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Getting more bang from your training buck


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7 practical tips on how you can make the most of a constrained training budget

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Getting more bang from your training buck

  1. 1. Dr Denise MeyersonManagement Consultancy International
  2. 2. It’s all about following BCF principles =better, cheaper, faster
  3. 3. What do you think the top 7 tips arefor stretching that constrained training budget?
  4. 4. Tip #1Avoid scrap learning!
  5. 5. Research shows that …..Over ___________ % of learning is not used and not applied
  6. 6. . Target theright training to the rightpeople at the right time
  7. 7. The overall purpose oftraining is to ensure thatchange takes place in the workplace
  8. 8. What isstopping us?
  9. 9. ONE KEY OBSTACLEWe don’t recall what happened in the training room itself!
  10. 10. How many ofyou rememberhow you got to work?
  11. 11. Reticular Activating SystemWe don’t pay attention to things inour environment that don’t change
  12. 12. Tip #2Use the right learning tools: anything that makes training stick
  13. 13. Keep it fresh anddifferent
  14. 14. Tip # 3Train your designers and internal trainers to the highest levels ORChoose external providers who are current and up to date
  15. 15. The importance of the role of trainer and designer Help learners come to their own understanding
  16. 16. Learning includes pain
  17. 17. AHHA momentInformation is not communicationInert knowledge is understanding key principles but not being able to apply them
  18. 18. Help learners to un-learn things- We have learnt the days of the week in sequence- We are competent in that- Are we competent when we need to do things in different ways?
  19. 19. Are you trapped in DDD?
  20. 20. Dinosaur Design and Development
  21. 21. Tip # 4It is all about A B C D
  22. 22. ctivities asedurriculum esign
  23. 23. FollowThiagi!
  24. 24. Thiagi: “Anything you teachcan be taught through an activity”
  25. 25. These activities are not class-room bound
  26. 26. Tip # 5Workplace learning is part and parcel ofworkplace culture – it does not happen in isolation
  27. 27. Another statistic to remember___% of learning Happens on the job___ % of learning Happens through coaching and mentoring___% of learning Happens in the training room and in formal training
  28. 28. The statistics70% of learning Happens on the job20% of learning Happens through coaching and mentoring10% of learning Happens in the training room and in formal training
  29. 29. On your to-do list1. Train more coaches2. Make use of subject matter experts3. Invite management to participate
  30. 30. Tip #6 Move in to e-learning, virtual + social learningApril 22, 1993: The day the browser was born and the internet is accessible to all
  31. 31. 800 million active users facebook – more than 50% of these log on every day800 million unique users of Youtube – 48 hours of video uploaded every minute
  32. 32. Kim Kardashian generation1 billion tweets per week
  33. 33. Blended learning ishere for thelong haul – much of it is FREE!
  34. 34. # 7 Tap in to Government funding whereverpossible Tip #7
  35. 35. Traineeship and apprenticeship funding + SSP funding
  36. 36. Management Consultancy International