Harry Potter The Exhibition Teacher's Sheet


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Harry Potter The Exhibition Teacher's Sheet

  1. 1. Teacher’s Sheet HARRY POTTER – THE EXHIBITION At the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry 1) PRE-VIEWING: Match the words to the pictures: ( 1 ) Harry Potter ( 10 ) Great Hall ( 2 ) Dumbledore (11 ) Golden Egg ( 3 ) Ron ( 12 ) Wand ( 4 ) Half Blood Prince ( 13 ) Harry Potter’s Glasses ( 5 ) Hermione ( 14 ) Marauder’s Map ( 6) Hagrid – The Half Giant ( 15 ) Hogwarts ( 7) Mandrakes ( 16 ) Forbidden Forest ( 8) Hungarian Horntail Dragon ( 17 ) Boys’ Dormitory ( 9) Hagrid’s Hut ( 18 ) Sorting Hat ( 7 ) ( 9 ) ( 6 ) ( 8 )
  2. 2. ( 2) ( 11 ) ( 12 ) ( 16 ) ( 14 ) ( 13 )
  3. 3. ( 15 ) ( 10 ) ( 3 ) ( 5 ) ( 18 ) (4 )
  4. 4. ( 1 ) ( 17 ) WHILE – VIEWING FIRST VIEWING Watch the video and match the items below to their places: 1- Dormitory 2- Classroom 3- Hagrid’s Hut 4- Forbidden Forest ( 1 ) Golden Egg ( 1 ) Glasses ( 2 ) Mandrakes ( 1 ) Wand ( 4 ) Hungarian Horntail Dragon ( 1 ) Marauder’s Map ( 3 ) Creatures SECOND VIEWING Watch the video again and check if the statements below are TRUE or FALSE: ( T ) The Exhibition opened on April 30. ( T ) They pick out a volunteer to be sorted out by the hat in the pre-show. ( F ) The pre-show highlights all the posters from the films. ( T ) Harry’s wand and glasses are positioned next to the sorting hat. ( F ) Everybody loves the Mandrakes. ( F ) You can see the Hungarian Horntail Dragon in the Great Hall . ( F ) There are amazing artifacts from the films in the Forbidden Forest. ( T ) In the Exhibition you can see much more than this video shows.
  5. 5. AFTER-VIEWING: Read the comments that some of Harry Potter fans wrote as a response to watching the Harry Potter – The Exhibition video. Then, answer the questions that follow: Jenecupcakes I went and saw it opening weekend. If you are a harry potter fan it is a must to go see. There is so much to look at, it took us over 2 hours to go threw wislana it's awesome!!!! :D<3 dingodile555 Damn, why isnt it in the UK? Ah well Swimmer0715 um... maybe because we have a big museum? beats me, it makes sense to at least START in the UK. FantasticHarry Freaking fantastic!! I have to see it!! But it's difficult... I live in Spain... ElMundoDeAlagaesia it's awesome! *---* bfmate22 :) I am going to this!!!!! cant wait ! HarryPotterVidz I'm going next week, ~is it true you see the fat lady portrait, and it moves/talks to you??? ~Does everyone have a chance to get sorted??? ~Is the great hall tiny(that would suck) or big?? ~Can you walk into the Forbidden forest?? ~DO THEY HAVE THE FRAKING MOVEABLE STAIRCASE?!?! xBroadwayxBelterx I haven't been yet but this is what I've heard: ~YUP! ~Nope, they pick lie five volunteers or something ~It's not big, but not exactly tiny either ~yes you can ~No it doesn't (That'd be cool) I've heard the gift shop's awesome too!
  6. 6. FunnyBlueBox OMG dose it come 2 the UK?? deathcube35 Hmmm,the Marauders Map looks different,maybe it's from the movie that's coming this year.... xBroadwayxBelterx it probably looks different partly because it isn't animated and also because nothing looks exactly the same in real life cjramx81 Ahhh I can't wait to see this! SO AWESOME! :D creativechristy15 The gift shop is cool but way overpriced. abcdemma1 oh to be able to get to Chicago :( xBroadwayxBelterx That sucks, but it may come to somewhere near you soon. I'm going in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping it'll be as good as people keep saying iheartsb92289 Oh. my. GOD!!!! I get to see this in a couple of weeks!!!!! I'm so freaking excited!!!! harrylechu OMG! I really want to go but I live in new york I was thinking about going by train but I don't know how much it is Swimmer0715 um... its about $50... Swimmer0715 Ooh I saw it TODAY! I got to sit in Hagrids chair! (It's BIG.) They have some stuff on quiddich, too. You also get to see... wait, should I spoil it? I think not. (BUT HAGRIDS CHAIR IS HUGE!!!) creativechristy15 My friend and I split the cost of a $4 chocolate frog and an $8 box of fudge flies. I felt kinda stupid spending that much but whatever. The postcards were kinda pricy too at 69 cents each.
  7. 7. 1- Who lives in Spain? FantasticHarry 2- What does OMG stand for? Oh, My God! 3- How much does it cost to see Harry Potter – The Exhibition? About $50. 4- Who sat in Hagrid’s chair? Swimmer0715 5- If you bought 2 boxes of fudge flies, 8 chocolate frogs and 5 postcards, how much would you spend? $51.93. 6- What do they say about the gift shop? The gift shop is cool but way overpriced. 7- Why do they think the Marauder’s Map looks different? It probably looks different partly because it isn't animated and also because nothing looks exactly the same in real life. 8- Can they walk in the Forbidden Forest? Yes, they can. Now write yourself a message expressing your feelings about Harry Potter – The Exhibition. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ SCRIPT: HARRY POTTER – THE EXHIBITION So, we are really excited to share with you the world premiere of the Harry Potter Exhibition. We opened on the April 30 and the whole experience starts right here, where all the guests come in and we’ll pick a volunteer out, and they’ll be able to be sorted.
  8. 8. This is over 12000 square feet of Harry Potter artifacts, all original artifacts from the entire film series. We’ve even got some things from Half Blood Prince, which are pretty exciting. So, it starts here and we can’t wait to give you a little bit of a sneak preview. So, let’s step inside. So, once you pass this sorting hat area, you are in the pre-show and the pre- show highlights all the posters from the films. We got two slots left from the last two films and then everybody here gets some introduction to the Harry Potter film series. So, one of the most exciting areas of the exhibition is, of course, the boys’ dormitory. Here we highlight both elements from Harry as well as Ron. We’ve got the Golden Egg. We’ve got Ron and Harry’s dress uniforms, and the beds here in the dormitory are actually directly from the movie set. In addition, we highlight, of course, Harry’s wand and his glasses, which we think everybody, of course, wants to see and those are positioned right next to the Marauder’s map. In the exhibition, we wanted to highlight all of the different classrooms, and one of the ones in particular that we wanted to highlight were the Mandrakes. I think everybody loves to hate these little guys, but they are really, really fun to play with. In Hagrid’s hut there is a lot of things to see. He, obviously, loves the creatures that populate the different areas around Hogwarts. His hut can be a little small and contained, especially when you are dealing with a half giant. We also wanted to highlight some pretty exciting things from the Forbidden Forest and one in particular I’m really excited to show you and that is the Hungarian Horntail dragon. In the Great Hall area of the exhibition, you get to see an amazing amount of artifacts, all that were featured in various film sequences from the Great Hall. One of my favorites is you’re able to see Dumbledore’s costumes up close. These are really, really amazing. You certainly get glimpses of the detail in the films, but nothing like when you get to see it up close and in person. Well, I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of the Harry Potter exhibition. That was just a tiny, tiny fraction of what you’ve got in store for you here. So, we worked a long time on it; we had an incredible crew. We hope you get an opportunity to check out the exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, if not, we’ll be announcing further venues in the next couple of weeks. So, thank you very much for your time, and we hope you enjoy Harry Potter The Exhibition.