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This session will provide an overview of what PerformancePoint is, where it came from, and how do you get it. We will also discuss what’s changed in the 2010 release (including with the latest SP1 update). Along with this we will go over the Dashboard Designer tool showing you how to install it and explain what it is used for. Then hold on to your seats, I will build out and deploy a fully functional and interactive dashboard within SharePoint. Along the way I will provide insight from the trenches including tips and tricks along with experience from client deployments.

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  • Analytical report enhancements – ability to select measures, drill up and down on bottom axis of charts, filtering & sorting, show information, decomposition tree, SSAS conditional formatting in grids, Scorecard enhancements – ability to drill up and down on members, filtering, multiple actuals, place KPI names on columns, use multiple data sources in calculations, expand collapse hierarchies
  • Other reports = Reporting Services, Excel Services, ProClarity Views, Web
  • Inside PerformancePoint

    1. 1. Inside PerformancePoint Dan EnglishPrincipal Business Intelligence Consultant Superior Consulting Services, LLC
    2. 2. Speaker Background Dan English• Developing with Microsoft technologies for over 14 years• Over 7 years experience with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence• Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)• Architect and develop dashboard solutions for enterprise reporting and monitoring• Experienced in ETL and Analysis Services development, requirements gathering, and data modeling• PASSMN 2009/2010 – Executive Board Chair (President)• Microsoft MN BI User Group 2011 – Leadership Board• Twitter –• Vimeo Videos -
    3. 3. New Book in the Works!Unlock the power of Microsoft Power View and build rich BI reports with just a few clicks
    4. 4. SCS Background• Founded in 1997, SCS is a technical consulting firm focused exclusively on Microsoft technologies to provide custom solutions• Headquartered in Burnsville, MN• Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2006• Microsoft Managed Partner• Provide solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence, Reporting, Application Development, Networking, SharePoint, and Special Projects• Industry recognized authorities via books, speaker engagements, and direct assistance to Microsoft
    5. 5. Session Outline• PerformancePoint Overview – what is it, where did it come from, and how do you get it• What’s changed in 2010 release?• Dashboard Designer – how do you install it and what is it used for• Dashboard Creation 101 – hold on to your seats, I will quickly build out and deploy a fully functional and interactive dashboard• Insight from the trenches – tips and tricks along with experience from client deployments
    6. 6. Quick Audience Poll How many people know what PerformancePoint is? Has anyone done any development with PPS 2007 or 2010? Who has heard of or used ProClarity Analytical Server or Desktop client?
    7. 7. PerformancePoint History Business PPS 2007 AprScorecard 2009 part ofManager SharePoint E-2005 Nov PPS 2007 CTP CAL, Planning 2005 mid-2006 termed ProClarity PPS 2007 PPS 2010 Acquisition RTM Nov SharePoint Apr 2006 2007 2010 Enterprise June 2010
    8. 8. What is PerformancePoint (PPS)PerformancePoint Server 2007 (v1) Monitoring & Planning Analytics Business ProClarity Scorecard Analytical Biz #Manager 2005 Server (PAS)
    9. 9. What is PerformancePoint (PPS) PerformancePoint Services 2010 (v2) New features & Monitoringfunctionality Scorecarding & Analytics
    10. 10. PerformancePoint Services Monitor What happened?What is happening? Analyze Why did Strategy it happen? Plan What will happen? What do I want to happen?
    11. 11. PerformancePoint Services
    12. 12. Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview Business User Experience •Self-Service access & insight •Data exploration & analysis •Predictive analysis •Data visualization •Contextual visualizationBusiness Collaboration Platform •Dashboards & Scorecards •Excel Services •Web based forms & workflow •Collaboration •Search •Content Management •LOB data integrationData Infrastructure & BI Platform •Analysis Services •Reporting Services •Integration Services •Master Data Services •Data Mining •Data Warehousing
    13. 13. What’s new in PPS 2010?• Fully integrated into SharePoint 2010 – Central Admin for Configuration – Shared Service – Secure Store authorization is an option – Single security and versioning model• Independent authentication for data sources• Decomposition Tree• Scorecard enhancements
    14. 14. What’s new in PPS 2010?• Filters are 1st class citizens now (not embedded in dashboards)• Streamlined dashboard deployment• Improved UDM support in Dashboard Designer• Analytical report enhancements• Analytical Pie Chart• Web parts can communicate with other SharePoint parts• SP1 Cascading Filters & Apply Filters functionality
    15. 15. PerformancePoint Highlights• Dashboards − Dashboard Designer − Filters• Report Types − Thin, Interactive OLAP Charts & Grids − Reporting Services − Strategy Maps − Excel Services − KPI Details − ProClarity Views• Scorecard Capabilities − Import Analysis Services KPIs − Export to Excel from Dashboards• Data Sources − Multidimensional − Tabular − Excel Services & Workbooks − SharePoint lists − SQL Server Table• Enhanced User Experience − Bulk Editing − Time Intelligence• Extensibility
    16. 16. PerformancePoint Analytical ReportsKey Capabilities• Drill Up/Down• Drill Down To (Cross Drill)• Expand/Collapse• Sort and Filter• Pivot• Select Measures• Show Details (Drill to Detail)• Decomposition Tree• Tooltips for data points• Show chart data in a grid (and vice versa)• Export to Excel or PowerPoint• Show in New Window• Smart sizing & AJAX technology
    17. 17. Dashboard DesignerClickOnce ApplicationDownload/Install from SharePointKey Capabilities• Add multiple item types • KPIs / Scorecards • KPI Details • Analytical Charts • Analytical Grids • Strategy Maps • Other Reports • Filters• Drag and drop items to canvas• Connect views with filters• Use flexible zone layouts• Deploy to SharePoint
    18. 18. Demo Dashboard
    20. 20. Insight from Trenches• Obtain the ‘key’ or ‘hot’ metrics to present• Provide high-level summarized views – Highlight the anomalies – Surround with supporting views – Include additional pages broken out (more granular)• Be careful with use of colors and visuals – 10% males color blind• Distributed environments and dynamic security = Kerberos• Multidimensional data source is golden nugget to data discovery – Analysis Services or PowerPivot• Make the items interactive – Utilize good filters and link the items• Be creative and think ‘outside’ the box for solutions – Leverage all of the technologies available• PerformancePoint 2010 Content Deployment – (2007 BI RAP tool)• Use IE8 or higher for performance reasons (allows up to 6 connections versus 2)
    21. 21. Resources• PerformancePoint Services Resource Center -• PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server 2010 (learning/labs) -• Up to Speed with PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer dashboard-designer-HA101818158.aspx• Corporate Dashboards: Sales Solution -• PerformancePoint Team Blog -• Microsoft BI site -• Microsoft BI TechNet site -• SQL Server Best Practices -• Microsoft Virtual Labs (TechNet and MSDN) -
    22. 22. QUESTIONS