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Twoodo investor slides

  1. 1. Denis Duvauchelle| | www.twoodo.comOne box to rule them all
  2. 2. Why?Denis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comWe’re a team of productivity hackers...We want to...Getting things doneFinding shortcuts to go fastOne tool to organize everythingWE HATE WE LOVEThe chaos of having multiple toolsClicking aroundWasting time in generalCreate more time for youEmpower teams to work more effectivelyFocus on what’s really important
  3. 3. ProblemDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comWhat we have todayOne tool for notes, one for email,one for chat, one for calendar, one for tasks......that’s great but getting them to work togetherrequires a PHD and updating all of them...’s just a waste of time and a painAnd if you think about it, for every singleapplication above, it all starts by typingsomething...Thiscouldbe you
  4. 4. SolutionDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comWe give you one box!Using Twitter like tags, create and manage tasks, messages, calen-dar events and notes from the same place and without clicks.The input box will update all of your applications automatically.#todo will create a taskThis will create a and associ-ate it to the tag “bizdev”. It willalso addan event in your calendar. If youhad shared the tag with some-one, they will receive a notifica-@someone will be send a personal mes-sage or assign them a task.Share a #tag with other users orjust with an email.#goals with your @team areachieved herepostchatemail dates tasklistnotes#bizdev Contact Georgebefore friday 5pm #todoexample
  5. 5. Business modelDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comOur pricing strategy will be...FreemiumFreeUse it as long as youwant, but you can’tshare your tags withmore than 3 people$5/monthMore storage andyou can share 20tags with up to 10people.$15/monthMore storage andyou can share 100tags with up to 50people.freemium
  6. 6. Underlying magicDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comWe look like any other social network, but we’re actuallymerging all the tools that you use everyday for yourpersonal or professional life into one.We eliminate useless and frustrating steps and give youor your team more time to concentrate on what’s im-portant.But we didn’t stop there.We are developing an algorithm that recog-nizes natural language that will take accountof the context of the conversation.ALL IN ONE TOOLLess time wasted anda more productive workforceLOWLEARNINGCURVENO NEEDFORWHOLE TEAMNATURALLANGUAGEINTEGRATIONALL INFOISTRACKEDSHARED TASKS ACTIVITY STREAMGROUP CHATexample“Can you do this today?”The algorithm will understandwho the “you” and what the“this” refers to from the conver-sation.It will then automatically createand assign the task and dead-line.
  7. 7. Marketing & SalesDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comGo to market strategyMarket segmentsIndividuals who want to take control of their busylives and teams who want to work more effectively.People who want to jot down notes on the fly, listpersonal and shared reminders and tasks.A big market with double digit growth.The productivity market represents $4.6 billion withan online market penetration of only 5%. Themarket will continue to experience double digitgrowth with small companies looking for solutionsthat are cost effective.Product engineers who want to launch their next re-lease.High school and university students who want toshare class notes, to collaborate on projects or toorganize parties.PRODUCTGUESTBLOGGINGPR AFFILIATE VIDEO SEM SEO$4.6 Billion
  8. 8. CompetitionDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comEvernoteYammer AsanaPodio
  9. 9. TeamDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comHighly ambitious teamDenis Duvauchelle Sean AntonyDavid ArnouxCEOSerial entrepreneur (China,Europe) and front-end de-veloper.Corporate experience insales. Bachelors in engi-neering & managementand a Masters in econom-ics.CMODavid has 7 years of ex-perience in Marketingand Sales. He ran his pre-vious startup from abootstrapped idea to a500k€ revenue companyin 3 years.CTOProduct director at aleading software develop-ment company for banks,he has the experienceand the brains to developa stable, flexible and scal-able platform. He’s pas-sionate about about AI.Mobile JediComputer Science gradu-ate and Sun Certified JavaProgrammer with 5 yearsSAP consulting experi-ence at Accenture andIBM. He has the agility totake on the new chal-lenges in todays rapidlyevolving mobile plat-forms.Guillaume Acard
  10. 10. ProjectionsDenis Duvauchelle (CEO)
  11. 11. Status & TimelineDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.com2013 – Q12013 – Q22013 – Q32013 – Q42014 – Q1- Develop MVP- Build up team and sort out how to work with each other- StartupBootcamp Amsterdam- Lean product and customer development- Finish the MVP- Make web application scalable- Seed fund raising- Set up fast user feedback loop- Develop mobile application- External integration (calendar, email, notes, ...)- Big PR release- Optmise UX for high conversion rates- Development of AI algorithm- International expansion (multi-languages)
  12. 12. SummaryDenis Duvauchelle (CEO) denis@twoodo.comJoin us!We are lean evangelists who haveidentified the problem/solution fitWe are a tightly knit and complementaryteam with the relevant skills and experiencesWe are targeting a big andgrowing marketWe built a killer applicationSHARED TASKS ACTIVITY STREAMGROUP CHATAlgorithm$4.6 Billion