Aweber auto responder review


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Aweber auto responder review

  1. 1. Aweber Auto responder review: Couldit Make A Difference to Your Business? 1 08452570073 email:
  2. 2. Try AWeber Email Marketing Risk-FreeBefore we talk about aweber lets explain some of the benefits of making this investment for yourbusiness.For many local business owners getting an online presence that works for them is becoming increasinglyimportant. With over 75% of potential clients old and new searching online for service providers it isimperative that you connect and engage with them.If some one visits your site that is great. If you don’t get hold of any of their details to follow then up allyour hard work is lost.This is where e mail marketing can come to the rescue. Email marketing is a form of online marketingwhich uses an electronic medium as a means to connect with potential clients. Brian Tracey in hisPsychology of selling series covers a sometimes neglected fact that most “prospects” need at least 7interactions with us their suppliers before they commit to working with us.This is where the benefit of e mail communication with your client can really score. If you look to theright on our site we have a sign up box. Test it out. When you sign up you come onto our newsletter listand depending when you read this you also get a complimentary eBook. This is then followed by a seriesof emails with advice and tips. Over time you get to know us. You can even hit reply to the emails youreceive and give us feedback or ask for advice.So let’s look at aweber as your possible auto responder. Aweber auto responder is an auto responderthat helps to automate the process of email marketing.There are other systems out their and some are free. The other very popular system is get response. Justclick the highlighted wordgetresponse and it will take you to the site and have a look. It actually isslightly more expensive than aweber. Though might work for you. Like anything in life you get what youpay for. Aweber is very low cost and is the most popular email management system on the market.The company is based in the US and we are in the UK. This has NEVER made any difference what so everfor us. Deliverability is good. Sometimes we end up in Junk folders there is a way around this. Just makesure you ask your new subscribers to white list your email.Aweber comes with 5 main features which are the ability to send email newsletters, the ability to createauto responders, the ability to manage unlimited email campaigns, the ability to turn your RSS feed intoa blog newsletter and over 75 HTML templates which you can copy and paste to use in your emails or ifyou want, you can create your own using the message editor they have.The account also comes with unlimited email campaigns, newsletters, goal actions and autoresponders.The fee is per month which is currently $19 per month under 500 subscribers. $29 over 500. So initially itis going to be around £12 a month. 2 08452570073 email:
  3. 3. The good thing about Aweber is that you have a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with itand their customer support is one of the best out there, you can even reach them by phone or email orlive chat. If you look over to the right and click the banner you can trial if for less than 60p.In summary then if you are really serious about building a list for your online business you need autoresponder software that works.Aweber is what we use and it comes with our highest recommendation. Just below is a sign up box andyou can get an experience of how email marketing works. If you fill in your details the nice chaps ataweber will send you a series of emails. By the way when we signed up a couple of years ago I was veryimpressed with their customer service. Even though we are in th uk someone contacted us to checkeverything was fine. Impressed or what!To you and your online success,Denise and Sharon 3 08452570073 email:
  4. 4. About Fast Track Your SalesWe are a web marketing company based in the UK we help our clients get more salesleads.We provide a range of services:  Marketing and Sales Strategy  Product Launch Planning and implementation  Copywriting  Sales letter creation  Lead Generation Website  Affordable Websites  SEO  Social Media MarketingTo find out more either email us or call us at the numbers belowEmail: support[at]fasttrackyoursales[dot]co.ukTel: 08452570073 4 08452570073 email: