lawyers and the realtime web


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presentation for the twitter panel at legaltech west coast, 6/25/09

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lawyers and the realtime web

  1. lawyers and the realtime web legaltech west coast denise howell 06.25.09 text ‘denise’ to 50500
  2. realtime info is direct. frank. immediate. helpful.
  3. what does this mean for practice management? people send you stuff they know who you are, what you’re interested in, what you’re doing volunteer info-valets flipside of blogging
  4. search gives way to delivery there’s no echo chamber when you’re following 1000’s
  5. following 1000’s???? you get to choose no need for letters to the dma; block; report as spam following back? mr. tweet. no perfect solution. i periodically review.
  6. assistance with juggling swords and chainsaws
  7. “lawyers and the realtime web” legaltech west coast presented by denise howell 06.25.09 text ‘denise’ to 50500 slides at
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