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Excel Denim Launch By Birla and Arvind


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An excellent fashion show by Arvind and Birla

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Excel Denim Launch By Birla and Arvind

  1. 1. In a spectacular turn of events, two of India’s largest textile conglomerates joined handsfor a fair cause. While Birla Cellulose focused its efforts on R&D to create the unique Excelfiber made of super refined wood pulp, Arvind with its expertise in denim mastered thecraft of weaving it into a lustrous fabric. The Arvind Limited Established 1931, and BirlaCellulose established1954 bring you the revolutionary ‘Excel Denim’.A product that was received especially well in the International markets, Excel Denim is aclass fabric with superior strength, luster, bounce, softness and comfort. High moistureabsorbency and higher wet stability add to the uniqueness of this fabric. And with suchnotable characteristics, there is no denying that Excel Denim will focus primarily on thewomen’s wear market.As the two textile giants surge forward with the innovative Excel Denim, internationallyacclaimed designer Rajesh Pratap Singh had been entrusted with designing an exclusivecollection for the India launch. So here’s a unique fabric from two world leaders in theirown rights, and garments by a designer known for aesthetics and simple designs, and anobsession for fine details.The culmination of this masterpiece was witnessed by a select audience from the ApparelIndustry at the India launch of Excel Denim in an exclusive show at Bangalore Palace inBengaluru.