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Art dream catcher facilitation with woman in refuge

Working with a participant in a woman's refuge making a dream catcher. Woman experienced violence

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Art dream catcher facilitation with woman in refuge

  1. 1. Art facilitation Women’s Refuge
  2. 2. Mission Statement ‘We aim to support the right of every woman and her children to live their lives free from domestic abuse. We seek to do this by raising public awareness about the issue, and by providing a comprehensive range of services that enable the woman to regain power and control over her own life and make informed, independent choices for her future and the future of her children’
  3. 3. Background of refuge Established in 1982 by …….Ltd. Provides emergency accommodation to women and children who experience domestic abuse Operates on a 24hr basis, 365 days a year
  4. 4. Background of refuge Aim is to provide a safe environment where individualised care and support is offered. Services include; Emergency/ safe accommodation General advice/ information General support/ advocacy Court accompaniment
  5. 5. Services Provided Access/ referral to free counselling service 24hour telephone helpline Access/ referral to children services Access/ referral to medical services Access/ referral to legal services Access/ referral to social welfare Access/ referral to local county council Outreach services
  6. 6. Accommodation Four en-suite family rooms Communal rooms including; Family room Kitchen Outside playhouse Children’s playground
  7. 7. Referral procedures Self referral Referred by other agencies, both statutory or other non-governmental agencies Women can access all services provided on an outreach basis.
  8. 8. Recreational activities  Does not currently have a designated worker to carry out recreational activities Mainly undertaken by students and interns Typically ad-hoc nature
  9. 9. Participant Experienced domestic abuse Late 40’s Mental health issues Considered high needs Interest in art and crafts
  10. 10. Materials used Coloured paper & Pens Scissors Sellotape Embroidery hoop Threads Coloured pipe cleaners Feathers Beads
  11. 11. Materials used
  12. 12. Process Each activity was explained to the client and what the rationale was behind it A YouTube video was used to assist with explaining how to make a dreamcatcher 
  13. 13. Self-esteem activity Objective; To create a visual rainbow of positive adjectives to describe her self. Promote positive self esteem & identity Encourage creativity
  14. 14. Self-esteem rainbow
  15. 15. Dream catcher Activity Objective; To provide a creative, meaningful way to address fears and worries To create a feeling of safety for the client Encourage creativity
  16. 16. Finished products
  17. 17. Learning points from the facilitation Activity helped the service user reflect on the positive aspects of her identity Enhanced self-esteem & put client at ease Service user felt safe and activity allowed her open up about fears and anxieties Encouraged communication Facilitated self-expression & creativity Sense of achievement and ownership
  18. 18. Limitations to the facilitation Only working with one service user, could have been carried out in a group situation Activity had been prepared by student, therefore there was no element of choice for service user. This can be considered for future facilitations.
  19. 19. Evaluation Overall the facilitation was very successful and feedback from the service user was extremely positive. While the facilitation could have been carried out in a group session, staff agreed that the service user would benefit more from one to one work. Activities encouraged communication and expression of feelings and anxieties.
  20. 20. Evaluation Service user was relaxed and felt safe in environment. Created a positive relationship between student and service user. Self-esteem activity allowed client to create a positive visual identity. Service user felt a sense of achievement and ownership of work. Use of YouTube video enhanced the facilitation process.
  21. 21. Adaptations Self-esteem activity can be used with any age Dream catcher can be carried out in different ways, using different materials. Other suggestions include, bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc.
  22. 22. Thank you for listening!