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Uk tv adverts from the 70's!


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Uk tv adverts from the 70's!

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  2. 2. Depending on how old you are some of you will find this more fun than others! We were chatting to somemarketing colleagues about the power of ads and some of our favorites over the years. Oh howadvertising has changed!…….along with the products.I wonder who will admit to wearing denim aftershave. For our US and Australian visitors a glimpse ofgood old England from the 70′s.What is fantastic to look at, is how advanced some of these adverts were when it comes to buyingpatterns and the subconscious mind.The Cadbury flake ad for instance. When Sharon viewed this last night she was able to sing it word forword . It must be 30 years since she saw it at least!! I have to say the Old spice ad is possibly my all timefavorite from the 70′s.Let us know which ones are your fav’s!Enjoy your ThursdayBest WishesDenise and Sharon 2 08452570073 email:
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