Denim Club Newsletter 01 January, 2014


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Denim Club Newsletter is a compilation of the latest news and updates related to denim business and industry from all across the globe.

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Denim Club Newsletter 01 January, 2014

  1. 1. Your Window To The World Of Denim Latest Denim News & Updates from Across the Globe Newsletter 1st January 2014 DENIM CLUB INDIA WRANGLERWRANGLERWRANGLER ALPINESTARSALPINESTARSALPINESTARS DENIM JEANSDENIM JEANSDENIM JEANS DEBUTS People vs. West Jeans Moves With Denim Roots Tribeca to Launch New Denim Collection Denim Show at Bangladesh INVISTA AND LENZING TO ADD AESTHETICS TO STRETCH FABRICS HAPPYNEW YEAR2014 B2B Event India Millenium 2014
  2. 2. WRANGLER ALPINESTARS DENIM JEANS DEBUTS Wrangler has entered into an exclusive collaboration with motorsports specialist Alpinestars to present ‘Wrangler powered by Alpinestars’ with two limited edition styles. The collaboration represents the apex of Wrangler’s Denim Performance design platform. Black denim jeans fuse Wrangler style and heritage details with Alpinestars’ market-leading protection technology. The jeans are reinforced at the seat, hip and knee with Kevlar, used popularly to make military flak jackets, and employed in motorsports to resist abrasion and t e a r s . T h e contoured leg shape is optimized for riding. The black leather biker jacket is fully prepped for motorcycle adventures, and benefits from Wrangler’s flair for vintage aesthetics. Elbows and shoulders are shelled in Bio Armor, a specialized polymer/rubber compound used in motorcycle clothing to protect the wearer against impact. The look is iconic: all black, fully functional and lovingly aged. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 03 Apparel Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim
  3. 3. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 04 Apparel Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Newsletter : 26 Dec 2013 ‘Wrangler powered byAlpinestars’ is strictly limited edition with only 65 jackets and 80 pairs of jeans are available: each jacket and each pair of jeans are individually numbered, making each garment completely unique to its owner. The products are sold exclusively through seven premium lifestyles stores across Europe including Solo in Sweden and SPMRKTinAmsterdam. Wrangler and Alpinestars’ both originated as clothing for riders. Wrangler is the authentic outdoor denim brand, founded in the 1940s as the ultimate kit for rodeo riders. Alpinestars’, established in Italy in the 1960s, is renowned for its high-performance clothing, worn by top drivers and riders in 2007 World Championand MotoGP. The adrenaline-fuelled talent includes current MotoGPWorld Champion Jorge Lorenzo. Kimi Raikkonen, 2007 World Championdriver and champion, is ambassador for the limited edition ‘Wrangler powered by Alpinestars’ styles. He says, “I like working with experts. I work with experts in motor racing and Wrangler is experts in the world of jeans. Wrangler and Alpinestars’ are both iconic brands for riders. Wrangler’s denim expertise combined with Alpinestars’ skills in developing high performance racing apparel creates something a bit magic.” Alpinestars’ president Gabriele Mazzarolo adds: “The ‘Wrangler powered byAlpinestars’ collection fuses two iconic brands with a rich heritage in rugged functionality, style and performance. This collaboration between Alpinestars and Wrangler is a perfectly natural synergy of two industry leaders that will leverage both brands’ strengths and core values to create a truly unique product.” ‘Wrangler powered by Alpinestars’ launches in FW13 as part of the Denim Performance design platform. Wrangler Denim Performance redesigns jeans, shirts and jackets for the modern consumer, via investment in materials, details and technology. Wrangler’s heritage is built on innovation. Wrangler Denim Performance continues the legacy. Adam Kakembo, vice-president, product & marketing, Wrangler EMEA, says: “Wrangler is proud to connect with Alpinestars’and to create these outstanding products. Denim Performance shows Wrangler taking its heritage into the future. The limited edition ‘Wrangler x Alpinestars’ collaboration pushes design, function and aesthetics to the extreme.” the 1 Denim Who’s Who!# RESOURCE for all denim invaluable Designers | Merchandisers | Developers | Product Planners Technicians | Converters | Buyers | QC / QA Professionals | Agents | Finishing Specialists | Traders | Marketeers Retailers | Agents | Consultants | and more... the first ever Comprehensive DIRECTORY DENIMBUSINESSES PROFESSIONALS& Trims& Accessories W ashing Apparel Machinery Retail Display& Packaging
  4. 4. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 05 Apparel Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Shay Sudry, the denim veteran, knew that he had to do something different to carve a niche in what is still a crowded denim marketplace, when he thought of creating his own line. He wanted to make jeans that no other label was doing, and wanted them affordable, while being both fashionable and sturdy. All of his priorities have been sewn up in the new denim line, named People vs. West Jeans, he said. In October, Sudry delivered the first shipment of the line to boutique chains such as M. Fredric, which has more than nine locations in LosAngeles County. P e o p l e v s . We s t , w h i c h i s manufactured in America, is wholesaling from $44 to $69. One of Sudry’s goals was to make premium denim at a medium price point. The line takes its inspiration from the jeans of the 19th century and bespoke suits. Like bespoke pants made by a tailor, People vs. West Jeans offers subtle details. There’s a dotted indigo fabric in the lining of the back pocket and brown canvas taping at the pants’ fly, and some pants have a unique “accordion- fold,” double-pleated back pocket. The jeans are available in four fits: slim, straight, extra slim and relaxed straight. But like the denim of pioneer days, Sudry planned for the fabric to be strong, and the strength and denim heritage inspired the name of the brand. “I felt like that denim originated from the West,” Sudry said. He wanted to make jeans that would honor in denim that heritage of the working people who built the Western United States. “They were fighting the elements,” he said. People vs. West Jeans Moves With Denim Roots Book Your Copy Now in the Denim Business Directory Are you And your Business Included? Add your Company Advertise visit:
  5. 5. New Denim Collection TRIBECA TO LAUNCH NEW DENIM COLLECTION Denim Business Network Find Relevant Contacts & Get Found Connect Directly with New Customers & Vendors Generate New Business Opportunities Are you a member of ? Join the Denim Business Network Now ! DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 06 Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Tribeca jeans has announced launch of their new limited denim deluxe collection -Tribeca Limited & Handcrafted. The collection is based on 100% Japanese denim including Japanese cashmere denim, Japanese lyocell denim and classic selvage denim for women and 13 or 13.75 oz. Japanese denim and black selvage for men. Highlights of the woman’s collection are vintage, used and rinse wash, noble leather piping, selvage details, tucks and applications. The jeans will be available in relaxed fit, super slim or narrow boyfriend. For men there are regular fit jeans, slender or blue mélange jeans available with leather details and selvage features. The Tribeca Limited & Handcrafted premium line will be available in selected concept stores fromAugust 2014.
  6. 6. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 07 Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Event DENIM SHOW atBangladesh Visit Denim Club India at and fill-in the online form to Join Denim Business Network. The Individual Membership of Denim Business Network comes to you at a nominal payment of one time registration fee of INR 5000 which includes the first year subscription charge amounting to INR 2500. Individual Membership The Denim Business Corporate membership fee is INR 20,000/- for a group of five individuals, inclusive of subscription charges for one year. This facility provides multi access license up to 5 users. Corporate Membership The first ever denim show is being organised on 1st - 2nd March, 2014 at Dhaka, Bangladesh which is the second largest centre of denim production worldwide This show is being orgnized jointly by India in association with Denim Expert Limited, Chittagong. Bangladesh is a huge centre for denim production . It exports close to 200 million pieces of denim apparel to US and EU alone . For EU , Bangladesh is the second largest exporter of denim after China and for US it is the third largest after China and Mexico. Bangladesh enjoys duty free status to EU for its exports of garments and also to some other countries including India. The show will bringing together serious players from mills, fiber and chemical suppliers, garment manufacturers , retailers, buying houses, brands together so that serious business can be conducted in a denimish ambience. The show will provide a platform to the denim industry in this region where players etc could get together and help in the further development of the denim industry at Bangladesh. A key theme driving the show would be ECO SUSTAINBILITY. Besides the exhibitors showcasing their GREEN products, the show design shall also revolve around this theme. But of course, you have to visit the show to see what we have up our sleeves!
  7. 7. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 08 Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Event Turel - Vi.Be.Mac are organising B2B Event India Millenium 2014 from 9-11 January, 2014 at E H Turel And Company - Centre Of Competence, Bangalore, Karnantaka The unique show will showcase VI.BE.MAC machines as well as splendid fashion maker solutions from TUKATECH, A.S.S, NAOMOTO and others. The B2B event will bring together owners of Vi.Be.Mac, International Jeans Designers from Italy, Jeans Producers, Production Consultants - on Jeans Segments and jeans Fabric manufacturers. An Actual Jeans Production Line with the latest robotics from the leaders of the Machinery Manufacturers will be set up at the event to Produce Jeans – from Body Scan, to CAD, Cutting, and Step–By–Step manufacturing of jeans. The Latest 3-D scanning and Finishing Equipments will be showcasesd. In addition seminars on subjects ranging from CAD / CAM, sewing of jeans and fashion trends will also be organised. B2B Event India Millenium 2014 by Turel - Vi.Be.Mac WHERE: E H Turel And Company Centre Of Competence, Bangalore WHEN: JANUARY 9, 10, 11 2014 JANUARY 12 EXTRA DAY ONLY ON DEMAND WHO: TO ALL CONNECTED PEOPLE IN INDIA’S DENIM INDUSTRY WHAT: LIVE PRODUCTION LINE OF JEANS WITH LATEST AUTOMATION COVERING, SCANNING, CUTTING, SEWING AND FINISHING.
  8. 8. INVISTA, owner of LYCRA fibre, and Lenzing, a leading producer of man-made cellulosics like rayon, modal, and lyocell, have teamed up to bring improved aesthetic performance to stretch fabrics. By combining INVISTA’s patented LYCRA dualFX fabric technology with LENZING’s TENCEL fibre, the two companies are delivering a unique solution to the industry: cellulosic denim fabrics with significantly improved shape retention. As per Federica Albiero, INVISTA’s Denim Account Manager for Southern Europe, INVISTA started hearing about challenges its denim fabric manufacturers were facing in developing stretch cellulosic fabrics. So the company initiated a study to identify the underlying mechanisms of these issues and determine how to improve them. “Given the growing popularity of both LYCRA fibre and TENCEL fibre in the denim market, it was only natural that people wanted to combine them to come up with really amazing fabrics”, Albiero said. “However, as mills began experimenting they encountered issues such as growth, fabrics not keeping their shape, and fabric puckering due to seam slippage.” To address these issues INVISTA ran trials pairing LYCRA dualFX fabric technology with blends of cotton andTENCELfibre. The trials showed significant improvement in fabric recovery and slippage to the point where the fabric performance met or exceeded INVISTA’s and the industry’s standards. From there, INVISTA and Lenzing decided to work together to promote these fabrics in the marketplace. Lenzing is pleased to work with INVISTA to help our customers develop commercial fabrics with strong marketing attributes. Both companies have global sales, marketing and technical teams supporting the developments and they will provide joint promotional materials as well as supply chain support and marketing information. “This initiative represents two globally innovative fibre companies working together to provide the denim market with fabrics that meet the performance needs of modern consumers”, says Michael Kininmonth, Senior Project Manager of Denim at Lenzing Fibres Inc. “Superior comfort with stretch and long-lasting recovery are set to become the next core product in women’s wear.” “LYCRA dualFX fabrics bring a whole new standard of performance to denim so it was only natural to extend that technology to blends with TENCEL fibre”, saidAlbiero. “We are excited to work together with Lenzing and we think both companies can bring significant value to the marketplace.” Recently, TENCEL fibre has been reinvented by denim designers as the perfect complement to today’s fashion trends. Jeans with TENCEL fibre are attractive, durable, and become immediate favourites thanks to their enhanced comfort. The fibre’s smooth surface and optimal moisture transfer benefits turn jeans into articles of clothing that enhance physical well-being while still being on-trend. Invista And LenzingInvista And Lenzing To Add Aesthetics ToTo Add Aesthetics To Stretch FabricsStretch Fabrics Invista And Lenzing To Add Aesthetics To Stretch Fabrics DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 09 Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim Industry
  9. 9. DENIM CLUB INDIAJanuary 2014 11 Denim Club : Your Window To The World Of Denim From The Denim Directory Company: Lenzing AG, India Segment: Fibre andYarn The Lenzing Group is a world market leader with headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high‐quality man‐made cellulose fibers and is the leading supplier in many business‐to‐business markets.TENCEL® by Lenzing offers aesthetics, comfort properties and naturalness at the same time.TENCEL® is cotton`s ideal partner for denim applications, and authentic denims or even soft denims can be created withTENCEL®.The success of the Lenzing Group is based on a unique combination of consistent customer orientation together with its leadership in innovation, technology and quality. There is no doubt that denim manufacturing has a high environmental impact.Therefore Lenzing, in collaboration with supply chain partners, proposes to optimize the production process from the fiber to the finished garment, using the latest thinking and best technology available to create true “low impact” denim jeans. A range of environmentally‐responsible arguments make jeans ofTENCEL® an eco‐alternative. The simple addition ofTENCEL® to conventional authentic cotton jeans can improve the environmental profile significantly. If only 25 % ofTENCEL® is blended into denim fabrics, the area under cultivation for cotton and the consumption of water can be reduced by over 20 %.The fabric is a majority cotton, minorityTENCEL® blend.The cotton content has to be organic or transitional cotton plus a percentage of recycled cotton. TENCEL® is more!
  10. 10. Planning to bring in state -of- the art machinery for automation or world- class chemicals to improve product quality? Shipping To More Than 100 Destinations Experts In Shipping After The 11th Hour GE EXTNSERVICE WITH A DIFFERENCE