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120525 af internship invitation

  1. 1. glz ~ Deutsche Gesellschaft Directorate General New and fUr Intematlonale Renewable Energy andEnergy Zusammenarbelt (GIZ) GmbH Conservation Mini Hydro Power Project for Capacity Development (MHPP2) You r reference, your correspo nden ce dated Ou r reference Telep hone Fax Dale +62- 21-527802 5 +62-2 1-5277762 24 .05.20 12 The GIZ Mini Hydro Power Project for Capacity Building (MHPp2) open for internship Location : Jakarta, Indonesia Period: For a period of 2-6 months (starting as soon as possible) Background and work of GIZ MHPp 2 : MHPP 2 aims to sustainably provide electricity to 90.000 people, 160 institutions, and 290 productive use applications through the use of renewable energy technologies. While current technology focus is on micro­ hydro power (MHP), the project is also considering other technologies such as solar and biomass. Experience has shown that sustainability has been an issue while implementing MHP for rural development. There have been many cases where installed MHPs failed within a few months or years, far shorter of its actual life expectancy. Challenges regarding MHP sustainability vary, from managerial to technical issues and occur during both the development and operational process, Monitoring and evaluation are critical to ensure performance of the schemes while achieving the project goals, anticipate upcoming problems that might arise and promote improvements through lessons learned. Project performance relates directly to goals achieved, as well as quality which underpins sustainability of the MHP schemes. Ensuring sustainability is performed by a cyclical process that includes regular monitoring , periodic evaluation, and adjustments on the implementation process as required. Extensive operations and administration training is also conducted on village-level upon the completion of the MHP installation. Besides that, our approach to ensure MHP sustainability is also using the installed MHP to increase productivity of the community. Until now, we have been working on implementation of appliances that can be used as tools to generate income in the communi ty together with local NGOs. Students with strong analytical thinking are welcomed to be part of our team for a short period (as mentioned above). You will work together with us to empower communities to operate and maintain renewable energy installations (specifically MHPs), develop productive use of energy options and develop sustainability approaches through performance monitoring. Requirements for the intern: Fluent in English. Broad basic knowledge in engineering (electrical/physics would be preferable), management and administration , economics and/or socio-economic and environmental impact assessments is required. Important: The graduation date of any prospective intern should not be longer ago than six months from when the internship is due to start. App.lication procedure: Candidates for an internship shall apply for an internship with MHPP2 by SUbmitting the following: 1. Updated curriculum vitae (CV) with photograph of candidate 2. Letter of Motivation for the internship (highlighting the candidates reasons for the internship and area of interests) Applications shall be submitted electronically to: Ms Atiek Puspa Fadhilah Advisor - Mini Hydro Power Project for Capacity Development (MHPp 2 ) Email: atiekJadhilah@giz .deMHPP omce: ASEAN Centre for Energy (AC E) Building. 6" Floor , T +62-21-5278025 F. +62-21-5277762 JI H R. Rasuna Said Block X-2 Kav. 7-8 Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
  2. 2. Current internships available: Monitoring and Evaluation Internship time frame: June - July 2012 Topic: Monitoring MHP Background: The GIZ has supported installation of 136 MHP in several areas in Sumatera and Sulawesi. Their operational performance should be monitored and evaluated to ensure theirsustainability. Monitoring requires data collection regarding MHP performance includes amount of energy that has been produced and consumed by the community, and managerial aspects of the MHP management. Therefore improvements can be initiated to raise MHP sustainability. Intern main tasks: Support the initiative to build a simple monitoring system for MHP including kWh meter installation , and design data capturing mechanism and evaluation which will include various stakeholders. Skills required: broad basic knowledge in electrical engineering, spread sheet skills for data capturing , analysis and presentation; report/fact sheet compilation and editing in English; possible rural site visits under basic conditions Productive Use of Energy Internship time frame : July - October 2012 Topic: Assessment of productive use of energy (PUE) at selected sites 2 Background: The MHPP has initiated a PUE pilot programme in 11 villages (6 in Sumatera and 5 in Sulawesi) with operational MHP schemes. The pilot project aims to identify PUE options and assess their financial performance . The field testing of the pilot will be an initial 3-month period (from June - August 2012). Underlying motive is to introduce appliances that are suitable for rural entrepreneurs to expand their production and/or start new enterprises. The key performance indicator will be the value of income generated by the PUE appliance. It is anticipated that a total of about 50 appliances will be deployed. Successful case studies will subsequently be identified, compiled and presented to key stakeholders (e.g. Ministry for Cooperatives, SME support organisations, rural development organisations , etc) Intern main tasks : Support the coordination of the PUE pilot programme (monthly monitoring results, data analysis, recommendations , consultative meetings with field facilitators) ; prepare and coordinate a community survey on opinions and preferences ; identify and compile case studies (according to a pre­ determined criteria) into fact sheets Skills required: spread sheet skills for data capturing , analysis and presentation ; report/fact sheet compilation and editing in English; possible rural site visits under basic conditions Reference materials (attached): - PUE Database Explanatory Manual With best regards, Dr. Rudolf Rauch Principal Advisor Mini Hydro Power Project 2 for Capacity Development (MHPp )MHPp Office ASEAN Ce ntre for Energy (AC E) BUilding , 6" Floor. T. +62-21-52 78025 F. +62-21-52 77762 JI. H. R. Rasuna Said Block X-2 Kav. 7-8 Jakarta 12950, In donesia