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Presentatie jan noordergraaf


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentatie jan noordergraaf

  1. 1. Dutch Grown Polymers2nd Generation GMO Free PLA
  2. 2. Polymer market NW Europe 2
  3. 3. NW European market polymer market size• Benelux, France, Germany, Uk & Italy use 25 million ton 8000 7000 6000 Italy 5000 France 4000 UK 3000 Germany Benelux 2000 1000 0 g on on g on on a ng iln in ffi si si si si si ld ld /ra tr u tr u ru tru es ou ou re t ex ex ex ex c m m fi b ro lm ire et n ow ile p PP tio e Fi er f w Bl ro Sh c th / je le /p O In ab pe C Pi• Source AMI Injection Moulding Industry March 2011
  4. 4. NW Europe Sheet Extrusion Market overview 2009• Addressable Extrusion & Thermoforming market high heat PLA is 1,8 million ton – Replace part of PS & PET applications• Addressable IM market of high heat PLA is 1,0 million ton – Replace part of PS & ABS applications• Source Publication AMI Guide Thermoforming edition 4 , 2011
  5. 5. Synterra® PLA
  6. 6. Synbra has the possibility to attain a pull role for Dutch biopolymer chain• NG PLA Biopolymers can outperform oilbased polymers • PLLA ,PDLA sc Blends , • Synterra IM; HDT 123oC Vicat A 1 kg load 160 °C• With non-GMO Dutch PLA production – Feedstock for foam, film , fibre and injection moulding.• But: Valorisation of biomass needed vision 35/70 kt• BioFoam subject to seperate business case. 6
  7. 7. Synbra PLA Production• Due to availability problems of PLA in 2007 and no dedicated quality for BioFoam : new investment for PLA polymerisation unit approved• Partners found : – Purac (NL) for raw materials : GMO free lactide – Sulzer (CH) for polymerisation technology• Possibility to produce 2nd Generation PLA : better performance & improved Carbon Footprint• Integrated raw material supply for BioFoam development• Spinoff Biofoam grade : Injection moulding grades – film grades- fiber grades – etc.• Broad range possible from amophous to stereo complex PLA : Synterra® is born 7
  8. 8. 8 C2C Validation• Awarded March 2011 Synterra Silver due to GMO free 8
  9. 9. Current situation• Synbra – Has a working PLA polymerisation plant of 5 kt – Used for • BioFoam • GMO free PLLA feedstock for biobased recipes • High heat thermoforming HDT A 100oC, HDT B 160oC – Coffee cups supplier ( under NDA) • High heat Injection moulding HDT A 100oC, HDT B 160oC – Haval high heat injection moulding Synterra IM – BIO-ABS
  10. 10. Biobased economy 1
  11. 11. Vision for the Netherlands• By concentrating on the bio-based economy• The Netherlands are on the threshold of a new golden age• All conditions are present – Excellent knowledge in universities and industry, chemical industry – Main Ports, harbors and suficient farming land – Active support by the gouvernment, Ministry of ELI. – R&D programs • BPM, Catch-Bio, BE-Basic – New Biobased hubs proposed in (SW) Netherlands. Nieuw Prinsenland – All European feedstocks are non GMO
  12. 12. Sustainability in the Netherlands • PLA most sustainable polymer • Sugar beat almost unbeatable • Bio-PE much less efficient than PLA
  13. 13. SW Netherlands Hub Observations • R&D and know-how is key. BPM a prime example . – WUR has right economy of scale • Can we grow crops in the current EU agropolicy? • Biggest challenge lies in valorisation • Growth is capital intensive, a new value chain model is needed – Topchemie revolving fund, MIA , partnerships Source: Vision for SW Netherlands 2011 ;Provincie Noord Brabant
  14. 14. Dutch Grown Biopolymers initaitive• Suikerunie, Purac and Synbra are exporing the creation of a 100% Dutch biopolymer production• Striving to green deal status with Economic affairs – Gvmnt will facilitate the development• Step by step back integration, 35/70 kt PLA, lactide, lactic acid , thick juice
  15. 15. PLA Awards2008Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Technology InnovationOf The Year Award PLA polymerisation process2009 Winner gold sustainability medal awarded by theDutch Rubber and Plastics Federation2011 Accenture Blue Tulip award forC2C high heat IM PLA,Group Consumer products and Agri;Category: “Do more with Less”