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Make Better Decisions With Your Data 20080916


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Discuss the BI maturity model, spreadmart to data mart conversion, and MS BI Platform

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Make Better Decisions With Your Data 20080916

  1. 1. Make Better Decisions with Your Data Dan English Aaron Lowe Alan Wernke Principal Consultant Senior Consultant Practice Director, Enterprise Data Services
  2. 2. Who are we? – Dan and Aaron Aaron Lowe Alan Wernke Dan English • Practice Director, Enterprise Data Services • 10+ years experience in SQL • Developing with Microsoft • 18+ years experience with data Server development, technologies for over 10 years services administration and design • Over 5 years experience with • 10 years at Microsoft • Experience in advanced Data Warehousing and Business • 30 years in Information administration, which includes Intelligence Technology performance optimization, • Experienced in ETL and backup and recovery, migration Analysis Services development, strategies and replication, as requirements gathering and data well as security and auditing modeling techniques. • Microsoft Certified IT • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Specialist (MCTS) • Masters degree in Information Systems Management
  3. 3. Who are we? – Magenic  Founded in 1995, Magenic is a technical consulting firm focused exclusively on Microsoft technologies and has designed and delivered more than 500 Microsoft-based applications  Headquartered in Minneapolis, with offices in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco  2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year, Custom Development Solutions – Technical Innovation  2007 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist, Data Management  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and National Systems Integrator  40 Enterprise Data Services (EDS) consultants
  4. 4. Today‟s Agenda • What is Business Intelligence (BI)? • What are Spreadmarts and Data Marts? • What is a Business Intelligence Platform? • Where do I go from here? • Questions?
  5. 5. What is Business Intelligence (BI)? The Gartner Group coined the term Business Intelligence in the mid-1990s and defined it as follows: “An interactive process for exploring and analyzing structured and domain-specific information to discern trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing conclusions. The business intelligence process includes communicating findings and effecting change.” (Source: A glossary on the web site
  6. 6. BI Maturity Model – where are you at? STRUCTURE: Mgmt Reports Spreadsheets Data Marts Data Warehouses Enterprise DW BI Services System Individual Department Division Enterprise Inter-Enterprise SCOPE: By Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, TDWI
  7. 7. Spreadmart BI – Infant (2nd) Stage Are the users What happens when Did they extract all How long does it extracting and the person responsible of the necessary take to extract reporting on the for the report goes on data to allow the data and how right data? vacation or is sick or management to ask clean is it once it leaves the company? further questions? is extracted? MS Access MS Excel MS PowerPoint Business Users Do they have enough What logic is Source Data data collected to being applied and perform yearly Is all of the data is this common comparisons or available in the logic within the trends over time? source system? organization?
  8. 8. Datamart BI – Child (3rd) Stage OLAP Engine Datamart Source Data Business Users
  9. 9. Spreadmart vs. Datamart BI Spreadmart Datamart • High end-user control • Shared/consistent view of data • Easy to generate • Centralized logic • Can be pieced Pros • Highly interactive (slice-and- together Pros dice) • Highly customizable for • Secured the intended audience • Very Flexible • Low cost solution • Extremely Fast response time • Inconsistent view of the data • • No centralized logic Takes time to generate Cons • • Typically no security applied Less end-user control Cons • • Silos of data throughout Costs more to develop organization • Could potentially introduce new tools (training)
  10. 10. Spreadmart to Datamart Case Study Spreadmart • Excel file report system • Lots of embedded business logic and conditional formatting • Generated over 1500+ files (most contained multiple reports) with macro • Process took approximately 30 hours to run • Initial Excel file was created and tested over a 6 month time period • If there were any data issues or report creation errors process had to be re-run • Not easy to implement additional change requests Datamart • Star schema database engine designed • Analysis Service database created with centralized logic • Reporting Service reports created and data driven subscription setup • Generated same reports in approximately 30 minutes • Entire database along with reports was created and tested in 2 month time frame • Database and reporting structure extremely flexible to change requests
  11. 11. To BI or Not to BI? Reasons to BI • Integrate data from multiple source systems • Create centralized „single version‟ of the truth • Centralized business logic and calculations • Gain insight into unknown and disparate areas of the organization • Maintain competitive edge • Provide additional services to customers Reasons to Not BI • Do not have the time and resources • Do not have any competition • Not interested in evaluating your organization
  12. 12. BI Platform – what is it? “Gartner defines BI platforms as those that enable users to build applications that help organizations learn and understand their business. It divides these capabilities into the functions of integration, information delivery, and analysis.” InformationWeek, Microsoft Gets Gartner's Business Intelligence Top Ranking, Mary Hayes Weier, February 5, 2008
  13. 13. Magic Quadrant for BI Platforms, 2008 Microsoft strengths: • Pricing • Tight integration with MS Office • PerformancePoint Server • SQL Server • Extremely large Microsoft Developer community • Attractive to those already on Microsoft platform Source: Gartner (January 2008) Gartner RAS Core Research Note G00154227
  14. 14. Microsoft BI Tool Offerings DELIVERY SharePoint Server Analytic Excel Scorecards Plans Reports Dashboards Views Workbooks END USER TOOLS & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPS Excel PerformancePointServer BI PLATFORM SQL Server SQL Server Reporting Services Analysis Services SQL Server DBMS SQL Server Integration Services
  15. 15. SharePoint Business Intelligence • Excel Services • Dashboards • Key Performance Indicators (KPI‟s) • Filter Web Parts • Report Center/Report Library (Integrate Reporting Services)
  16. 16. PerformancePoint Offering Performance Management Cycle
  17. 17. PerformancePoint Server
  18. 18. PerformancePoint Server
  19. 19. Source Information Business Intelligence Definition – BI Maturity Model – or BI Platform Definition – 206104502 Magic Quadrant –
  20. 20. Resources Microsoft BI Site SharePoint BI Features Introduction PerformancePoint Home Site PerformancePoint Developer Portal Channel9 MSDN BI Screencasts SQL Server 2008 Home Site Microsoft Virtual Labs (TechNet and MSDN) Magenic Blogs
  21. 21. How Do We Get Started?  Complimentary Strategy Session  Up to 4 hours  Deliverable:  Customized BI Recommendations  Business Intelligence Benefit Assessment  5 days  Deliverables  Initial proof-of-concept development custom to your company‟s unique reporting needs  High level BI architecture  Mentoring & Knowledge Transfer  Email for more information
  22. 22. Contact Information – Thank You! Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from a complimentary strategy session with one of our consultants and look into one of our BI quickstart engagements. Dan - Aaron - Magenic -