Halon Banking Systemsis an internationally      / Mission /renowned leader           Halon Banking Systems strives to be a...
In addition, Halon Banking Systems offers consulting that involves examining            At a glance...your installations a...
Contact us today for all      / Services /of your halon needs.          •  eclaim and Certify to Industry standards Halon ...
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Halon Banking Systems


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Halon Banking Systems

  1. 1. www.halonbankingsystems.com
  2. 2. Halon Banking Systemsis an internationally / Mission /renowned leader Halon Banking Systems strives to be a world-wide leader in both quality control and availability of recycled halon while eventually managing thewith a team of world’s halon use to zero.specialists dedicated It is one of our strongest beliefs that halon banking programs must be accessible to all halon users or the risk of accelerated atmospheric emissions will escalate asto the effective and users find themselves with redundant stock.environmentally Our operations play a significant role in ensuring the caliber and accessibility of recycled halon, in managing the halon use down to zero, and in assisting with emission data by providing regional estimates that should be more accurate thanresponsible global estimates.management, sale, Our private banking procedures will continue to maintain good records and offer the opportunity to minimise the uncertainty in stored inventory and stockredeployment and availability. Halon Banking Systems is available globally to purchase and “clean” cross-contaminated halons. We consider it part of our moral responsibility to ensure proper use of these halons, as per the 1987 Montreal Protocol.destruction of halon. / About Us / Since it’s inception in 1997, Halon Banking Systems has respected the highest industry standards of quality and certification, and in doing so has recycled in excess of 25 million pounds of halon without incident. We operate full service recycling centres in both the United States and Canada. Halon Banking Systems is the only safe choice for reclaiming, recycling, banking and disposal of halon. We are specialized in buying, selling, trading, recycling and refilling of halon 1301, 1211, 2402, FM200 and other clean agents. As a major worldwide supplier of halon 1301, 1211 and 2402, we have the resources, finances and infrastructure to supply these recycled halons with their ongoing requirements. “Used” halons are purchased from non-critical users and the agents are then processed until they meet internationally accepted standards with full laboratory certifications. This material is then “banked” in our storage until needed by critical users. www.halonbankingsystems.com
  3. 3. In addition, Halon Banking Systems offers consulting that involves examining At a glance...your installations and/or assisting your organization in adopting halon alternativesuppression systems. We specialize in providing guidance related to convertingyour existing halon system to other commercially viable systems. • e are dedicated to the W effective and environmentallyHalon Banking Systems participates in the halon and fire industry as members of: responsible management,• World Bank listed Private Sector Halon Bank sale, redeployment and• United Nations Approved for Halon Work destruction of halon• Halon Recycling Corporation and Halon Alternatives Research Council • e are a leader in both W in the United States quality control and availability• The National Halon Roundtable in Canada of recycled halon• NAFED (National Fire Equipment Distributors) in the United States • e respects the highest W• NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in the United States industry standards of quality and certification • e have recycled in excess W/ Experience / of 10,000,000 pounds 2 500 000Halon Banking Systems have achieved international recognition for successful has of halon without incidentimplementation of extensive halon inventory. We have been involved in some ofthe largest global halon replacements projects including NORAD/ Drew Line Radar • e have achieved Wstations and other substantial replacements across North America. We offeredexpert consultant advice in evaluating the National Halon Bank of Argentina. international recognition for successful implementationOur company has successfully completed a project for United Nations OPS in Mexico of extensive halon inventoryto set-up their National Halon Bank. A similar project was initiated in May 2007,for the configuration of two mobile halon recovery and reclamation facilitiesin collaboration with the Indian Navy and Indian Ministry of Defence.In February 2008, the two facilities were fully functional and handled a large volumeof halon. Part of the main equipment for the HRRF was a halon 1301.1211/2401Neutronics halon recycling machine. With complete automatation and a recoveryrate of over 98% -99% nitrogen removal efficiency, it averaged 1 to 2 kilogramsper minute in halon recycling. In addition, we used Neutronics Halon Identifier -a portable and fixed equipment test - to ensure the highest results.
  4. 4. Contact us today for all / Services /of your halon needs. • eclaim and Certify to Industry standards Halon 1211, 1301, and FM-200 R • echarge your discharged system bottles with Halon 1301, FM-200 R • ydrostatically test your cylinders in a DOT approved testing facility H • Ship recycled and certified halon 1211, 1301, FM-200 We also provide: • alon 1301 Laboratory Certification to ASTM D-5632-95 type I, II and upon H request, ISO 7201 specifications • alon 1211 Certificate of Analysis, summary of Gas Chromatograph Report H and upon request, Laboratory Certification to ISO 7201 specifications • M200 (HFC-221) Laboratory Certification to NFPA 2001 F • ystem cylinders/valve assembles re-furbished upon request S • .O.T Re-certification of cylinder/tanks upon request D / CORPORATE / Halon Banking Systems is a division of Vipond Inc which is owned by APi Group Inc., a large construction company with sales in excess of 1.5 billion dollars annually in the United States, Great Britain and Canada. This corporate backing makes HBS the most stable and viable company in the halon business. APi Group Inc is a privately held company with well over 100 branches throughout the world. It is recognized as a major player in the Fire Protection Market including being one of the largest fire protection contractors in the United States. Sales exceed 1.5 billion USD. APi Group Inc includes renowned companies such as Vipond Inc. (Canada), Vipond UK, Vipond Bahamas, Western States Fire Protection (US), VFP Fire Protection (US), ------ US Fire (Chicago) and Security Fire (Memphis), Davis - Ulmer Sprinkler Company, International Fire Protection, Inc., United States Alliance Fire Protection Inc., Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company and Delta Fire Systems, Inc. US Office: 301 York Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55130 Toll-Free: 866-227-0601 | Fax: 651-389-0555