'$%§J3<‘6,Hll¥TfiE’9’J% ° 58Mfi‘ElElZ§| J FEETETJ l§l§ifi'§ ’ EBéEi9;"*%"lEEEi7tElI%; $fl§5Zfi%i% J: E£A: |:Fli7i§$fili73|T=1E’9élé$1%'ZE§ ° HlEi'%H%~E§“u3.E. §E, HH—§§EEllEliJ: ¢F7H? :§§l|9e_l:7H? ; ' §§’| *‘E §; rl§§: l§}J’E%’§‘l'3:'Lfi: ‘$E—ilI ’ 9'lE§é§’ltE! 'JZ%E‘l’§}fiE—$lI ° fi%"~fiIT£| §—llElfi£’é'= .»"l|9“a58E3Z58Ml‘§ lxi ~= ‘l§l§ ° New bus 43M connects Victoria Road with Kennedy Town Station ¥)’rE. :l: flli¥§43Nit§l§a’E1ilZ§5F| Js‘&i’éJE'tEélfiittfialtfiti Following objections to the planned cancellation of the M47, the Transport Department has decided on the 43M, a service running between Tin Wan and Shek Tong Tsui via Victoria Road. It connects with Kennedy Town MTR station and there is bus interchange discount for 1/5B/1 0/A1 0. It runs daily from 6:30am to 11:50pm with a peak headway of 15 minutes and off-peak headway of 20 minutes. EJ3<‘EE¥TESl>“éM47”fiE7<iE% ' i§$fiTJ%z‘l$}§i‘El%i¥lilE: l:lil§i9’§43M: $§1ElZ§*7$U? E5lE? IEEl%}Si43 ENE ’ fl]Zi»4E. %§E. ‘§lE', itl3ifiJZfiEt§i%3‘Lfii%%, ?v§ ° Hla“z7]‘9‘§H%~l1-5125.3ElJ: ¢F6H%30fi§§B§E_l:11fl%~50fi ’ §§ ’ltH= *rEEIl£}2’E3%+El:1§: ‘fi—E£ ’ §ll5§%E’ltEJJ%s: +fiJ‘$E—Ili ° New minibus 54M connects Queen Mary Hospital with Kennedy Town Station via Mt Davis Road ¥fi'l‘E'. lll§i‘§54M? I§Ei. %i'2'E; ‘l3'i'E&§lT':1tl.1ifi! ifiEi (fi‘-’§E‘3'§"E$iE) This new service runs daily from 7am to 8pm with a peak headway of 15 minutes and off—peak headway of 20 minutes. Passengers can take 54 or 54M, whichever arrives first. ntzsasraa El : ¢F7as§éH§t:8Hs » §§’| ‘tH= *rEEEI72’l3.E.3‘l'3i§}fiE—ilI » 9F§§'ltfilJ3%: +fiJ‘ fi—IlI o J3<~‘J§Es”fi%E%$H’J%%fiJL><EIfi—iIEIt£%-‘= :iI%54E5t54Mt§z‘%ii%t§HEié§ o
  3. 3. 4 Cyberport MTR Station in 2026 lilfififififififi > {$512 A‘? ! Eilfiétf lllifi ; 'Ii’i’Ih'L' Hang Kong Untvrnny Cybnpon Tun Wan Wong Chuk Hang Q «or oat :0 .0 vol: 9 ofifitfiff. .. . ‘!f. ".-5 ‘f’L3.‘§L" : !‘:9.f. i£. '.‘. '.‘; Government has confirmed plans for the South Island Line (West) with stops in Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Tin Wan, Wah Fu, Cyberport, Queen Mary Hospital and HKU. The target implementation date is 2021-2026. A section between Cyberport Station and Queen Mary Hospital Station may be above ground. 83% ofthe residents who took part in our online poll objected to an above—ground rai| .This preference has been noted in the public engagement report. We will continue to work hard on this. ft5Zlfi‘EEli‘E§i¥fii%. .§. .:? a?fiE§ ’ $fiE3.%; %’i’IiJ+L ~ %: §‘>‘%i¥ ~ ~ "E5-3 ‘ Elllifiifi ~ $5 F§%|3?3$lJ3%jt ° fEi%Jr>‘%§‘Ha*~li'snfi3l%§.2021-2026 ° ? .%. ?l%%‘~‘z/1’_1%n%i§$l1't%i%3“= |J$, %E%|3:”‘EE’9—E§$§. i Ft%7l§fil§'é%-': §.L}ké’iE? E3t2Efi5$ ° ifififilffiEi’9%l§J: f%E%Jfi§§Efif'£%E8fi5ZlEEli¥1é1'%§lt3E§ ° ? E?l%_'»EJ3<*’Di'fii? €‘é. ’i%’EIl$E*. é.‘l%? *‘. sTEEH’9feZ% ’ ¥J%1Ffi%%E%E§§§JJE5iiE5Zlfi‘$§iE ° 4 Where is the bus? l| lI¥§§ili'u‘E. :|: /'JE. ? Occupied roads exacerbated road congestion and together with the lack of drivers in the industry, we recorded an increase in complaints over lost trips and late arrivals of buses. We are in open dialogue with the Transport Department and operators to push for improvements. We also continue to ask for real time arrival information at bus stops and via phone apps so that passengers can make informed travel decisions. But these investments may have to wait for the new franchise agreements. ariéfiEl3E<*l£? E?EE%%E§J)32£éi3‘c%Efi¥fi3tEfil%‘§§fig ’ ¥ZlFill5Z§| JHfiIl£? fi%fiE’9§flE EH §%EJ: }l ° 1iilFi—T51EE'<i§$fii§)3i%%§? €fi”fi§¢tlllF&Il£F'nfiEE%*C%. ‘H5%%% ° | fiH%¥JZlF'i—EE3J? *a*i¥ RfiiififiI3U$lH5l%€éAppsl‘Eli= ¥E| lEl%r§%fl ’ §§%%. "~%lJiE'|7~Il£$E’9fE%”r§| l?EH= *;F'afi ° EEi3<~‘§‘}*/ F %‘E$7|‘EJZZl-V = EllH%~§%flE’9i¥%%zfil‘§'é§E-%’f%$r%7fElE’uifiH%~El’E%¥%Hi%? l?r% ° { Transport complaints? Let us know date, time, location, route number, and your comments via info@paulzimmerman. hk ’ EEER ? setaaaraa ~ ELHH ~ iitiflla ~ E¢. §~éa? )3iFuEJi'= E%i+i$¥iiiF1 I info@pau| zimmerman-hk
  4. 4. 4 Additional vehicle for the 30X - E. :l: ’.r. §§J11l1$ > Unpredictable waiting time for the 30X is a long—standing concern, and source of complaints ever since I took on the office as District Councillor in 2010. Together with the Bel-Air Owners‘ Committee we have pressed the operator and transport department for improvements. As a small win in this continuing battle, the operator has agreed to deploy one more vehicle during the morning peak and as needed during off peak hours to ensure the departure times can be met. We will continue to monitor the performance, the effect of the additional vehicle and the opening of the MTR stations. We will press for further investments if needed. §i; "£1*2T£2010$? E‘i5§; lE%%eE. ?§ ' ll5Z§é| JEa? tfiififiz—Ei'§t§'aE§i3<*30XI3’9llfiIlI| E'-= fir'i'rE ° iiilffiifii §= >‘9‘7*%¥$%, §§§i| fi.%fi%| E:l: Qfiflliflfiiélfijfl ' §: ?&| E:| :’Afi| fi,%. )5’<‘$J: ,§r~‘3'ltH%~ Eii§lE—%BE: l:)32134*3l5§%’| *EH$: E’iE$fi§J§EEEilE ’ i9§5}? %‘E£}filE7J| J%7i ° £ilFfi§'E‘€"fiJJE’a’ . %_. Jt| :tEtE’1fi)§ifi$%%§a? iE$f§”fi? §fi’$55lt30XHF£IJIE9F'= fiE= E ’ “fi%'%§H<*y§fiE3JE| =j: l:’Afi? $TéHR 3E—5fi’-i$9E7‘5§E ° ‘ Pokfulam Trcaftic Improvements %l1iTII’fl3Efl%E*'i-E-ITIE 4 Improving the Victoria Road/ Cyberport Road junction 1f. ‘Z§’a$| l§ii/ S5lEEiEiE3'E5F > A new left — turn signal from Victoria Road to Cyberport Road has reduced the waiting time and queue length at this junction. We are monitoring the cycle time of the light for further fine tuning. The * Highways Department is now studying how to separate the signals for the right hand turn to speed up the southbound traffic at this junction. Time will be needed for slope cutting and geotechnical studies. ? E$fii§73<‘ifi%’73F| liEZE$; i;)K§fiIfi%§%iEEfllfififféiTE $§H’95EiE%fl%J, €l£’. =f ’ , %1”E"%ET7£$§$$fil3’9%l| %E| %trF'aEl}>'i$ ‘éié ° ¥2lFfi§, %l%_%, %’§E. ’?$%t1-'3-J, "?: i’_s-’: l?I’JHfyffiéflfifi ° %57|‘ * Efi j ftllfiIE1’£13Jt§%Z2lJifiJi34‘¥1fiiEJZ§7%U3E”/ fi$§; Jkfilllifiififi ‘ ‘ ? zi§7E$: ¥l§l’93‘_C3E§fl*'3'l? Lli§= -2 = L}£f§%E—bFE5Z§Jt| :%; 'ltE%IZIE’9§5Z>—'? é ° El3J3’‘§‘}bl‘fu= ‘41‘z5'ZI$%)3i: l:jJ F5.-i'= E. ’ E“t§lJ%%H%~ °
  5. 5. 4 Shell Gas station at Victoria Road Hfiiliiilfi-fiéifllifi > Shell management responded quickly to our request and removed a large cabinet covered with a green tarpaulin which was obstructing the sightlines for vehicles leaving Upper Baguio Villa. We used the opportunity to also discuss the queues which sometimes impact the flow of traffic along Victoria Road. Shell committed to recruit additional site assistants to speed up transactions and traffic. If you do encounter traffic trouble, send us a picture at info@pau| zimmerman. hk for follow up. mE? c3t’Dfi"E*IEE$Efi%fl%$lEl@filFfiE’9§3l? ' ; ‘l%%% , %§2@%7fEH’9iél‘Eil@§%"; €lfl&i ' 7FE|3flfi§iF‘tEl3fi %$%E’9 , ’%-. %'E$%E’91E. $a? ° ¥ZlFi/7TJ| |E‘1E| T=1l’@lFfitE)3iSMEEEE fi'fiHfiffi. iElZ%$| l%E3*c? E,%l5flE’9FnEJr; ‘9E ° l’@lFfiE‘§J? EiH% >‘El3fi: EfiJJ$¥l«XlE%.1”fi%_EL%l| %}S2.? §li§El%F'aEJ ° ZZEll5]"ZE§| J>‘$ fi. E$‘E‘Efi'fit| jffi.5EiE; %FfiF'= fiE 1 7a""K? Etl%l‘E)#‘s‘§Z“£| J info@pau| zimmerman. hk ° QC : ‘ School traffic at information Crescent §LJI! fiEl’: ‘i3'E§il'= fiE ’ Traffic congestion and honking by irate drivers along Information Crescent are a source of many complaints, especially during dismissal time at The ISF Academy. Around 200 vehicles congregate around 3:15pm for 20 minutes in the area. We recently held a site visit with the PTA and Transport Department who will consider having double yellow lines at the junction to deter illegal parking and obstructing the traffic flow. The PTA will promote better pick—up arrangements. §5ilFfill5Z§| JiE? aE§75<‘iéE%tli§3‘E? El‘fi§3Fl1fi7f%éEH%L%%Ji€F'= fi%E v 7‘: -‘E‘|3§J‘%|3E'et| i$E.75’‘E‘, A_‘—L%|3?£E5Z E}3H%~E§ ° ? §"F¢F3,i%li15’J: ‘EE ’ §§fli§)32$| fi,? v?%%*E§r’2$T7<%’9200é’iE'$’§, ~l| %%3§E5Z‘3}3 ° ¥2lFfia"t? &E53I§<%$I§}Si‘i§$§i%3:’EfiEi‘@%é”%>"E ' %73§l5it? "«: J5’‘%E| lfii%. *'%’i§E”= i£, €‘a$? Ll? E§E$$*fi %El§| Jf%>‘Eil3fl§3E? E ° 3:? E9?/ *:lli§%«il_§E5Z%—El’J: ”E1i3Fl’EtljEl; i5i °
  6. 6. 4 t 4 { Pedestrian safety at Upper Baguio Villa J: §§i'§e’? "rL§fiE§EE ‘(F 1, In response to concerns from residents over the lack of a safe crossing for elderly and children, the Transport ' ' i - .5» Department studied three different options between ’, _;, V_m Upper Baguio Villa and the opposite bus stop. A ‘| l"—L. _., i3‘ 4" crossing at the gas station was considered the safest ’E, . _. ._ option near the entrance to Upper Baguio. This plan was i. x.I; ‘._; « circulated to owners’ corporation and my office for H’ ‘ » r. comments. The Transport Department has shelved the proposal for now after receiving objections from Baguio Villa. There were questions over usage and cost—benefits, as well as concerns over negotiating the traffic island after exiting Baguio and when overtaking vehicles queuing at the gas station. EIJKEEEE§i$%? <Ffifi}tEfiAi@E%fi¥i'lE)3iE%i. ‘éil3JZZ£if'= -SEE = %§$fii§$Efil':3f9”%T Ellfilfififiiifl E%l§EEl’9F$ ° fi3f’“**? é§Ea77i£>‘$fi£l5iii_%§§il§E§fi3%i5': iEi*§}Si§£il§I’9lfi§ ° %7§liEi§/7i'Ei. %>’i%’r 71, mi: ? t'§%’ET‘}£)3iZlS3‘)l¥$Ffi% ° Ex¥fii%i§, §.%iE$fii%Eifi§ii'ilE%EiE’9%t§l ’ IEEE2fi: ”.i| l5Z§| J%’7ifi5l§§%%E-. ‘*H’Jli“£if%‘. fi. ° 'é. ?FF'fiA: tE§ >‘‘I%. l§%l‘y‘EE’JiEfi%}SiE5iZl-<§*5l%§f'ufii'= E ’ /7i'7fi: '=‘a‘. .fi. %%/ T<fiE%§E’J§EE%fi§l5Hl3a"ei$fiEl3J: %%EEH: 'iEi%’v iffliéfiifiéiflafifiiliéfiilfliviflfiéfi ° Please feel free to express your views on this issue via info@paulzimmerman. hk §7@z? JiliiS$E| 'I5'J33?. ii'i§'§i§%5fi. 1 info@paulzimmerman. hk The mess at Cyberport Arcade and the Park §ill'i. %$= Efii§u'EL’A| ZlFu'iz'Z§ Alternative arrangement: Holding areas at the | ay—by with Over 400 people responded to our online survey driver present Omar suggestions regarding the parking arrangements at Cyberport ie ~'a> i‘ 5 ii image; - - 6% 16% Arcade. Many are disappointed over the loss of efficient drop—off and pick—up locations. Others are upset with the unsightly plastic cones, and the supermarket goods sprawled out over the area. Despite three meetings with Cyberport Management Current arrangement: Drop—off and pick up only at the | ay—by; Free parking indoors far 20 minutes. fil5_%i‘. §ifi’E§f3F : Eiififl Previous arrangement: 15 minutes free parking at the lay-by ; *gj; §§&je*f;1$$: g§7g nra2a. lan_~, -as: : Eéiasefifiafi we have yet to see improvements. The other source of §3E'$2°9”‘fi ‘T’a“", ,/’“fi gripes is the maintenance of the waterfront park. We 9% 59/2 . . will now escalate these issues to the Board of _ ‘_ T W Cyberport. R? “ 1?: e2a4ooax¢e, az7a1rima: .ae%Jae: H5]? , .14 ll 5’ .7‘ "“~"*“'. : 3 ¥j: §tfi%; ‘%7‘@$Z£i3FJ_ ° §v§5lJK: t¥ii‘, é'.5ET73l9iiiE§e. ’* ‘ . ._. i*g f‘-5 -iii! le7EI)32J: i’§"i? ~%lii%a'%‘é 1 /7T , %fiiEtlfiEi. =‘iH<’: l§i§. i _». “ ’Lx-—. ::f. f ié%’i%i')3i»‘ifi? ia’%‘t5iWl3"¢J‘55lft%i%%3%5$§ ° lfifiéfiiietfifiifi 1 , » ’f§. i$EfifiTE}fil§%§§ ’ ¥5ilF'iiJ35lEE'§| JE£Z%ii%l3’ti3fi‘Z , ‘ ‘ 1.9 . « 75% ° §': $7|‘¥fili"i/7l‘E, H~li| l5Z§lJ7l§E§7‘7'i§’D%“'I¥f'= -EJEE “"‘ —*“ . _i - El’9i§‘L%FF ° 1iZiFilE}i$}? t—rEJJ? |', $& ' £i§§$Ui%i%E$§E (‘J eaeaao You too are invite to express your views via info@paulzimmerman. hk §3El5l¥5?. iF'i§§%%7§. ’ §§%i“i3 1 info@paulzimmerman. hk
  7. 7. 4 Pedestrian safety at Bel-Air . E.i9‘5f; "fiL§‘c2 . _ ‘-f', / "T. ' .3.. . i, v u _ ; ;;_, ; : _. jg , ’ __ A To improve safety at the pedestrian crossing at Bel Air 1,. J, .’. ‘ “; __”. J, ‘_{'; “ ~_ _ ‘~, , ~_'1—"T': 1and 2,a| ay—bywi| | be constructed forminibuses and ‘““; . . ,~'. °:7"3‘i“~~-”~§; .. r_. _ j , the road will be narrowed. The work will be executed t-:3 _ ' ‘, a'V‘j. '.; j,“, early 2015. In the meantime, please cross with care. i T V‘ i ‘ It i ‘ "<1 'ai: v Make sure to stop at the safety island in the middle, '. ,_ T and take care when your sightlines of traffic are A ‘A blocked by minibuses. 3%TE5Z§E3¢%—: §liiiI%§a? fi’9?: IAEi ’ %lE5I§§73’“'l7$$i9J§iJI ’ il§’}ll5Z%3Efl%l§EEl’Sl ’ §iZ§%’: ‘<§? l'i; i$fil#’ll= '3J: §%? ’§"rL>i’§E%2%7l£i1E%li%fiAB’9ifi. %ai ° %§%lfiiEl, %E% H= *ri§¢iZ/ l/ iL ’ §“= |Ji¥Z‘: %%H<*: i'—%‘; %.'El‘%"l‘%%. %E%l%‘}fi'. ° ‘ Pokfulcam Development News El‘: 'iI’fITln§‘= .-ffiliil-‘Efi 0 ‘ Schools in Wah Fu will not be converted into public housing ffiii$‘a“_*<":3E4J$t§7l<‘. :.*~*$. {‘i%'. ’sE2§i. ’A¥5%: § In response to government plans to use green belt sites near Chi Fu for decanting _. residents affected by the pending . , T’ redevelopment of Wah Fu, an alliance of ‘'7 residents from Pokfulam Gardens and Chi Fu Fa Yuen asked government to redevelop ' six existing schools in Wah Fu instead. With ‘ five ofthese six schools located near Bel— Air any change in land use would have an immediate impact on residents. We sent strongly worded objections to relevant government bureaus. Housing Authority responded positively by confirming that the schools would not be inc| uded. They also highlighted that they are now conducting technical studies before initiating the Wah Fu redevelopment. 3%? lElEL'tlZlfi‘%’r§lJ3<‘§ETEl5li%EH’9%§2il: iil3%‘5$®l§L}£lEEE$EEE)32E5$++E W5 ’ EHETIFTETIJEETEEEEJZIT7tH3%E. ’fliZE5l? ftlZlfi‘tl§”: ++? FElEI39fifilféiifiélfiia NE ° ? é?El33il5)fE$‘: »3‘_’i5‘t§rlE°$Tl%? &E. >‘9‘; ""'%i ° iiilfiF31§’2llEl$5lt%l%¥i%? <3$%%%E$§§§llJi¥i ° E §§ElElET§%E§il¥’: %?<fiF)i§47i3?FHill3§. ‘§lfi3%§. ®l? 'e ' /7FiE}S2l1fllFi%i’§fii"vIE. i3‘Ziiii’l? Efilf 9”%l«XEl@J? E?E. ?¥BEi¥%‘| '§l ° { Keep up to—date with developments in Pokfulam by signing up for our e—news| etters at www. paulzimmerman. hk ’ $51] www. paulzimmerman. hk ‘é%Ell5ZHX¥3ill’'iEl’9e-news| etters ’ L){lEi§r§'J§z¥li§§E5%'. § °
  8. 8. 4 Consort Rise Columbarium fi¥ii: 'i'l§'79'4E No update. All work stopped after completion of the foundations. We have yet to receive a response from the Food and Health Bureau following our meeting on 12 December 2013. $E%%%aomEIE%fi%1Lfifififififllfimififiomwfinfinafi neemaaeaeaamaaaaaaeo 4 Queen Mary Hospital Expansion IEEEKE The first phase of the Queen Mary Hospital Redevelopment is under way. The former senior staff quarters at the back of Radcliffe are renovated to accommodate the pathology department. The second phase will be the redevelopment of the high block at the north. Liaison meetings with Royalton and Radcliffe residents were held, and Queen Mary management reports regularly at District Council meetings. Concerns included the relocation of the mortuary, lack of pavements along roads through the hospital compound, the traffic impact during construction, and the mitigation of noise associated with the rooftop he| ipad. The environmental impact assessment process will take place next year, and is open to public input. For comparison, the helipad at Pamela Youde handles 247 flights a year on average, with two-thirds during the day. A community liaison group will be constituted to monitor the Queen Mary redevelopment project. £%%%l3:"fi%'—l%E§§i¥IE E IEEEJJI ° lf'E$Ef5lz‘l$’: %i>%‘E; '“£lJl? .J3<~‘fi%i‘7lii§7§ EGETE afififiltéififi ° %': l3i: iE§3.$§iE5$£%EE? :ll: fi HWUE ° l‘? £7‘: ‘E, ?JLIE E E'1iifi%1‘7lUSi§| ll%lE E%Efi§5Ufi1§E 1 /7l'”fiT_, H.lii'=1lE%§§§E $l>"zi’5i£lE ° EE$EE§>“$$E% I §t‘EJ%¥1i EEE’9,%2% ~ %EE%5lEE%§2§fi)KE%)32i% 3$E§+i§§l$i%l§i3Fl5)iE$E’Jl| ;'= ."E*E‘F'= fi%_E ° 1%. ? Eil¥}§§¢iZi§; ti¥f$l%i$iEfi$%ifi%5FlEfilf5% 1 ilE'uE| v*: ’z}3’-iifill«7iEtl: '.: '-%1‘. fi. ° lfiJ3<‘$lEEl’J jti: %5lEA%ll§‘El$ii%iT—$¥i’= JJEiE247 §1'%32’EE; ~Eli£lé 1 E§: ‘Z: %J3<‘El f'a‘iE| %fE§? i I34-E ° £%%E%l3?fi%l5JZ§Z1*: l:lEHi»“.5,%%/ J%flLil? E€§. *FEIE E ifiE§$EZ 11 { Keep up to—date with developments in Pokfulam by signing up for our e—news| etters at www. paulzimmerman. hk ’ §%§| J www. paulzimmerman. hk Zé. ‘%Ell5ZHY¥5%lF'iE’9e-newsletters 1 L)llEi§'c§'J1'i? :¥li§§l§>‘%'E. °
  9. 9. ‘ *5 Pokfulcém Wce'i'er'fron'i' fiflilillilifiifi 4 Cyberport Waterfront Park - What next? - "F-55 ? 1 Our local Sandy Bay Rugby Football Club is preparing a proposal for managing the 57,220 square metres waterfront park. They _. . have obtained commitments for new funds, and identified a team with park management experience. They plan to invite ideas from the community for improvements to be made to the park and the pier. The park would remain open to all and free to use as it is now — but dogs would be banned from a A new turfed area. They would like to make an area in front of the Arcade (20% of the park) suitable for sports with an artificial turf surface. Local clubs, schools and community can use this for rugby, soccer, frisbee, cricket, and other ball games. Community presentations will be organized to seek support from residents before the District Council and Government will be asked to approve this plan. 5l£aiti: iI; aE’9sandy Bay Rugby Football Club E7r£Eia’tte~. =*$e57,220»’e7‘5>+<H’95>: "-E; 'L“. aoaeia 11 iaiiaaateea-afitreaxsa 1 atatiztaateieeaaasia 1 aaaeate. Eitasaatea aieataaia 11 3-i_aia1a; iaa1aata9a: a <1a1aa,1.a. ataaist> aizaeax iafiiatialttiate ~ §_i: ttntiEt’afiiaf: i2“Z ~ eat ~ W; 11rJ>ii2“itiiE1ILlils1I2“iaCE. >‘a§i 11 atiae aiaaaaazteaaaa Elalefia 1 iaxzaaaziaataaestmruezex 11 : ae; :zazra1tt; eIa E ataizaieaibaasmtrsaiaiaasazta 11 “Friends of the Park” l". r.§l1T; lZEJ Cyberport has suggested that concerned residents form an alliance to advise on the management of the park. |fyou’d like tojoin, please email info@paulzimmerman. hk Ellfifiifiiifisfé . >“$’Al§l’SllEEl5JZSZH§%El«; LlE§¢il%“$E$EiEl§= £EE ° Zlllififl 1 E%%+il3¥J% ii'5l I info@paulzimmerman. hk . -«Jr 2. . ’ 1 A; ‘F. . 1 . ~ 1’: / .1 —. ~.’. .1‘. ‘.‘: _. L__, L I J. ” , 4*? ‘ $<. *.. ...1:°~, . :1.. =;rz: =ef; 4 Telegraph Bay Saltwater Pumping Station §l3‘.3.‘. '>’i': ?f§i§7l<illi7}<fii'i After more hydroseeding, cleaning up the shorelines and installing new railings at the waterfront, the Water Services Department has finally completed the job to "Pokfu| am”standards. , i.’1éTéil§§: };’CflEE ~ ; ‘§I¥7"1§J”r—2,? v?)32J3<~‘; “$i%Z£%‘$¥lilfiif 1 7l< . ié§%. %%J3’<‘L>L iffiiitiiilil H9 : ¥£'E3“"ufiJiTi$7t<fitiE’9If% <1
  10. 10. 4 Telegraph Bay Barging Point flfiififillilfilil Home Affairs" . y Department is studyinga _ " *1. 2 coastal trail ‘ ‘X: Z aaaaaaEag; .--, ,_"i 1”‘11%-1e 11111171 *1; 1 . wulvou Railway Development Office. :’~ 1 is studying provision of “ promenade . aeaeeaaaaaaeaeefifiii 1 w‘. E i%$§iE, $éTé? ‘"ul5JZEl1>‘lEIE 1 MTRC has finished its barging operations and works by the Drainage Services Department is nearing completion. Temporary structures are being removed and the coastline is being reinstated. We expect the area to be returned to Lands Department by July 2015. The Railway Development Office of Transport and Housing Bureau will consult the community on the uses and design details of the open space and recreational facilities at Telegraph Bay in the first half of next year. i'fi%l": <'i; »%§/7Ti%‘ili: "‘1“: l5Ji7“}%>‘¥’+l| :IE E HQIE 11 ? é?l%IE1£3Fé’1l%? EE"aH$; 5$; ’“r'i4i@ilJfifi’l7J’tiE; ‘J“$, ‘.‘a§If% ° §l*/ ilFifEi%till3iElZ, $.'§1%}l$’: §J34‘2015$7fillliillz 11 i§$i’ai)S2li"EE l%$%'F El’J$iil“t€ri‘ElElE%E<2015$J:5l€$§? /t$lE| %a? %®9¥§ f'afiEilélT1<*§. "é%§“<E’1@‘a‘é. ‘*%’ETi~ilE <1
  11. 11. ‘ Pokfulcam Reports filiiiiiflrfliifué. ‘ 4 Staircase, seats and shelters tifi fiflflfifig . -,. , 0 _" ‘ n staircase "'$ lama , ... ,. . _ Widening staircase from Baguio Villa to Cyberport tfiffifififiiifefifififififistifi The narrow staircase from lower Baguio to Cyberport Road is very popular. We have initiated a project under the District Minor Works scheme to widen the staircase, making it easier for people to pass each other — especially since many carry bags or bring along dogs. We expect the contract to be awarded and works to proceed in the first half of 2015. The staircase will remain open during the works. 3Ei§'l‘%i%E. §§i(’ci%; ‘§H’Jl§l%lEFfi$%lfl%7ffi? é?§9E% ° ¥iili"iA. %Ef 114315/l3_—‘i. '_JIfiE‘i%lJEl3%%z‘l<"}7E7l%iE€§ 1 l«>{lEiEl§= E-l| %§fiEE’9%E%E }S2J‘5lEE5ZZ’0EJZi’%’%“E§¢7J£‘~%E’9A: tlEFfi ° IEfiIE7l£EfiiEi? -‘:2 1 £2 lF'ii‘E%i‘Iil%%)3<‘20i5$J: Elé$lEl3fl 11 If%. H.lilEl§7l‘$tl$’: §,f. '=l§, %‘§f'a1fl 73‘JZ. %%$’D5’-iilififi ° No shelter outside Bel-Air Phase 4-6 e: ss1a14e6£a-aaseacaeeasa-= 1‘ ‘~14 Two rounds of investigation at different locations found underground utilities including electric cables from HEC which make it unfeasible to construct the foundations for a rain shelter here. a, eaaa: ea1eaeeaaee7eemeeee1aaae f+A. efiaaemeazeoaaaemaaaeaeo Seats at Sha Wan Drive Junction along Victoria Road Efi-; 'fl>$%filfi§3f| l§E3E5F A bench will be provided without shelter as there is no room for foundations due to underground utilities including electric cables from HEC. , $éTéZ@ElJi$TtIi%f§ 1 'E? l%1’1E7Eill3E€%§t§T5%i’sfE’9EE%. $§; 1 §§Jl5lEfi"éiE? 'T? l“n_‘1iEl§$E’9ili3E Iii 11 ? é3l%; ‘l%’~§J3<‘it| :E)‘55I§E; §. ° Seats along Victoria Road near Baguio Villa E; §.; -1ilZ§5F| liE§ti: 'F§i§ A bench will be located under the trees at the bus stop along Victoria Road north of Baguio Villa. ? E?l%. 'i§E<‘iEJZ§7$| J%E'l7%T%L)U| :E’9Ej: fiEl§iTfE"l‘%§t§E% ° A Q’? Seats along Sha Wan Drive The fences will be removed, and seating will be created under the trees opposite Chuk Lam Ming Tong Elderly Home. ? .a. ?l%%iJfli? ’i’Ii‘7liH)%E¥1iEE’9$%li, %%. %l% 1 §iEE<~‘i§i7iéTS%§t§; §0 °
  12. 12. 4 4 Smoky Vessel Reports $iEt3F1iSI%l! flll§ A change in the regulations was published in the Gazette on 18 July 2014. It is now an offence for any vessel to emit smoke continuously for three minutes or more that is as dark as, or darker than, Shade 2 on the Ringelmann Chart. We have sent copies ofthe Ringelmann Chart to regular smoky vessels spotters. To get your own, please send your address to info@paulzimmerman. hk. iEJZlTW3<‘2014$7fi 18 El f| J»%l| é}E5ZHl: ‘§i3FE5Zi§; l|? f<l§l ° i? clfilli’l: ‘§i’= J7fi%'=7l£i%Fr%’§Efi: “fi§EJZL>L J: i3FE5Z£5ijJ%'§Z%%J: E’J 2 %Jfil5’§HE‘@lfi%35Tt@EJZEi5T%153E’JlE ° §°J2lFiE1‘l¥’}fiJ axe +El3%‘Jr, %’: .*, -‘f= §'‘$“§: §='‘‘rl>°zli’l: ‘%. i3FEJZiEE’9F‘i1‘E 11 ZZI1fifi’? %.E'JljJi%"IiE1”e”"2i? EH5%,1.$’: ‘.§~52lFiI info@paulzimmerman. hk ° 3 4 l5‘ Collectionglocation for undeliverable items by Hong Kong Post 5lE'i1i‘n‘l5li1JJfll'! iEil3l‘l= H': ‘l’i1’§Hil5E1ll. '.! E We found that many residents are still being asked to collect undeliverable postal items from the Wah Fu and Pok Fu Lam Post Offices. We have now written to the Postmaster General and asked for Pokfulam residents to be allowed to join Be| —Air residents in collecting their undeliverable items from the Cyberport Post Office. There will be no change for residents who allowed the management of their residential estate to receive items. Spotting smoky vessels? Email your picture with time, date, rough duration of the emission to info@paulzimmerman. hk. We will file the report and follow up. §§§§: ‘1‘%EH%i3FEilEH’u‘§E’9iEH‘ 1 iilaifliaga H= i:i'E-El ‘ El,3H}Sii3FE5Zl§H’9H? :laa'3E%E(5iEE%) §'-§.1El3§'§| J info@paulzimmerman. hk ° iii 'ii3fi§1Li%"i/ iEll: i:H: &%l—fi&EE<; ~E ° F ease Sliade 1 *’-'1 '1'! 771% I lit ? i Micro-Ringelmann (‘ban filfifiififiiéEElmliifiil? El5E? €.¥l3EJZE119E7l‘7l@l3l%’§EE'Jl9lE§'l2l5JZIJJ >‘lfE? EE’91i1l$l*F ° ¥£lF'iE 2’E. l%¥l$ftJZ%§3l? il¥’: %i§Ei7liEE E’9fE%§$EH2i1l3%EEJZZ%u%Zfi%i%1i1Bl% 1 l7‘5§JZE. E43 Ziiii 11 it| :i¥%§-. %7f%%2%ZlEErEt§1iEEE%IEQfil‘€? l%%§ll5ZH’9JL: l: 11 4 If you have any concerns over the delivery of postal items, let us know via info@paulzimmerman. hk ill1¥i1¥|3l%7l[’E§E§|3l*l‘7El. I:fl? %-ii 1 %7EH3f. %%¥3%ll’i I info@paulzimmerman. hk
  13. 13. 4 Additional choice in Broadband Services soon 5-llflififlfiififififlfiii > We reported last year that residents were getting frustrated with the limited choice of internet service providers and concerns over service fees. We wrote to other service providers inviting them to expand their network through Pokfulam. We have received a positive response from Hong Kong Broadband Network. They are actively studying expansion in Pokfulam. Lower Baguio Villa is next on their list, followed by Bisney Area. We will continue our quest for a wider broadband coverage of Pokfulam. iiilfi2E$$lSt'§= i?l; lEi3sEfiiifiifililiifsllfilfilfiT%’JSifi: ‘JtElilii9‘§fé‘i3§i$£E3E; "t‘l3lE*$"fi? ‘rE ° $70 filfifilefifefifififlfi§fl%el’elFiiE%%%§fiilglfiélfillfilffiiitiili ° E*7‘%%bFEi'=1¥2lFi%EE? r l’@ll‘iIE%+§lifL§a§Z“E| lTS%$% 1 f'fii‘Eif§/7‘. i%Jr§lE%%%; ?‘1E—’% ° a’liili‘i§, %E, %E§E5i3%$E’Afi ff 1 i9§5l? iEl§; ’§i3Ei7liE’9%? §T$'Ii@ ° ta clothes, Toys and Electronic Collection for Charity 2014 _ ‘ E 111 ~= v~11 l_ This year, the annual charity collection was expanded. In addition to clothes and electronics, we collected toys, books, CD5/DVDs, etc. We partnered with St. James‘ Settlement, Friends of the Earth and the Salvation Army who each collected a truck load of goods donated on 29 November 2014. We thank all the donors for clearing out their homes. , and Cyberport for the venue. —$—Em§§fi@WW%HHmE%%°% eaeaaememeaem1e7eaaa %%1fiflfiwfififi~Efi~¢&mm%°fifiWé¢%fi@%E%%Efi§~fl §? §fiEfifiE%Efimfi$EfiW$flWW§°fifi@%fiEEfimEE&%fi ia %i°
  14. 14. Happy Lantern Festival @ Cyberport lfilE'3l3ti. ‘lt@filifitE The first ever lantern festival at Cyberport was held during the Moon Festival. It comprised a successful lantern competition with over 50 creative submissions, lantern making workshop and a picnic with lanterns under the moon in the park. We thank Cyberport for organizing this community event. We are making plans for next year, so let us know how the event can be improved via ‘ M. ‘ kg‘ _. gH_: W. H M. §35Z£t§¥lJi1E’9 fl§l%Fl= iK@§tfi%i%J iEZ. a?i3JZIJJ 11 iifiili ’@ti§E%E50llEll’F: 'fi’: %5fiEl’9lI’sf%E%§t%tl: |:% ‘ ’lE= t%E§%l’FJ: l’Fi)‘: ‘)32J% "lSé%¥. —’E§Jll'1,%i%; "§t>: '1§. ’D %£: ét*2lF1JE3?o. t§~i§tfi%i1§5.eii§¥itééjfltilfiifiili 11 ZziJ%1TSt‘e’iTS$‘}i. EElJE’9,1.’= H1’é’i3“fi1.Tcifil. 1 H33,“ 3 ‘~ ‘H. __H. 1- Pokfulam Schools Art Exhibition 2014 fititfitneitétltlfi The third annual student art exhibition was a blast. Held between 14 and 20 June 2014 and organized by West Island School students, young artists from the 6 schools in Pokfulam put up a high quality exhibition. Special mention is due for St. Claire's Girls’ School which won 3 ofthe 4 awards! Our special thanks to Cyberport and 168 Gallery for their kind sponsorship. 2014$6H14§§20 ElEtitlliE’9’§EElEl%l19ti‘7li%i3?§ifiilE3lE”$‘l5JiIJJ ° l1=fi—§: El3fi; ‘%. %EP%1— éiifiél 1 i%'7l<ii"—H’95}lEl’Fi: f55l5E? §t3Ei7liEW6F)i%i—i3?H’9$$§§iii§ ° lEi%'= —iEEl’J% 1 %, §$lJZZ%l3§‘ET£l7_TlllEl§%IE1=l= %tH)ZTEllEl ! £2lF'i’~i= *:E| JlE3’&%§i§5tli. %‘}§J3i 168 Gallery E’9’lL¥’lE5EE gj; .,
  15. 15. __l E Policy Address and Budget <<li’rEi'l5i$| tf5>> IS’: <<flI1I'l5i1°'F. §¥; >> _ Following our e-news invitation, Pokfulam residents have made a number of suggestions for the Policy Address. These have now been submitted to Government. The comments included: ¥§e-newsIetter| lSt$§§l9E*$EEEl‘JfiE. i§ 1 ¥£ll'5Etl€El?3l? §%SlE§E’£¥iBIlff 1 Eflfi I 1) Rates and rent concessions for retiree’s self-use of residential properties E31021-il7l<A: l: E iI! |17Zl¥H’9EfilE1)3iiil31tH 2) Defer relaxation of the Pokfulam Moratorium until traffic and transport has been resolved 7l£3'E? EF= -fiEE5lifi’= i’= >‘3EEfit‘. e.’*. $§i‘55Z§ i7‘§tJEi‘7liif£, H.liEfiiEJ 3) Improve the operating environment of the green minibus industry, and increase the number of seats per vehicle EJz§§? ci/ IE¥5't‘~E’3%%§$%; i3=? t§fii%JJEl/ IEFAZlfi§t E New investments in greening programs for the southern district t£E5Z¥l1fi; ‘lE%&filE, €'= §zit%+§l Better waste management plans to enable recycling lEitI§Et@3é$E%’r%l 1 i§i7_§%ii'ElJF§‘E5i@l§lll5I Increase the supply of International Schools places iiJl1l5€%E§i3‘t%3%'El, iEE Increase the supply of school places for English medium special education needs (SEN) children i7JlJfi%'E5iv*: §5l'<%I§§§El4=EE 8) Build the South Island Line West below ground L>L| €%%EflEt£E| ii¥fa'ei$1e. %,$.7tfiE; ’ttfit% The Policy Address will be delivered on 14 January 2015, and the Budget on 25 February 2015. <<i‘5fiftJzaSt%>> ea El, H.l12la2015$1)a14El 1 iii <<EI.7iftJztE§$= >> E| JJ3e2015$2Ja25Ei 11 l 0 L11 -l> / . / x. z / I . . . Voter registration. Have your say in 2015, 2016 and 2017 EEEEEE - li': ‘2015 ~ 2016 R201 7§'§§ Update your address or register as a new voter now to make sure you have your say in the District Council (2015), Legislative council (2016) and Chief Executive (2017) elections, if any. You can simply download the form at www. voterregistration. gov. hk. ffitfil 8fiiaT‘tfiz]‘t7l%EE‘! lIltlE§%EIii3lttEEE§iltfi§fii tt| _ItIl 1 %fiwww. voterregistration. gov. hk"lTfiiEifi 11 20 I 5fF3FtE? ;fi§§$fE 1 fitiiéfififfitla 20 I B 1 5% Efififfiiazn I 7fF(! llfi) 11
  16. 16. I W Your best connection with the MTR - O — eun Wan 0 “ EPE? Central 0 O ?3.lE. 'fll111l‘i* lL.5i. ?.’. §f. *;; "1?; ?f. €?: f“: 'i-> KennedyTown Kennedy Town Station HKU Station Elfitlltififili §%7C$fi£ Bel-Air Eiflféi 58. 58M 30X Baguio Villa / Sassoon Road / 43M 8, 28 Northcote Close eae/ wag/ game Bisney Road area §E3%%iE—’r'l= t 43M 10 Scenic Villa / Sha Wan Drivel 43M, 58, 58M 10 Victoria Road %%§ / / tiltévillifi Mt Davis Road 54, 54M - 1. 43M, 58M and 54M are new services to be commissioned when West Island Line opens ¥fiHEi%43M ~ 58Mtl154M§J3<‘fii%%%at%E$i§t£)Jtl§i% 2. 50 cents interchange discount for 54M, 58, 58M and 43M at Kennedy Town Station and vice versa 3lEélé43M ~ 58 ~ 58M$l154ME’$E. §lE'. tll3ifiifi£l‘%%3‘L§%$ilE“é§FH5%7—$§}3l3lE§ (lfilifi TET/ ilifil) 3. Sectional fare of $7.50 for minibus 8 and 28 from Baguio Villa to HKU station % ; *%; ‘§E§é8tJfitn28tJt/ JlE§l§i%j: %3t£%§t7Efi£§tLl5t§7.5o We need your help. The Transport Department will decide on changes in public transport services once the impact ofthe new MTR stations becomes clear. We will be conducting a transport survey during the first weeks. You can give comments on service, frequency, station design, interchange, bus stops, and other concerns. Please complete the survey on—line at www. paulzimmerman. hk 3§$l5i§IJ‘§§73/‘§7§llE§iE$i§%l. €§E5l’J‘l: '_: ',}3iE', iEl’SlEI})’l' ° 332lF'l§7‘J'/ ‘3E$l§l’Sl'§§5l? vl§ll5Z$f? ‘~E. }3i3E? ‘_I I9i}K%-WE ° T? '§§'J www. paulzimmerman. hk 5}E5i%l§J: %5fi. §lfi§ ' *éu‘§lT§f. lF'll5]? ¥‘ll3l§fi'9§ ‘ EEK ‘ }‘§: €|! §fi$3‘—llJ—l%-£%+ ‘ t§§53ZHl§7l'§ ‘ ’l‘l1', §3?, l:'_: ‘,: l:Wi}>_iEicl’@7‘5fiH’9%'rZfi ° * Opening on 28 December 2014 2o14$12fi 28 EHEE