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Czech mar comm and pr 5_12_2012_denisa kollmannova


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Presentation for University of Leipzig, Germany,

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Czech mar comm and pr 5_12_2012_denisa kollmannova

  1. 1. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONAND PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC PhDr. Denisa Kasl Kollmannová, Ph.D. Charles University in Prague
  2. 2. Structure of the lecture1. Short introduction to the Czech development after 19892. Who do the Czechs trust the most?3. The current state of Public Relations4. Some specifical trends in the Czech market: Innovative companies, Retro, Anti- corruption, Outdoor, Nuclear Energy
  3. 3. More Marketing than Marketing Communication• Overall market: stabilized, market economy, transition completed after the systém change in 1989• Besides global and international companies strong domestic brands• Practice: Sales department rule in the overall strategy of the company (55%), marketing dep. 22%, financial 14%• Globalization: strong influence of global companies• 40% of all companies is following the rules of headquarters, however 24% of them say they are very independent• Marketing Education: Economics-based marketing
  4. 4. Communication after Propaganda Press freedom index byStrong censorship between 1948-89 Reporters without borders 2012- Selfcensorship DNACommunistic propaganda andpersuasion- Grown through the society since early ageAfter 1989: Freedom of speech,press…- But what does it actually mean?
  5. 5. Development of PR after 1989Before 1989 – Rapid and Merkur: two leading state-operated PR andAdvertising agenciesChanging structure of media marketDevelopment of PR services – local agencies dominate the marketSince 1995 – Association of PR Agencies ( 2004 – Department of Marketing Communication and PR atthe Charles University in PragueSince 2006 – Czech PR Award Contest by APRA(
  6. 6. Public trust in institutions Companies Global EU CZ +18 Slovakia +18 +18 Media NGO´s +18 +18Source: Edelman Trust Barometer and survey AMI Communications, 2012, informed publics
  7. 7. Trust in industry „Czechs believe in cars, technology and alcohol“Source: Edelman Trust Barometer a průzkum AMI Communications, 2012 informed publics Zdroj: Edelman Trust Barometer and survey AMI Communications, 2012,
  8. 8. Trustworthiness of information sourcesSource: Edelman Trust Barometer and survey AMI Communications, 2012, informed publics
  9. 9. Repetition enhances trustworthiness: Czechs need more reassurance How many times do you need to hear an information tobelieve it? EU: majority 3-5x, 25% of Czechs more than 6x Zdroj:Edelman Trust Barometer a průzkum AMI Communications, 2012Source: Edelman Trust Barometer and survey AMI Communications, 2012, informed publics
  10. 10. Public Relations in the Czech Republic: Current position• Aim of the research: to analyze the current state of communication professionals´ position, roles, opinions about PR, usage of PR services and agencies• Put the outcomes to the socio-historical context of CR• First academic research on PR in the Czech Republic• Focusing on the role of PR agencies• Respondents: 200 Communication professionals (no agency employees)• Commercial and non-commercial sector
  11. 11. Research questions• RQ1. What role does PR play in Czech companies? Is it significant or rather irrelevant?• RQ2. What position does PR hold in the company structure and what is the role of a PR/Communication manager? Does PR influence the decision-making process inside the company?• RQ3. What kind of fields is the PR department responsible for? Is it merely media communication, or other fields as well, e.g. internal communication, issues management, online communication, public affairs etc.?• RQ4. Do the companies work with PR agencies (and to which extent) or do they establish their own in-house PR departments?• RQ5. Which PR agency do the companies work with and why?
  12. 12. Perception of PR by Communication Professionals
  13. 13. Frequency of usage of PR in Czech companies and organizations
  14. 14. Competence and hierarchy or communication managers in CR
  15. 15. Responsibility of PR managers for different fields
  16. 16. Most-used PR services
  17. 17. Online communication solutions: who would the communication managers ask for help?
  18. 18. Knowledge or experience with Czech PR agencies Ogilvy PR 3 10 8 45 36 Medea 3 4 5 45 44 AMI Communications 3 9 8 33 48 Bison & Rose 25 9 27 58 Botticelli 3 5 7 22 65 AC&C 1 6 26 67 Ewing PR 23 5 24 68 Native PR 1 5 4 19 73 PR Konektor 1 4 2 21 73 EMC 12 2 21 75 Fleischman Hillard 11 2 20 78 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%We are cooperating We cooperated in the past We were in contactI know them by name I don´t know them
  19. 19. Traits of the best PR agency
  20. 20. Current Czech PR and marcomm trendsSome specifical trends in theCzech market1. Anti-corruption movement2. Innovative companies3. Retro marketing4. Outdoor lifestyle5. Nuclear Energy boost
  21. 21. Anti-corruption movementAnti-corruption movement: Companies and NGO´sagainst corruption (after 2009)1. NGO´s: Transparency International, Janeček´s National Fund Against Corruption, Z-Index, etc.2. Companies which declare their anti-corruption statement in image-making, PR and marketing communication: Student Agency, Bernard, Linet, Unicorn, etc.3. Anti-corruption as business plan: Corrupt Tour
  22. 22. NGO´s case: Karel Janeček´s Positive Evolution
  23. 23. Image case:BernardBrewery
  24. 24. Business case: Corrupt Tour
  25. 25. Retro marketing• Local succesful brands• Continuity from the socialist Czechoslovakia• Kofola, Prim, Botas, Granko, Melta• Míša, Eta, Sunar etc.
  26. 26. Case: Kofola – 1960´s brand
  27. 27. Growth of Kofola´s portfolio„If you love her, there´s nothing else“ Christmas ad
  28. 28. New success stories: Innovative companies• IT – AVG, Avast, 2K, SocialBakers, Seznam• Apart from Seznam, no local branding
  29. 29. Seznam – the Czech GoogleLocalization as the key concept for search engine
  30. 30. Outdoor: Czech Lifestyle PassionOutdoor equipment & fashion: Bushman, Loop,Direct Alpine, Hannah, Warmpiece, Pingiun –over 50 local outdoor producers
  31. 31. Czech anomalia: Nuclear energy support
  32. 32. Temelín: completion or new reactors?
  33. 33. Czech media framing
  34. 34. ConclusionsSriramesh and Verčič (Sriramesh & Verčič, 2012: 9) state the three most significant factors that shape the public relations practice and theory in each culture1) Globalization- Apart from global Ogilvy PR, predominantly local agencies win and knowledge of local context is highly appreciated by professionals2) Changes in PR practice and pedagogy- Most of communication professionals are not educated in the PR field, they value highly PR asset to the company, but have difficulties explaining it3) Growing influence and realization of the importance of PR to contemporary societies- PR faces a big challenge in communicating and explaining its own relevance. PR agencies do not possess well-known (and presumably trusted) brands. Public knowledge of PR is low, and so is marketing- literacy
  35. 35. DiscussionThank you for your comments! Denisa Kasl Kollmannová