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Which is more effective subliminal messages or positive affirmations

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Which is more effective subliminal messages or positive affirmations

  1. 1. Which is More Effective - Subliminal Messages or Positive Affirmations?<br />Positive affirmations have long been used as a fundamental instrument for personal development, but now they may be coming under competition from a new form of development - subliminal messaging.<br />Subliminal cds are swiftly increasing in reputation because of it's partially effortless nature. On a simple level all subliminal audio messages are, are positive affirmations recorded on to an audio file, and made subliminal. Because of this you will not audibly hear any spoken words whatsoever, nevertheless the phrases will still get into your unconscious mind directly, and when these statements start to build up (just like affirmations would) they will begin to make adjustments internally and to transform your beliefs and habits on a core level.<br />The Benefits of Subliminal Messaging<br />So instead of standing at the mirror rehearsing your affirmations several times you can go about your day - subliminals will save you a lot of time. The end result will probably be similar, only with the extra advantage that you could put on the subliminal audio without anyone's knowledge and allow the affirmations to effortlessly flow into your subconscious mind while you perform other activities - when you are working, studying, or even while you're at the gym.<br />This is not to say that using subliminal messages will be completely effortless on their own - you still need to take a proactive approach and conscious action towards your targets, but they will give you a boost, improve your commitment and self-discipline, and make you more prone to succeed. This change is not immediate, but normally occurs within just a couple of days to a few weeks. You will notice a few light adjustments in your mind at first that will increase until eventually you see a genuine difference in your self beliefs and patterns of thinking.<br />The same as positive affirmations they can be used to help you advance in just about any personal development area - from losing weight to restoring your self esteem, and perhaps to aid your performance in physical activities.<br />So should you be familiar with using affirmations you should know how subliminals will help too - the result will not magical, it will be similar, only with the additional benefit of saving you some time .<br />Download Three Ground Breaking Subliminal Messaging Albums Worth Over $40 Here<br />


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