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Types of Keratinisation

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 3/1/2013Academy of Hairdressing and Beauty TAFE WSI0KERATINISATIONKERATINISATION: The process by which keratin is formedKERATIN: The name of the high sulphur protein found in the hair, nails and skin
  2. 2. There are 2 Types of KeratinFirst one being soft Keratin (Skin)•Contains 1-2% sulphur•Has a high moisture contentSecond one being hard Keratin (Hair & Nails)•Contains 4-8% sulphur•Hair is 97% hard keratin•Structure of hard keratin in long fibresSource:google
  3. 3. Changes in Cells during KeratinisationThere are 4 major changes that take place during keratinisation.1.Cells change shape - new cells are round, cells elongate and flatten out. Thenucleus also flattens.2.Cells lose moisture - from 90% to 10% moisture content at the end ofkeratinisation3.Cells lose nucleus, cytoplasm, centrosome and cell membrane - amino acidsare left4.Bonds form between the amino acids - to make the polypeptide chain