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Wax Museum The Making Of Beyoncé Student's Sheet


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Wax Museum The Making Of Beyoncé Student's Sheet

  1. 1. Student’s Sheet WAX MUSEUM – THE MAKING OF BEYONCÉ PRE-VIEWING In pairs, answer the questions: 1. What is a Wax Museum? 2. Have you ever visited one? Which one? 3. Why do you think there are many Wax Museums all over the world? WHILE - VIEWING A First Viewing Watch the video and number the steps taken to make Beyoncé’s model: ( ) Molding ( ) Hair insertion ( ) Figure dressing and accessorization ( ) Pouring wax in the mould ( ) Measurement ( ) Metal armature building
  2. 2. ( ) Eye choice ( ) Assembling the body parts ( ) Sitting ( ) Make-up tone choice ( ) Make up, eyelash and eyebrow addition WHILE - VIEWING B Second Viewing Watch the video segment again and check your markings for the previous exercise. POST- VIEWING A In groups of four, retell the process of waxing a figure. Use sequence words: First, Next, Then, After that, Finally. POST - VIEWING B Writing activity Individually, choose a person you want to immortalize and write a paragraph saying who the person is and why you chose him/her.