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Creating Better Together - Adobe Max 2016


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Despite the prevalent mythology of the lone creative genius, many of the most innovative contributions spring from the creative chemistry of a group and the blending of everyone’s ideas and concepts. How can we best leverage this collective wisdom to generate creative synergy and co-create? Let’s look at the process of recognizing and removing our personal creative blocks, connecting and communicating with others, combining ideas using play, and constructing a collaborative environment to discover effective methods for tapping into a group’s creative brilliance. Through these steps, you’ll learn to capitalize on the super-linearity of creativity to embrace and leverage diversity to create better together.

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Creating Better Together - Adobe Max 2016

  1. Co-Create Creating Be er Together h ps://
  2. Denise Jacobs Adobe Max✶ San Diego, CA✶ 2 November 2016 h ps://
  3. @denisejacobs @AdobeMax #AdobeMax #createtogether
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  5. Web Design/Dev à Creativity Evangelist Photo by Derek Kearney
  6. h p:// à Founder + CCE, The Creative Dose
  7. Create?
  8. h p:// It’s the new Black
  9. h ps:// IBM CEO Study, 2010
  10. h ps:// Adobe’s State of the Create Study, 2012
  11. h p:// Most valued by co-workers
  12. h ps:// -skills# LinkedIn Study, 2016
  13. We MUST create
  14. h ps:// A business imperative
  15. h p:// Myth of the lone creative genius
  16. h ps:// Who generates a lot of brilliant ideas
  17. h ps:// Isolates and keeps us in silos
  18. h ps:// Blending ideas and concepts creates the strongest ideas
  19. h ps:// Comes through Collaboration
  20. h ps:// -skills# Teamwork (aka collaboration) is even more important than creativity
  21. h p:// Working together toward a common goal
  22. Unblock Connect Combine Play Construct Five Steps: h p://
  23. Unblock h p://
  24. "The creative process involves many conversations…conversations with co-creators and colleagues, conversations with oneself…." – The team at the Dubberly Design Office (emphasis added)
  25. h p:// What blocks individual and collective creativity the most?
  26. h ps:// Fears!
  27. h ps:// Deficiency Anxiety
  28. h ps:// Fear of not being “enough”
  29. h p:// Fear of not knowing enough or being an expert
  30. h ps:// Fear of not being perfect and making mistakez
  31. h p:// Comparison Syndrome: fear of not measuring up to others
  32. h ps:// Fear of being judged & criticized
  33. h p:// Fear of ideas being too unique
  34. h ps:// Forms of the Inner Critic
  35. h p:// F.E.A.R. =
  36. h ps:// Biggest ba les are within yourself
  37. Mind-body connection
  38. “Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behavior, and our behavior changes our outcomes.” - Amy Cuddy, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” TED talk
  39. h p:// Check your body language
  40. Try it: Power Pose Hack
  41. h p:// Fiero!
  42. h p:// Makes space for inspiration
  43. h p:// Experimentation mindset
  44. h ps:// Reclaim your creative power
  45. h p:// Ideas will start to flow
  46. Connect h ps://
  47. “Creativity is social….Instead (of brainstorming) you need “magic circles,” small teams of people who trust each other, are familiar with each other, and play together.” – Bruce Nussbaum, Creativity Intelligence
  48. h p:// More people: More creativity!
  49. h p:// “None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard
  50. h p:// Keeping your ideas to yourself is detrimental
  51. h p:// -johansson-in-lucy-movie.jpg Self-preserve or share knowledge?
  52. Be generous
  53. h p:// Share your ideas
  54. h p:// There’s a flip side
  55. h p:// You also need to LISTEN
  56. h ps:// Over-talking = muting others
  57. h p:// 1) Be present
  58. h p:// 2) Pay a ention
  59. h p:// 3) Relax your own agenda
  60. h p:// Try it: Talk + Talk / Talk + Encourage
  61. h ps:// Builds trust and sense of safety
  62. Combine h p://
  63. h p:// Diversity of People = Diversity of Ideas
  64. “Creativity…thrives on diversity, tension, sharing, and collaboration.” - Stefan Klocek, “Be er Together”
  65. h p:// Brain-Infographic.jpg Need everyone
  66. h ps:// Complementary roles and responsibilities
  67. h p:// Respond and adapt to create
  68. h p:// Try it: Story by Suggestion
  69. 1.  Pomegranate 2.  Pencil 3.  Bread 4.  Taxi 5.  Ceiling 6.  Cards 7.  Bo le 8.  Flower 1.  Fly 2.  Run 3.  Suggest 4.  Type 5.  Develop 6.  Move 7.  Play 8.  Speak Words to Suggest: Listener #1
  70. 1.  Screen 2.  Glasses 3.  Sweater 4.  Paper 5.  Candle 6.  Book 7.  Watch 8.  Ki en 1.  Sing 2.  Sit 3.  Ask 4.  Place 5.  Write 6.  Sleep 7.  Jump 8.  Cry Words to Suggest: Listener #2
  71. Play h ps://
  72. “Play is how we invent and experiment.” – Josh Clarke, “The Web Gets Real” talk
  73. h p:// Improve with Improv
  74. Instead of this
  75. h p:// Amplify the ideas of others
  76. h p:// “Plussing”
  77. h p:// 1) Start where you are
  78. h ps:// 2) Accept the offer
  79. Photo: Jessie Shternshus 3) Fully commit
  80. h ps:// 4) Make your colleagues look good
  81. 5) The response is always
  82. h ps:// Try it: Six Person Sentence
  83. h p:// Group contribution = best outcomes
  84. Construct
  85. Design an environment for co-creation
  86. h p:// Provide proper outlets
  87. h ps:// Public space for ideas
  88. “Co-creation needs externalized material. Sharing the fuzzy, early, raw concept gives your (team) material to work with, to respond to and evolve.” – Stefan Klocek, “Be er Together”
  89. h p:// Encourage “stupid” ideas
  90. They may be the best ones!
  91. h ps:// Try it: Failed Superhero & Sidekick
  92. h p:// Post ideas to allow them to grow and develop
  93. h ps:// Have both si ing and standing space
  94. h ps:// Create a locus where people + ideas can mix and mingle
  95. h p:// Collaborate at every stage of a project
  96. Co-Create! h p://
  97. h ps:// ersponge/4955768144 A new paradigm
  98. h p:// Tried to do it all by ourselves
  99. Trying to think and be clever
  100. h p:// Time to up-level our creativity
  101. h p:// What are we ultimately shooting for?
  102. h ps:// Not
  103. h p:// er-2013-1200x1200.png But instead
  104. h p:// My Thought- Leader crush: Umair Haque
  105. Be erness? Be erness!!
  106. “The sum total of human effort can add up to not merely more, but to Be er.” – Umair Haque, Be erness: Economics for Humans
  107. h p:// Develop an openness to differences
  108. h p:// Strong bonds form amongst the group
  109. h p:// It starts with You
  110. “Collaboration flourishes when there is a willingness to embrace new practices and thinking.” - Nic Evans, “How to Collaborate: The Creative & the Practical”
  111. h p:// Tap into collective brilliance
  112. h ps:// Co-create to make be er things
  113. h p:// And most importantly, to
  114. h ps:// …Together!
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