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Leveraging PowerPivot


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MN Microsoft BI user group presentation 3/22/2011 going over PowerPivot

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Leveraging PowerPivot

  1. 1. Leveraging PowerPivot Dan English Business Intelligence Consultant Superior Consulting Services, LLC
  2. 2. Speaker Background Dan English• Developing with Microsoft technologies for over 14 years• Over 7 years experience with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence• Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)• Architect and develop dashboard solutions for enterprise reporting and monitoring• Experienced in ETL and Analysis Services development, requirements gathering, and data modeling• PASSMN 2009/2010 – Executive Board Chair (President)• Microsoft MN BI User Group 2011 – Leadership Board• Twitter –• Vimeo Videos -
  3. 3. SCS Background• Founded in 1997, SCS is a technical consulting firm focused exclusively on Microsoft technologies to provide custom solutions• Headquartered in Burnsville, MN• Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2006• Provide solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence, Reporting, Application Development, Networking, SharePoint, and Special Projects• Industry recognized authorities via books, speaker engagements, and direct assistance to Microsoft
  4. 4. Session Outline• Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview• What is PowerPivot?• Comparison of SSAS (UDM) & PowerPivot• Discuss DAX• Demo• What’s coming?• Questions
  5. 5. Quick Audience Poll How many are currently using SSAS (UDM) in production? How many have Excel 2010 deployed? How many are currently using PowerPivot? In production? With SharePoint? How many are waiting until v2 of PowerPivot?
  6. 6. Microsoft’s BI Vision Improving organizations by providing business insights toall employees leading to better,faster, more relevant decisions Complete and integrated BI and Performance Management offering Agile products that adapt to how you need the information Built on a trusted part of your IT backbone
  7. 7. Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview Business User Experience •Self-Service access & insight •Data exploration & analysis •Predictive analysis •Data visualization •Contextual visualizationBusiness Collaboration Platform •Dashboards & Scorecards •Excel Services •Web based forms & workflow •Collaboration •Search •Content Management •LOB data integrationData Infrastructure & BI Platform •Analysis Services •Reporting Services •Integration Services •Master Data Services •Data Mining •Data Warehousing
  8. 8. What is PowerPivot?PowerPivot for Excel is a freedownload that significantly expandsthe data analysis capabilities of Excel.Excel 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit) isrequired to install PowerPivot forExcel.PowerPivot supports files up to2GB in size. The 64-bit version ofPowerPivot enables you to workwith up to 4GB of data in memory,and the 32-bit version enables youto work with up to 2GB of data inmemory (500 to 700MB files)Office Shared Features must be installed withExcel 2010. .NET Programmability Support, inMicrosoft Excel, must also be installed.
  9. 9. What can it do? Microsoft Microsoft Analysis Text Files SQL Azure ServicesIW Tool Relationships Microsoft Excel Measures DAX ODBC / PivotCharts Agile Reporting OLEDB Teradata Services Microsoft Team BI SQL Server Data Slicers Calculated Bars ATOM Columns Personal datafeeds Microsoft BI PDW Oracle Microsoft Azure Microsoft Access PowerPivot DataMarket Self-Sybase service Sparklines PivotTables IBM DB2 Informix
  10. 10. What does it provide?What you do get…• VertiPaq engine (in-memory column store)• External data connectivity• DAX functions – Excel like with intellisense• Excel user interface• PivotTables and PivotChartsWhat you don’t get…• Dynamic user level security• Hierarchy support, parentchild, unary operators*• KPIs• Attribute properties and cube actions• Advanced calculation capabilities• Perspectives• Incremental data loads• Robust Enterprise OLAP Solution*There are workarounds with good DAX knowledge and model design
  11. 11. SSAS (UDM) vs. PowerPivotSSAS (UDM) PowerPivot (v1)Mature Product New ProductScalable Personal / light weightMassive data (TBs) Large data (GBs)OLAP Engine VertiPaq EngineData Source View PowerPivot Window w/ dataDimensions & Facts TablesMeasures MeasuresIndexes / Aggregations No Indexes / AggregationsActions (drillthrough, report) No actionsPerspectives No perspectivesTranslations No translationsCube browser Excel for browsing
  12. 12. Loading Comparison Analysis Services (UDM) PowerPivotSource Data mart OLAP SourceData Engine VertiPaq Data Engine
  13. 13. What can PowerPivot build?
  14. 14. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)Calculated Columns• Concatenate values• Create new values• Perform lookups• Examples • Month =CONCATENATE(FORMAT(MONTH([Datekey]),"00 "),LEFT([CalendarMonthLabel],3)) • Profit =[SalesAmount]-[TotalCost]-[ReturnAmount] • ProductCategory =RELATED(DimProductCategory[ProductCategoryName]) • LifetimeSales =SUMX(RELATEDTABLE(FactSales), FactSales[SalesAmount])
  15. 15. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) MeasuresSalesAmount = SUM(FactSales[SalesAmount])YTDSales = TOTALYTD(SUM(FactSales[SalesAmount]),DimDate[Datekey])PY YTD Sales = TOTALYTD(SUM(FactSales[SalesAmount]), DATEADD(DimDate[Datekey],-12,MONTH))CumulativeSales = CALCULATE(SUM(FactSales[SalesAmount]), DATESBETWEEN(DimDate[Datekey], FIRSTDATE(ALL(DimDate[Datekey])), LASTDATE(DimDate[Datekey]))) % = Sum([Profit])/Sum([SalesAmount])
  16. 16. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)Retail 454 Calendar CalculationPY_SalesAmount =IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Year])) = 1,CALCULATE([Sum of SalesAmount], DATESBETWEEN(DimRetailDate[PK_Date],IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Quarter_Of_Year])) = 1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Month_Of_Year])) = 1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Week_Of_Year]))=1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Day_Of_Year]))=1,FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Date]),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Week_Start_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Month_Start_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Quarter_Start_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Year_Start_Date])),IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Quarter_Of_Year])) = 1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Month_Of_Year])) = 1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Week_Of_Year]))=1,IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(DimRetailDate[Reporting_Day_Of_Year]))=1,FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Date]),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Week_End_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Month_End_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Quarter_End_Date])),FIRSTDATE(DimRetailDate[PY_Reporting_Year_End_Date])))),BLANK())
  17. 17. DemoPOWERPIVOT
  18. 18. PowerPivot Demo Screenshot
  19. 19. Self-service analysisWork with massive delivered thru Excel amounts of data 2010
  20. 20. PowerPivot MonitoringCentral Administration• Server Health • Avg Instance CPU • Avg Instance Memory • Query Response Time • Activity • Performance• Historical Utilization • Users vs Queries• Usage monitoring • # of Users • # of Queries • Size of workbook
  21. 21. What’s coming?SQL Server 11 ‘Denali’• PowerPivot v2 add-in• Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) • Visual Studio 2010 • Corporate / Enterprise BI solution • Source control integration• DAX additions – like rank, distinctcount, and hierarchy support• KPIs – value, target, status• Partitioning• Role-based security• Perspectives• Project ‘Crescent’ – Silverlight reporting• Column store index -> relational database
  22. 22. How do you choose?Situation OptionExisting SSAS (UDM) corporate BI solution SSAS (UDM)POC or test out data model change PowerPivotEnd users building and deploying solutions PowerPivotNew BI solution Consider PowerPivot/BISM Doesn’t fit in memory Scalability UDM VertiPaq Fits in memory Static Reporting Ad-hoc Analysis Advanced Calcs Richness
  23. 23. Analysis Services Summary Corporate – solution Team – rich solution created for Personal – simple created by user for organization withsolution created by team / department centralized logic and user only for user. deployed to server. data which is scalable. Empower Align PowerPivot for Excel PowerPivot for SharePoint SSAS - UDM / BISM
  24. 24. Resources• Microsoft BI Sites - AND• PowerPivot -• PowerPivot for Excel (Business Intelligence) Portal -• PowerPivot Info (Vidas Matelis) -• PowerPivot Pro (Rob Collie) -• PowerPivot Geek (Dave Wickert) -• Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo - AND• Kasper de Jonge -
  25. 25. QUESTIONS