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Oceanarium Reimagined Students Sheet Pdf

  1. 1. Student’s Sheet OCEANARIUM REIMAGINED SHEDD AQUARIUM (Reopened on May 22, 2009.) INTRODUCTION Aerial view of Chicago's Museum Campus In Chicago, there is the Chicago’s Museum Campus. It’s composed of the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium and Soldier Field, all tied together by green space. You’re going to watch a video on the Shedd Aquarium. It’s one of the premier aquariums in the USA and home to an impressive collection of underwater life.
  2. 2. PRE – VIEWING What sea animals are these? Match the names to the pictures below: (1) bottlenose dolphin (5) beluga cab (9) sea turtle (2) penguin chick (6) fishes (10) sea horse (3) sea otter (7) manatee (11) lobster (4) star fish (8) jelly fish (12) sea lion ( ) ____________ ( ) _____________ ( ) ________________ ( ) ________________ ( ) ________________ ( ) ________________ ( )________________ ( ) __________________ ( ) __________________ ( ) ___________________ ( )_______________ ( )_________________
  3. 3. WHILE VIEWING FIRST VIEWING Watch the video “OCEANARIUM REIMAGINED” and select above the sea animals that are mentioned. SECOND VIEWING Watch the video again and decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F): 1. ( ) The Shedd Aquarium was reimagined in 1991. 2. ( ) The Shedd Aquarium is the most visited aquarium in the world. 3. ( ) The Shedd Aquarium was reimagined to improve both the animals’ habitats and the facilities for the guests. 4. ( ) In the Shedd Aquarium, one can go into the water and relate to the belugas. 5. ( ) The beluga whales are the only performers in the amphitheater 6. ( ) Now the otters have a new home along the rocky shores. THIRD VIEWING Watch the video once more, underline the regular verbs in the video script below and decide if the “-ed” ending of these verbs are pronounced / t /, / d / or / Id /. Could you find all the three types? Note that some words ending in “–ed” are not verbs; they are adjectives: e.g. – improved lighting.
  4. 4. VIDEO SCRIPT: OCEANARIUM REIMAGINED SHEDD AQUARIUM – CHICAGO Hi, I’m Ken Ramires. I’m the Senior Vice-President of animal collections and animal training here at Shedd. I’d like to introduce you to Shedd Aquarium’s Reimagined Oceanarium. You know, when the Oceanarium opened in 1991, it quickly became a must-see in Chicago. Today it’s one of the most visited marine mammal pavilions in the world and a premier conservation of education facility. Over the years we’ve seen beluga cabs born, penguin chicks hatch and rescued sea otters thrive. A whole generation of Chicago children has enjoyed the wonders of the Oceanarium. Now after 17 years, the time has come for a major renovation. We’ve recoated the pools, done necessary maintenance work, and updated the animal life-support operations. We also made major enhancements to existing exhibits and added some new experiences to ensure that your journey through the Oceanarium is more amazing than ever. The Oceanarium was also home to our beloved beluga whales. Now joining them are loud and boisterous California sea lions, with a renovated habitat and a larger viewing area for our guests. Also new is the ITW Foundation Beluga Trail, a rushing river leading to a pristine estuary featuring new salt and fresh water fishes. One of our newest habitats is the grandeur beluga encounter pool, which will enable small groups of guests guided by trainers to wade into the water and make important and life-changing connections with these gentle giants. At the Center of the Oceanarium is the amphitheater overlooking whale harbor. Over the years, our marine mammal presentations have showcased the awesome natural behaviors and learned skills of these animals and their trainers. It’s been pure magic. But now, with major enhancements to the Oceanarium’s amphitheater, things are going to get
  5. 5. a lot more magical. A favorite of many visitors, the playful otters, some rescued twenty years ago after the Exxon Valley’s oil spill, will soon return to their renovated home. The Reganstein Otter Trail Habitat: with improved lighting as well as greater accessibility to viewing windows for all guests, the otters are sure to enjoy their new and improved home adjacent to the tide pool along the rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest. We’re excited by these great changes at Shedd and hope that you are too. Please consider supporting the Oceanarium renovation and “making waves” campaign. Be an Oceanarium showstopper with a gift of five thousand dollars or more and you can name your own seat in the amphitheater.