Twitter has its 20th billion tweets


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Twitter has its 20th billion tweets

  1. 1. Twitter Has Its 20th Billion Tweets:Here Are 3 Reasons Why It Works in Business 1 08452570073 email:
  2. 2. Twitter Has Its 20th Billion Tweet: Here Are 3 Reasons Why It Works in BusinessTwitter the micro blogging social network reached its 20 billionth Tweet last week. So what you mightsay? Well true, I occasionally have been known to make similar comments. What is interesting though isthe viral phenomenon of social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.The 20th billion tweet was amazing enough. More astounding is that it took 4 years to mark the 10thbillion tweet which occurred in March this year and only another 5 more months to double it.Twitter started life over four years ago as a way to make blogging easier for people online. The technicalterm for Twitter is a micro blogging platform. The non geek version is that it is a way to communicatewith people in less than 140 characters.Side note: Blogging actually started life as an online diary where individuals like you and I could keep adiary for the entire world to see. Hence the term weblog. Over time people started to coin the phraseblogging.The basic remit is that users of Twitter can tell each other what they are doing at any point in time,share information, pictures, images, top tips etc. As its popularity has grown it is also a great place tofind out answers to any number of questions you might have and of course to keep up with all the latestgossip. 2 08452570073 email:
  3. 3. The concept is to follow and be followed by Twitters’ who have similar interests’ passions. The excitingpart for many people is that in theory you have a direct line to people who you might never have in amonth of Sundays. This could be possible business connections mentors etc.As with many “platforms” like this there are surges in cult usage depending on which celebrity asdecided to use the social network in question. Twitter has gained in popularity in the UK particularlyover the last year with the TV channels and cult programmes like the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talentleveraging it for their own viral marketing campaign.From a business perspective Twitter usage is booming. Though you might have to spend “time” on yourmarketing efforts with Twitter from a cost point of view actual costs are tiny.Imagine having over 2000 followers (small by some standards) and what if just 10% of these people wentto your website and decided to join your newsletter. That is an extra 200 people on your database thathas cost very little.There are various free software programmes that help you automate processes.In addition to low cost Twitter has many aligned and easy to use applications that you can utilise toautomate following and messaging people. Some business owners have literally thousands of followers.They create this by having a strategy and a plan that helps them connect with their audience.They also automate this with software…though many might not admit it. 3 08452570073 email:
  4. 4. From a small business internet marketing perspective how can it benefit business? Well there are anumber of ways. This can be summed by 3 main headings. Communication, Connection and Contribution.ConnectionAs small business owners we all want to connect with our market at a number of levels. From the initialintroductions, to building rapport and demonstrating that we understand “their” issues and problems andmost importantly we have a possible solution for them. We do this through communication.CommunicationClassical sales training will always teach that most customers and clients will only start to buy after the7th interaction with you or your company. The sales and personal development guru Brian Tracey talksabout this at length in lots of his excellent books and training. You can also find even more validationthrough studying N.L.P and the study of excellence which has numbers, studies and evidence to back upthis claim.It is logical when you reflect on other areas of your life. Generally as human beings we like to get toknow one another. The more we see, hear or experience someone the more boxes they tick as weevaluate them at both a conscious and unconscious level.Think about when you met the certain someone in your life? Yes I know it might have been some timeago. I am sure it might have been love at first sight though my suspicion is you did not get into acommitted relationship until you had at least seen them a few times?! 4 08452570073 email:
  5. 5. Now think about the beauty of Twitter. This process of communication and connection can happen at amuch faster pace.ContributionLet’s explain this one a little more .BNI is a well known networking business. It works on the premisethat givers gain. All this is based on the law of reciprocity. In other words you give me something ofperceived value to me and I give you something in return. That might be, I open up to listening to you,or I consider buying something from you. We have an example close to home.Though I may be a bit of a geek. Fixing electrical circuit breakdowns in the house is not my strong point.Luckily for us there is a local electrician in our village. Last year everything went black! I rang Ian ourKnight in shining armor. He came round worked his magic and didn’t charge us, the reason being “Well Iwas on my way home” Now when it came to replacing 6 spotlights in our kitchen who do you think gotthe work? Correct. By the way if you live in South Lakes Ian Speak man is fantastic as an electrician!Back on track now! So how does this link to Twitter. Well you can share tips and information about yourtarget markets issues and problems. Suggest helpful websites with information, free programmersreports etc. You know the type of thing. When you are an expert in your field it is easy to give awayinformation that will not devalue you your product or service. It creates trust and helps to establish anunconscious link.Using an example of how this could work. Say you are selling a product or service to help people loseweight. You could share a link to a site where they can plot their weight loss for free. Or a nutritionalwebsite where they can find out what fruit and vegetables are in season. Do this on a regular basis andthen you might be surprised how many of them will come and buy your service.People that are then following you will start to see that you are a good “egg” with something valuable tosay. Eventually they start to come and look at your website with all your programmes and services. Thenhey presto your phone rings or you here the caching of a PayPal button. You feel good they feel good andeverybody is happy.Action stepsSo what next? Well first don’t ignore this social network. It is exploding because it works and more andmore people want to do business with individuals they, know like and trust.1. Sign Up for an Account2. Make sure you have a picture of you and a link to your website in your bio. Weird or silly photos forbusiness will get fewer followers. 5 08452570073 email:
  6. 6. 3. Connection with your audience. DONT overly promote yourself first. Make it engaging add value andshare.4. Get yourself either a free guide to using Twitter or Google Twitter guides. You can probably pick oneup for less than a fiver! If you Google Mark Shaw he has some great free stuff.5. Follow people and watch the conversation6. Follow us and we will follow you back you can find us at You and your online success!Denise and Sharon 6 08452570073 email:
  7. 7. About Fast Track Your SalesWe are a web marketing company based in the UK we help our clients get more salesleads.We provide a range of services:  Marketing and Sales Strategy  Product Launch Planning and implementation  Copywriting  Sales letter creation  Lead Generation Website  Affordable Websites  SEO  Social Media MarketingTo find out more either email us or call us at the numbers belowEmail: support[at]fasttrackyoursales[dot]co.ukTel: 08452570073 7 08452570073 email: