Free marketing event on february 9th in cumbria


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Free marketing event on february 9th in cumbria

  1. 1. Free Marketing Event On February 9th in CumbriaI love Fridays dont you? You see Fridays are my planning and study days.Funny that the more we plan the more we achieve. This is related to our clients who took action by theway.One part of our 2012 plan was to get some marketing and strategy advice to take our business to thenext level.Next week is a big week for us as we are starting to work with our new business Mentor. She doessomething similar to us and has trebled her business three years in a row.Good idea to learn from her we thought. In fact last week she mentioned something that we tookaction on straight away.It was something we had not done before. Already this has brought over 4 figures in 4 days into ourbank account. Even better the new client is thrilled as well.Ok do you want to know about the clients that took action? Well to protect the actual idea we will tellyou about a couple of clients and the strategy that is guaranteed to work. 1 08452570073 email:
  2. 2. We call it G.C.M.V it stands for give clients more value.The truth is it cost you money to bring in a new client. And we are assuming that you deliver afantastic service Fred?So what else can you do for them ? This is what our clients did.They took the time to make some connections. For example."If client X has bought this do you think they might need some help on what to do next. Perhaps Icould create a service or product for them?"This is what our clients did. One sent an email out reminding their client base about a service theyhad. Next day they got a phone call and a booking. This is a high value industry by the way.Our other VIP client made an offer to a group of her clients she had only just sold something to. Shegot 7 takers.We will give you more detail on this strategy on February the 9th.So will you be there?Here are the links again Register: 2 08452570073 email:
  3. 3. About Fast Track Your SalesWe are a web marketing company based in the UK we help our clients get more salesleads.We provide a range of services:  Marketing and Sales Strategy  Product Launch Planning and implementation  Copywriting  Sales letter creation  Lead Generation Website  Affordable Websites  SEO  Social Media MarketingTo find out more either email us or call us at the numbers belowEmail: support[at]fasttrackyoursales[dot]co.ukTel: 08452570073 3 08452570073 email:
  4. 4. 4 08452570073 email: