Lead generation techniques online


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Lead generation techniques online

  1. 1. Lead Generation Techniques Online: The only 3 Things You Need To Do 1 www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  2. 2. Lead Generation Techniques Online: The only 3 Things You Need To Do lead-generation-techniques-onlineLead generation techniques online are becoming more popular than ever. With the volume andcomplexity of internet searches growing by the hour the ability to leverage Internet marketingis vital for any business who wants to be successful online.As we all know as business owners the ability to generate a high volume of sales leads is vitalfor the success of any business. No new business coming in equals a slowing of growth and achallenge to cash flow.Lead generation takes many forms. However for most companies lead generation techniquesonline can provide a huge opportunity by focusing on 3 key areas.1. Targeted Keywords or PhrasesIf you have been around this website before you will know that this is my pet subjectespecially for local business owners and start-ups. We often carry out free website reviews forpotential clients. During this process we normally uncover the fact that keywords are missingfrom all the key places on a site. Or the keywords are so broad as to be useless. In other wordsuntargeted and impossible to rank for unless you have marketing budget the size of Google orMicrosoft. Remember people search online for many things….. 2 www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  3. 3.  Solutions to problems InformationBoth of these areas help people make buying decisions agreed. Yet providing a solution to aproblem is a much better bet.So use a keyword research tool like the Google keyword tool or Market Samurai… Brainstormsome keyword ideas first and then add these into the tool. You will then have some facts tobase your decisions on.2. Build Links Link BuildingNow you have a keyword that has some commercial intent and is not to competitive the longerthe better. Add a geographic modifier to it and you are much more likely to get found andbring in some targeted customers. For example for us that would be SEO Preston, or seoconsultant Preston. What might your equivalent be?Next we need to build links to our website. The more links we have the better it is. This is thebenefit of all this SEO stuff. I know it sounds like jargon [and it is ;_)] However by focusing onSEO for your website it means that you will generate more sales leads.How do you build leads? Well you can learn to do it yourself and we teach this in one of ourprogrammes Experts Online Academy. Now there are many ways to do this. One of the first isto comment on a blog like this one and this will give a link back to your site.You can also write an Article and link back. The more of this you do the better your site willperform.You can outsource your SEO to a reputable seo company whatever you decide dosomething. 3 www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  4. 4. 3. Build a database.So you are attracting visitors to your website. These are targeted visitors who have found youbecause of the work you have put in using the first 2 lead generation techniques online i.e.Keyword research and link building.Next you need to capture these targeted sales leads. You do this through offering something ofvalue in return for an email address. You can then start to build a relationship with them.Make it something of value. If they have an issue………and they will have lots!……….. give themthe answer to just one of them! Why you might wonder if they are not paying?!! Well let’s behonest with one another, there is plenty more where that came from. Both problems that theyhave and answers from you that provide a solution. In the laws of marketing it is called giveand take or reciprocity.Setting up your database collection is easy to do. Sign up for a service likeAweber. This is theone we use. Then create a free report that addresses one problem. Then build a relationshipwith your database.As a mentor of mine says. This stuff works!! One particular website we have has “sign upseveryday”. We sell a digital eBook with the delivery all automated.Action StepsAre you ready to take some action ?1. Use a keyword tool to research your market2. Add these keywords to your website and build links to your website3. Create a database by using an email contact systemFinally set yourself a Goal Monday is August 1st what could you achieve by August 28th??To You and Your Online Success.Denise and Sharon 4 www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
  5. 5. About Fast Track Your SalesWe are a web marketing company based in the UK we help our clients get more salesleads.We provide a range of services:  Marketing and Sales Strategy  Product Launch Planning and implementation  Copywriting  Sales letter creation  Lead Generation Website  Affordable Websites  SEO  Social Media MarketingTo find out more either email us or call us at the numbers belowEmail: support[at]fasttrackyoursales[dot]co.ukTel: 08452570073 5 www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk