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Hair structure


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Main functions of the hair structure

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Hair structure

  1. 1. 3/1/2013Academy of Hairdressing and Beauty TAFE WSI0Hair StructureThe Main Functions and role of the hair•Thermo regulation – helps retains body heat•Physical protection – acts as a buffer to knocks and abrasions•Provides a good environment for micro organisms – increased warmth, moisture andsebum under hair
  2. 2. Layers of the HairThe hairshaft consists of 3 layers1. MEDULLA2. CORTEX3. CUTICLE
  3. 3. MEDULLA•Centre layer of hairshaft•Not always present. Can be continuous or broken•Made up of large loosely connected cells•May contain melanin•no known functionSource: hair
  4. 4. CORTEX•Largest & most important layer of the hairshaft•Determines the texture of the hair•All chemical & physical changes take place here•Melanin is found here – permanent colour changestake place in the cortexSource: hair
  5. 5. CUTICLE•The outer layer•Made up of clear overlapping scales•Contains no melanin•2 to 11 layers thick•Protects the cortex•Determines the hairs porositySource: hair
  6. 6. The Hair FollicleThe follicle is a pocket of skin and grows deep into the dermis and consists ofthe following:1. PAPILLA2. GERMINAL MATRIX3. HAIR BULB
  7. 7. The Papilla•Found below the follicle in the dermis•Is located at the base of the follicle•Is where the CAPILLARIES pass nutrients through to dividing cells in the germinalmatrix•Where the waste products from the cell are passed back through to the capillariesand taken awaySource: hair follicle
  8. 8. Source: hair follicleThe Germinal MatrixInside the follicle above the PAPILLAWere the cells divide ( Mitosis)Each cell already knows if it is a cortex, cuticle ormedullaMelanin is produced in the cells within the germinalmatrixCells are being pushed upwards as new cells areproducedOnce the cell leaves the germinal matrix its supply ofnutrients is cut off so he cells stop dividing and dies
  9. 9. Source: hair follicleThe Hair Bulb•Bulb shape located at the lower end of the follicle•The germinal matrix is found in the hair bulb•Keratinisation occurs here
  10. 10. Sebaceous Gland•Attached to the side of the follicle•Secretes oil (sebum)•Helps hair stay supple and shiny•Sebum forms part of the acid mantlethat helps protect the skin from harmfulbacteria and chemical attackSource: hair follicle
  11. 11. Arrector Pili Muscle•Attached to the follicle and the base of theepidermis•Involuntary muscle – cannot control it•Contracts due to cold or fright creatinggoose bumpsSource: hair follicle