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Devread --valino

  1. 1. Valino, Alyssa Denise A.Developmental Reading 1April 17, 2013Learning Task 4 1. Make your own list of tips in overcoming the obstacles in reading. Some other tips in overcoming the obstacles in reading are the following: a. Make reading a part of your life. Engage yourself to reading. Always think about what books you think are good to read. Find the time to update your reading. b. Surround yourself with books. Buy books that really interest you. Buying the books yourself somehow allows you to have the sense of responsibility within yourself to read the book. c. Surround yourself with reader, booklovers and bookworms. Having a lot of friends who often reads will help pique someone’s reading interest because latest books and authors often become a topic of conversation. A lot of times, friends can influence someone’s view of a matter, like reading. d. Take charge. Be determined and disciplined enough to help yourself overcome the obstacles in reading. 2. Give at least 3 activities that can enhance the selective reading skills of your students. Some of the activities that can enhance the selective reading skills of your students are: a. Note-taking. Taking down notes about the important information you need to find will concentration on the important information. b. Use graphic organizer to explain the content of the title. c. Reading activities. Nothing will develop any skill in reading without reading.
  2. 2. Valino, Alyssa Denise A.Developmental Reading 1April 17, 2013Learning Task 5 1. Define reading comprehension in your own words. Reading Comprehension pertains to the understanding of the content/message of the text. It is the construction of meaning from what is read. 2. How does reading comprehension affect your daily life? Basically, reading comprehension allows you to live safely and productively. It enables you to function as a normal member of society. Reading comprehension in daily life involves a lot of things: the bills you have to pay, the notices you have to address, the signs and labels you have to read, etc. 3. List down at least 3 techniques or strategies that will help to better understand the text we read. Summarize the idea or main point of the text. Enhance vocabulary trough the help of the dictionary and other vocabulary builders such as using contextual clues, synonyms and homonyms. Use techniques in reading such as the S3QR (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review) 4. How does reading comprehension affect the learning process? Reading comprehension is essential in the learning process. In every subject, you will find that you will have to read and understand the lessons. A higher level of reading comprehension can help in constructing schemata, which will help in constructing and relating information to another information in from a different subject area.