United Airlines Best Practices Conference 2013 presentation


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United Airlines presentation from 2013 SharePoint Best Practices Conference

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United Airlines Best Practices Conference 2013 presentation

  1. 1. Fly to airports on six continents fromour hubs in:• Chicago• Cleveland• Denver• Guam• Houston• Los Angeles• New York/Newark• San Francisco• Tokyo• Washington, D.C.Operate nearly 700 mainline aircraftHave 270 new aircraft on order through 2022.Operate more than twomillion flights per yearcarrying 142 millionpassengersHave ordered 50 of thenew Boeing 787 aircraftRated the world’s most admiredairline on FORTUNE magazine’s2012 airline-industry list
  2. 2. UnitedAirlines Boeing 787
  3. 3. Aviation andenvironmentalComputing• First in US to fly 787 (20% more fuel efficient)• Testing biofuel-powered aircraft• SharePoint for global environmentalcompliance• SharePoint 2010 internal & external ECM farms• 20% of United.com content from SharePoint• Early adopters: SharePoint 2013, Windows 8,Server 2012 and System Center 2012
  4. 4. 2001: SharePoint 2001 (Portal Server) for project docs2007: SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) for targeted applicationArchitectural Review Committee2008: MOSS as enterprise platformeDiscovery and ECM2012: SharePoint 2013 development for productionService Catalog application and Social2010: New SP 2010 farm and upgraded 2007 sites
  5. 5. What Does United Airlines UseSharePoint For?• Collaboration• Content Management• Social
  6. 6. Collaboration and Governance• Collaboration is individuals working together fora common purpose to achieve a business goal *• Collaboration relies on openness and knowledgesharing *• Collaboration: “There’s a hurricane coming andwe need a SharePoint site to share informationwith the affected airports”*AIIM - http://www.aiim.org/What-is-Collaboration
  7. 7. Collaboration and Governance• Governance addresses the creation andclosing of team workspaces to capturing theresults of that collaboration in a repository *• Governance: “All airports need to beprovided with SharePoint sites tocommunicate on a regular basis”*AIIM - http://www.aiim.org/What-is-Collaboration
  8. 8. Information ArchitectureSites are provisioned according to service levels(SLAs), type of content and security
  9. 9. MySites• Personal sitecollection• Newsfeed• Findexpertise
  10. 10. Things that define aviation (and yourbusiness) are the same betweenversions of SharePointOnce established, content types aremostly consistent between versions2007 content types and columnswere migrated to 2010 duringupgradeTaxonomy – The language of the business
  11. 11. Taxonomy is a list of listsAircraft Type• 737• 757• 787Event Type• Weather• Maintenance• Air Traffic Control• Build up your lists as you go• Prototype live with test lists andlibraries• Get basic structure• Then add new columns and listitems• Lock down the basic structurebefore you go to production• Easier to add than subtract orchange
  12. 12. A Content Type is a group of columns and propertiesthat describe something.Can apply policies to a content type.Content Type examples:• “Aircraft record”• “Contract”• “Project document”“Project document” may have Site Columns such as:• Project number• Project manager• Site code
  13. 13. Centralized ECM:• UA Document• Default for most site collectionsDepartmental ECM:• In-house efforts with huge ROIs• Site collection (not enterprise) scope• Examples at United created in 2 – 8 weeks (no code)• Each one of these is a departmental taxonomy
  14. 14. Some examples at United• System Operations Dashboard and Alert System• DOT Long Tarmac Delay Rule compliance• Architectural Review Committee• Technology Intake Process• Technology Service CatalogWe’ll look at three examples of department ECM
  15. 15.  User entrypopulates Worddoc cover page Build standardizedfile name byconcatenatingmetadata
  16. 16. Site Collection Level content types
  17. 17. Enterprise and department level metadata in one list
  18. 18. • Built withSharePointList Items• “Add New”• Creating row in adatabase table
  19. 19. • ECM-derived datacan be expressedin different ways• Can drill down• “Show meeverything aboutBeijing”
  20. 20. Operations Logs
  21. 21. Operations Dashboard
  22. 22. Operations E-mail Alerts
  23. 23. Level 1231
  24. 24. Level 2Child Terms /SubcategoriesFriendly URL (Term:Hardware)
  25. 25. Content ManagementTaxonomy and lists: Starting points
  26. 26. • Users can find existing resources in thepublic spaceTechNet, Blogs, Books
  27. 27. • Industry-leading third party tools (Backupand Workflow engines) run on separateservers, which is a best practice• If you can back up SharePoint 4 ways, do it• Also, redundancy for high availability (twoweb front ends, service apps on more thanone box, clustered SQL)
  28. 28. Create and demonstrate prototypes for your own team andfor other teamsChampion and shepherd enterprise-wide effortsAnswer the phone
  29. 29. Thank you for attendingthe presentation today.We appreciate yourinterest.Questions?