IST 561 Spring 2007--Session7, Sources of Information


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Presentation provides a brief overview of Internet searching, Boolean operators, and internet resources of use to libraries in providing reference services.

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IST 561 Spring 2007--Session7, Sources of Information

  1. 1. Sources of information March 23, 2009 IST 561 Denise A. Garofalo
  2. 2. Overview Discuss lab 6 Online research Tools Strategies Information resource sources
  3. 3. Lab experiences
  4. 4. Online Research Tools Search Engines Web-based program that allows users to submit key term requests to an online database Ex:, Click “search” or “submit” or hit “enter” Results listed in decreasing relevance Choosing Keywords phrases need double quotes (“) to refine search combine multiple keywords Advanced Search Features help refine searches by file type, Boolean operations, file creation date etc
  5. 5. Online Research Tools (cont’d…) Search Engines misc. (cont’d…) . Customizable Web pages consolidating features portals such as: email, news, calendar etc. Computer programs used by search engines knowbots and designed to crawl from one Web page to another through links on each Web page, gathering keywords or whole pages as they go. site notification A method of submitting your Web site or Web page to a search engine so that it will be recorded in its database
  6. 6. Online Research Tools (cont’d…) Search Engines (cont’d…) Pros and Cons searches a large number of sites, sometimes too many web designers must identify their own data keywords and description metatags HTML/XHTML tags used to identify the potential contents of a page for search engines
  7. 7. Online Research Tools (cont’d…) A search tool that contains a list of topics that can Directory Outlines be browsed and searched ranging from general to specific Web pages are indexed by humans Bibliographic Databases Reference collections to research materials such as journals and books Often a fee involved, but libraries pay for access Pros – give quality academic resources, can be full text Cons-- rely on humans for indexing, may be out of date Site-Specific Search Engines and Site-Maps Search only the data on a Web site Outlines of a site’s layout Pros and Cons results are limited but specific
  8. 8. Online Research Tools (cont’d…) Subject-Specific Search Engines & Directory Outlines Search interface that emerged in 1996 that seek out the data stored on many different Web sites about a particular topic or theme Pros good for specific data Cons may not be as comprehensive as advertised Metasearch Engines Meta-engines, search engines that submit a key-term to several search engines, consolidating the results. Pros and Cons simple searches are effective, complicated ones may not be only produces the top 5% to 15% from each search engine can be untimely but are good for preliminary searches Topic Rings Webring. One in a series of Web sites with a common theme Generally are not searchable but helpful for browsing
  9. 9. Online Research Tools (cont’d…) Searching for Jobs Job boards and job search engines Examples:,, Searching for People Email addresses Mailing addresses / white pages Personal Information pay services that give more personal information Reverse telephone number lookup
  10. 10. General Reference List of…
  11. 11. Searching Strategies Initiating a search Pick the right tool for the job Pick good keywords--don’t be lazy Phrase your questions precisely Refining a search Use Boolean operators and wildcard characters Boolean operators Terms used to manage the logical operations of the search engine AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, *, ?, #, !
  12. 12. Finding Software Software Review Sites <> Sites detailing how specific software functions Freeware <> Free software programs Shareware <> Titles that allow you limited usage or usability until you purchase the full version
  13. 13. Open Source Licensing Programs are written in code such as C++ or Java Open Source Source code is available and can be modified and improved File Compression Reducing the size of a file or combining several files into one .zip or .exe WinZip
  14. 14. Watching search engines SearchEngineWatch Search Engine Showdown Web Search Guide WebSerch
  15. 15. Searching Guide to effective searching of the Internet 12.html Better Googling Soople Internet Searching Tools
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. General Reference Sources Almanacs Dictionaries Encyclopedias
  18. 18. General Reference Sites Infoplease FactMonster American Heritage Dictionary (4th ed) Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary Columbia Encyclopedia (6th ed.)
  19. 19. Other general resources Homework News Quotations Writing papers Telephone directories
  20. 20. Other general resource sites KidInfo HeadlineSpot Quotations page A+
  21. 21. More specialty resources Cars Home repair Sports Travel Entertainment
  22. 22. Specialty resource examples Kelley Blue Book Handyman USA Yahoo sports Lonely Planet Yahoo entertainment
  23. 23. Other Resource Examples Find-a-Grave TerraServer LifeLines HomeTownFreePress
  24. 24. More Specific Examples Sports Network Weather Underground Parenting Instrument Encyclopedia
  25. 25. Specific topical resources Law html formation/ ;action=show;searchtype=keywords
  26. 26. Specific Topical Resources Job and Career Information !
  27. 27. Consumer Medical Sources As with legal topics Provide patron the resource not advice Librarians aren’t doctors; don’t diagnose Abundant sources, both good and not- so-good
  28. 28. Sources for Consumer Health Health A to Z Consumer health Drug Info rugportal.jsp
  29. 29. Business Resources For public libraries, highlighting these can help bring support from business community For academic and special libraries, supports the broader user community For school libraries, can help high school students and staff
  30. 30. Sources for Business Resources SBA Business Resources
  31. 31. Other resources Many other subject areas What a library needs to gather depends on users’ needs Can organize with bookmarks/favorites or…
  32. 32. Sources for Other Resources InfoMine Intute Direct Search
  33. 33. Other Sources Best Info on the Net Newsroom Navigator cybertimesnavigator/index.html Librarians’ Internet Index
  34. 34. Questions?
  35. 35. Lab