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Lessons Learned at SouthxSouthwest

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  1. 1. What I Learned at SxSW That Can Help Us 3.20.2012 1 Confidential
  2. 2. The Future of Digital HealthThis emerging industry is poised to forever transform health• As employers shift the cost of healthcare to consumers, 1 in 4 people are having trouble paying the average yearly $2,000 health insurance deductible.• This shift, which has been evident particularly within the last five years, has created an even greater opportunity to provide “guided” healthcare information on all digital platforms (web, mobile, email, social media). 2 Confidential
  3. 3. Future of Digital Health Cont.• As the costs of traditional healthcare continue to rise , cost-effective alternative health solutions will become more appealing and necessary. Reliable, relevant information will become the most potent pathway between the consumer and providers of alternative health solutions.• The goal is to encourage people 50 to 80 to focus on prevention and minimize their reliance upon doctors and traditional health remedies.• Younger generations as they age will already be denizens of the digital world. Consider that the average 24-year-old today will spend more time in a week on Facebook than he/she will spend with their doctors over 20 years’ time. This underscores the necessity of reaching these potential consumers via digital platforms. 3 Confidential
  4. 4. Future of Digital Health Cont.• Doctors previously reticent about providing healthcare information via the web are embracing digital platforms like never before as a way to reach patients remotely.• Doctors are now joining digital communities like Health Tap to engage with consumers and provide immediate answers to their healthcare questions.• As the “interactive health movement” takes off, 3 things will define the space:1. Access for all to the most trusted healthcare information2. Access to the best doctors and their information without losing sight of care and compassion3. A need to personalize healthcare information and make it relevant to the consumer’s health condition 4 Confidential
  5. 5. Content Marketing• To be found in search engines, to drive inbound leads, and to have a successful social-media strategy, the content marketing strategy must come first.• The biggest content marketing challenge for B2B marketers is to develop content that truly engages customers and prospects.• For the content strategy to work, it takes patience, commitment, and excellence at the craft. 5 Confidential
  6. 6. Future of Digital HealthWhat does this mean for Healthy Directions?1.The company must perfect its ability to projectits doctors incredibly to its target audiences2. As the Internet evolves, the company muststay abreast of developments in the everchanging Internet, particularly those that thecompany can use to advantage in marketing itsdoctors and their products (i.e. GoogleSemantics, more discerning search engines;growing Internet interactive tools which enablepeople to tailor their interaction with websites). Confidential 6
  7. 7. 3. As the Internet health space becomes morecrowded and competitive, the company needsto carve out its niche in that marketplace. Whatis that niche? If you envision the spectrum,ranging from hype to genuine, credible,scientifically based, effective alternative healthsolutions, clearly the company wants to be atthe higher end.4. Content will be critical in achieving thisobjective. It’s all about the credibility of your Confidential 7
  8. 8. Content Marketing Cont.• You need to create consistent, valuable, and compelling content to be the industry leader, and to get online customers.• You need to develop and distribute content that is as good as or better than anything else in the health field to attract and retain customers.• You need to make content interactive and 8 individualized. Confidential
  9. 9. Social Media: Know It, Harness ItWhy do people login and post on social media?Sorry to say, it’s not because they want to know moreabout your brand.They login and post to social media for 2 reasons only:1. They want to know if someone wants to be their friend2. They want to express themselves 9 Confidential
  10. 10. Social Media: Know It, Harness ItRule No. 1: It’s not about your brand, it’s allabout me! It’s about me being appreciated – mefeeling supported.Instead brands are looking to monetize socialmedia and get people to “cough up the dough”for their myriad products. Social media simplydoesn’t work that way. 10 Confidential
  11. 11. Social Media: Understand It, Harness ItSo, how do you harness the power of socialmedia?Rule No. 2: Tell, don’t sell 11 Confidential
  12. 12. Social Media: Know It, Harness ItTo help tell the story of your brand, you must:1. Remember why people use social media2. Inspire them to do something (i.e. become healthy and fit)3. Tell them something that’s relevant to them (i.e. statins can be harmful) 12 Confidential
  13. 13. Content Marketing• You need to create consistent, valuable, and compelling content to be the leader and to get online customers.• You need to develop and distribute content that is as good as or better than anything else in our industry to attract and retain customers. 13 Confidential
  14. 14. Content MarketingShould You Charge for Your Content? 14
  15. 15. Rollout Plan PHASE I PHASE II Re-launch TBD • Launch Customer • Add Onboarding & Ongoing personalization, Series Base customizationSourced File • For customers who • Incorporate bought/buy from message and • New “opt-down” preferences stream • Default emails, with differentiation as personalization as developed we are able, • Launch Prospect based on Conversion Series condition- • interests, usageSourced File Leverage Series launching in Q1 2012 for Williams data • Transition file to Active Series • Maintain top Lark-specific emails to preserve existing 15 revenue
  16. 16. Definitions•Sourced = customers who buy from a particular website.•Examples: • Nancy responds to a paid search add for beauty supplements – buys a Tabor product from She is • Will receive email (branded and leading to that site) • Ray responds to a Dr. Williams slide show for JAG via acquisition email – he buys JAG from He is • Will receive email (branded and leading to that site) • Ray’s wife responded to a Dr. Lark catalog in 2011 – she buys Tilane from She is • She will receive email (branded and leading to that site), BUT she also will receive dedicated Dr. Lark email (with header) interspersed between other email.
  17. 17. Acquisition/Lead Gen Conversion Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing OffboardingFollow the delivery of a free report with a conversion series aligned with the report’s subject matterand designed to encourage a paid transaction (migrate to NTF) • Free report is delivered by email to establish the validity of the address • On-site and in marketing • 4-part series that: • Provides product, then products, that deliver solutions to the implied interest in the health condition • Weaves in progressively more attractive offers within the conversion series • Further promote the expertness of the Doctor associated with the condition and the solutions • If a purchase is made within the Conversion Series, it ends for that individual – the Onboarding Series then takes over • If a purchase is not made within the conversion series, they are put into the Ongoing stream, beginning the following week and flagged as a prospect. • A purchase triggers the Onboarding Series • Notes: • When there is not a value-exchange (“Sign up for FREE E-news”), the prospect is placed into the Ongoing stream, following the next week. A purchase triggers the Onboarding Series. If the registrant 17 is already a customer, they do not receive Conversion or Onboarding Series.
  18. 18. NTF Onboarding Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing OffboardingMirror the onboarding strategy developed for stand-alone doctorsites, to move a customer from an initial purchase to an ongoingrelationship with our Doctors and business • Reinforce purchase decisions • Encourage engagement with the website • Introduce and deepen understanding of the HD Doctors • Encourage compliance • Encourage additional purchases • Support deepening relationship with our doctors 18
  19. 19. NTF Onboarding – Day 1-30 Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing Offboarding Customization based on product purchase and Dr (where possible/relevant)Messagin Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day g Day 20 1 2 6 8 10 14 17 23 26 30 Header HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / HD / Footer Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Multi Doctor Multi Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Reinforce Set Arrival Reinforce Website Encourage Retention RetentionDesired Drive Drive Encourage Purchase Expectatio Purchase Engagemen Complianc Engagement Engageme EngagemeBehavior Upsell Reorder Loyalty Decision n Decision t e nt nt HD Best Welcome Sellers HD with simple (Each Dr’s Product & Dr Pillars customization Top HD /Doctor HD Coming Website Sellers) Reorder “House Complianc If null - Key Thank You Soon -Mini Intro Time Dr Tips E-News Call” e HealthMessages Order Order Doctor & - (for 30 day Intro Intro (exclude Importance Interest confirm Shipped Intro’s Education customize buyers) Supp Survey (to -HD POD’s /dynamic Advisor) feed First populate preferences) affinity Shipment ―rules” Email # 1 2 3 3.5 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  20. 20. Ongoing Streams – Day 31+ Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing OffboardingEngage customers with our doctors (and their unique perspectives andadvice), while encouraging purchase of their solutions across a widearray of health interests, thus mirroring on-site experiences • Expected benefits for our customers • Get unique, premium information and products that can’t be found elsewhere • Get smarter about a wide range of health topics and live better by using Healthy Directions products • Easily go from email communication to the site to learn more • Expected benefits for HD • We drive purchases within and across brands and interests, generating greater share of wallet • The mix of interesting content and unique products creates interaction with emails and a protective barrier to deliverability issues • See greater pass-along to friends • 20 Leverage editorial and commercial programming on-site to create a more efficient email operation
  21. 21. Ongoing Streams – Day 31+Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing Offboarding• ROTATING Category/Interest Strategy • Each week has a theme, with content and product in every email, with varying emphasis (“content-first” versus “product-first”) • E-News concept migrates to (1.) recent/relevant content within the base email stream + (2.) dedicated E-News and breaking news as determined• Every Other Day Emails for the Base program • Dynamic Email Templates • Content and Product elements are Dynamic & Customized (as capable)• Other Emails will be interspersed • Trigger emails • Big promotions, special E-News or breaking news, Prod. Launches • customer emails 21
  22. 22. ThemesMonthly themes will keep customers interested & engaged Month Theme Spring to April Better Health Get May Active Summer June Fitness Eating Well July (picnics) 22
  23. 23. Key: Green = promotion first, Orange = content first, Blue = mix of content and products Sample CalendarMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Your Health Product Content Product Week Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Health Product Content Product Week Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Health Product Content Product Week Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Product Content Product Health Feature Feature FeatureWeek Kit For Transactional Emails – send as required (e.g. refill reminders, order confirm). For Promo Emails: AD, Stock-Up, E-News, UPSELLS, Global Sales, Rate The Product etc ., schedule for “off days” or apply business so they hit on “off –days”
  24. 24. Ongoing Stream CustomizationEmail Customization level will be dependent onData Available Customer Sourced Personalized Custom Preference Email Stream Data Captured NTF When/If customer Simple customization provides preferences (product/DR) they shift to personalized EM Stream No Customer Default Email Pref Data Stream Default Behavior/Affinity/M Behavior/Affinity/Mo odels only dels only 24
  25. 25. Preference ManagementPreference Management will be rolled out in phases • Phase I • Capture health interest information – post-purchase pop-up or via post-purchase email survey (email 6 in Onboarding) • “So that we can know what you are most interested in” • Use as ability and staff bandwidth allows • Opt-out will be replaced by opt-down at launch • Categories of email • Product and health information • Sales Announcements • E-Letter digests • Phase II • Layer health interest on top of other opt-downs • This requires categorization of all email, mapping each to health interests 25
  26. 26. Offboarding Acquisition Onboarding Ongoing Offboarding Offboarding takes place when there are indicators of inactivity that could be harmful to the overall program deliverability• Enables urgency messaging/offers to prompt action (“last call” prior to scrubbing inactives from the file – Customers/former Buyers enter the stream IF: • No clicks for 12 months • Clicks in last 12 month, but no purchase in 24 months – Prospects/Leads enter the stream IF: • No purchase for 6 months• Customers/former Buyers – 5 email series of increasing urgency, prompting purchase to stay on the file• Prospects/Leads – Similar strategy; In copy/message development 26
  27. 27. Production/Templates 27
  28. 28. Multi-Email Template Approach• The mix of emails mirrors the experience on site and drives Email open & response • Blue = the “kits” from our experts – the killer combo of content guidance and ecommerce solutions; • May have associated offers and “sales” aligned, will have social and sharing elements – goal is to generate an action from every email – to learn or to buy, or both! • Orange = content-focused, with small call-outs to the supportive products (dynamic listings of top content in the category, plus any selected news) • Green = the ecommerce-focused email announcing a sale, clearance, new product, sweepstakes, with very small call-outs to supportive content • Note: Each version of these emails will be designed as new “must be read” emails Expert Product Content Kits Sale(s) Tell New us product product Product Product news what content Solution Solution you Share think Share Share 28
  29. 29. Template Testing• Template Wireframes & Designs to be developed.• Leverage site assets as much as possible to: • Take advantage of creative and production work on • Create efficiency in email production, so email program concentrates on marketing, messaging and packaging of solutions • Inspiration from Williams Sonoma, LLBean for packaging; Mercola for theme building• Test LONG FORM Email format once base templates are created (aka BH&G, Mercola) Vs. content cont ent 29
  30. 30. Data Population Base (default) emails created and then customized/dynamic when data available Expert Product Kits Content Sale(s) Tell us New Product Product product product what news Solution Solution content you Share think Share ShareThe templates will delivery content/product (Today’s Tip & Daily Specials) based on pre-determined content and business rules. When preference & interests are not known, defaultcontent/product will be delivered until preferences & interests captured. 30
  31. 31. Planning Schedule Complete EM Creative & IT Launch HD.COM EM Strategy Development for Phase 1 Email Strategy 12/2-31 1/1-3/15 LaunchKey Deliverables: • Creative Brief • Migrate Lark • Develop Email • Begin & • Frequency population Lark actives • Content Creative • Business Rules contact strategy Approach coded… • Default email • Targeting Strategy • Develop content • Business Rules (High level) email templates & content 31
  32. 32. LARKTransition Planning
  33. 33. Lark Consumer BenefitCommunication will leverage the history that has always backed the Lark brandand developments that are becoming available through HD: • Healthy Directions has always been there…supporting the Lark brand • Quality, unique effective products • Access to production standards unrivaled in the industry • Healthy Directions is launching a site that will provide more support and greater opportunities for Dr. Lark’s customers to live healthier, better lives • More Dr. Lark articles and easier access to them • Interact with Dr. Lark and her customers on facebook • New Dr. Lark products to compliment the favorites - and better information about them • Quick access to the other Doctors within the Healthy Direction family • Same great quality, research, effectiveness in all of the HD Doctors • Greater breadth of support for other health interests and conditions, including Dr. Tabor, the leader in “beauty from within” 33
  34. 34. Lark Transition TouchpointsMultiple touch points available to communicate HD.COM TransitionPrograms NTF Actives LapsedInbound CS X X -Shopping Cart X X -Direct Mail - X XEMAIL X X XCATALOG X X XWEB-- Site Banners X X X- Pop-UpsIN SHIPMENT-- Packing Slip Enclosure X X -OBTM X X -
  35. 35. Lark Messaging CalendarPlan communication timing by audience & vehicleAudience March April   Transition Period toNTF Onboarding  EM Announcements Co-branded and Migrate to HD  Transition Period toActives  EM Announcements Co-branded and Migrate to HD  Transition Period toLapsed  EM Announcements Co-branded and Migrate to HD
  36. 36. Ongoing Calendar: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Your Lark Lark Health Lark Product Content Product Promo Promo Week Promo Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Lark Lark Lark Health Product Content Product Promo Promo Promo Week Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Lark Lark Lark Health Product Content Product Promo Promo Promo Week Feature Feature Feature Kit Your Lark Lark Lark Product Content Product Health Promo Promo Promo Feature Feature Feature Week KitEmails Sent as Required (e.g. refill reminders, order confirm - transactional, E-News, UPSELLS, Global Sales, rate the product – send on open days)
  37. 37. Appendix 37
  38. 38. Lark Messaging Tactics• Today – from Dr Lark• Tomorrow – from HD• Migration Strategy • Announce Series using Dr. Lark as FROM ADDRESS and HD in SUBJECT LINE • Integrate Multi-Brand Header/Footer ASAP • Migrate to Co-brand “Doctor Lark from Healthy Directions” • Introduce other Doctors • Transition to HD • Change to Hybrid – Dr. Lark / Healthy Directions 38
  39. 39. 2013? • Lark will be a first test case for migrating a- Sourced File stand-alone Dr. business to • Depending on performance of the new contact strategy, we can consider migration m- Sourced of additional [Doctor]-sourced files to HD File Series as precursor to larger web migration • Based on Lark • Massive efficiency gain will enable accelerated marketing sophisticationSourced File 39
  40. 40. HD.COM Email – Strategy Customer NTF Series Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun Monday Purchase Description: After NTF, health interests rotating weekly with emails Every Other Day withsolutions (product and health advice) leveraging customer preference data and product affinity/basket model to drive relevance • Template • Dynamic & rotating (work within x different templates, rotating delivery) • Contents • Content customized – by interest/affinity to products purchased • Product customized – by interest/affinity to products purchased 40 • Doctors are highlighted as the experts within particular health
  41. 41. Lark Sales Concentrated In Top Products• Majority of sales among top products that can be promoted in off days to maintain current sales % of levels Products Revenu e Couple things to note: 1. Tonalean – this is a Williams product. It will go away this OTHER - OHM 30.55% month and be replaced with a Lark product of the same (Slim TRILANE 25.89% Select). TONALEAN 7.46%2. Products that will be discontinued are – Metabo X, Radiance, HARMONY 4.55% Silhoutte and Free Motion. ENERGY VITALIZER 3.96% 3. This is data YTD 2011. HAIR AND NAILS REVITALIZER 3.47% CONFIDENT CONTROL 3.15% METABO X 3.02% VIBRANT DAY MULTI 2.86% RADIANCE 2.54% SILHOUETTE 2.32% DAILY ANSWER 2.31% BRILLIANT MIND 1.71% FREE MOTION 1.65% Q10 ANSWER 1.44% VEIN ANSWER 1.14% ADVACLEANSE 0.73% IFS DEFENSE 0.51% FILL2PURE WATER BOTTLE 0.43% 41 MACA 0.34%
  42. 42. Site Is Source of Email Content• Driving website traffic /visits and engagement will be major objective of email strategy.• Content and Product and Customer Account Management all reasons to drive customer to website.• Content in emails can be “teaser” paragraph or two with link to site: • Today’s Specials • Tips of the Day • Images and video • Canned searches • Recent articles piped-in for digests • Promotional banners • Related Products/Related articles and more….. 42
  43. 43. Existing and New Offers/Products/Content Will be integrated into New Strategy (Blue/Orange/Green) Programs / Communication New Communication OHMs Based on relevance*, can be supported in all Special partner offers Based on relevance*, can be supported in all Opportunity to act as stand alone incremental “Big Clearance/Site-wide Sales Event” or lead Promo only email Based on relevance*, opportunity to lead New Product Intro Blue/Orange, Content heavy w/promo support. Based on relevance*, opportunity to lead Promo- Reformulation email or stand alone incremental email Opt-In, opportunity to lead monthly thematic as E-News incremental email (e.g. what to expect this month from HD) 43Drive relevance based on targeting business rules
  44. 44. • Best Practice email marketing requires separate email strategy for non-open emails Opened Continue Active within Last 90 Days Active EmailsEmails Begin Non-Opens Initiate within Last 90 Days ReactivationNon-Opens will receive “highly urgent” emails encouraging open rates. 44
  45. 45. HD.COM Email – ACTIVES – Rules Contact Rules Active Customer Emails Frequency – 1 Email Every Other Day Base Rule • Order Confirms/Order Status/Billing/CS Exceptions* • Newsletters, Global Promo’s • Other – New Products, Upsell…. • Dev rules for Product Emails Targeting (e.g. in no or low affinity/interest do not include or do not send or insert “universal product – e.g. Vitamin D )Exceptions” should be scheduled for non-email days (i.e. E-News)
  46. 46. •We must be Customer Centric• So far we are projecting customer wants and needs in these scenarios and looking at best practices for other businesses• We have two options 1. Execute what we collectively think is best and hope it resonates with consumers 2. Seek customer insight and implement approach of most interest to them• Finally, we need to execute a plan that is logistically feasible in relatively short time period.• Once program up and running, monitor results and refine strategy based on learning (engagement and response). Possibly expand to daily 46
  47. 47. • Use Heath Health affinity models to promote “relevant” products 47
  48. 48. Recent Benchmarking 49 Confidential
  49. 49. Purpose of Exercise• Analyze the current new customer contact stream and strategies of industry leaders or direct HD competitors• Leverage learnings and best practices for email launch – Is anyone capturing data at POS – Is anyone using data to dynamically populate customer emails – Is anyone exhibiting best practices worth leveraging
  50. 50. Companies ReviewedA purchase was made at the following websites and all subsequent communications were tracked from that point forward••••• William Sonoma• Puritans Pride• Vitamin Shoppe• Swanson PP and WS info captured until mid Nov.
  51. 51. Data Capture is E-Commerce Onlybut There Are Notable Strategies Post Purchase Post Data Purchase Promo Captured Type of Data Data Capture Email Post Purchase Email EmailsCompany with Order Capture Post Order Frequency Content Yes E-commerce No Daily All content until email No Yes E-commerce Coupon Day of Order Trigger only n/ Yes E-commerce Yes Daily Trigger until email #4. No Promo emails feature products and “Deal of the Day” Yes E-commerce Email 2X Every Clear contact strategy No Subscription Other Day presentWilliam Sonoma Yes E-commerce No Daily Promo first, content No secondary (variable templates)Puritans Pride Yes E-commerce No Trigger only n/a n/aVitamin Shoppe Yes E-commerce No Trigger only Trigger emails n/a included selling spaceSwanson Yes E-commerce No 3 received Promo first, followed No by 2 content *denotes email creative example included in “Notable” section
  52. 52. Email Frequency TrackingCompany 11/5 11/6 11/7 11/8 11/9 11/10 11/11 11/12 11/13 11/14 11/15 11/16 11/ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 2 1 1 1William Sonoma 1 1 1 1 1 1Puritans Pride* 1 *trigger emails only, e.g. order confirm, order shippedVitamin Shoppe* 1 1Swanson 2 prior 1Company 11/18 11/19 11/20 11/21 11/22 11/23 11/24 11/25 11/26 11/27 11/28 11/29 11/ 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 1 1William Sonoma n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aPuritans Pride* n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aVitamin Shoppe* 1 1Swanson 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1Company Dec 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1William Sonoma n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aPuritans Pride* n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aVitamin Shoppe* 1 1 1 1Swanson 1 1 1 1 1
  53. 53. Notable – New Customer Communications Mercola GNC LLBean William Sonoma Vitamin Shop Swanson
  54. 54. Mercola Sells the New Customeron Content Before Promo’s Begin 11/6 Endorses Dr. first to increase 11/9 product efficacy Raises question about “what could be wrong” 11/7 before providing product solutions
  55. 55. Mercola — Surprise BirthdayWishes! 11/22
  56. 56. Mercola Leverages Key Real-estate toRemind Customers of Ongoing Sales
  57. 57. GNC Leverages the Power of Promotion Through a“Web Only Deal of the Day” in each Daily Email(increasing open rates/click through) Extremely high-value offers w/free shipping
  58. 58. LLBean Has a Defined NTF Contact StrategyEmail 1 -Welcome Email 2/3 – Order Confirm/Proc Emails 4 and 6 – Best Sellers (repeated) 11/511/5 Email 5 - Shipped Email 7 - Explore 11/7 & 11/9 11/7 11/9
  59. 59. LLBean Has a Defined NTF Contact Strategy, Continued Email 10 – Repeat LTOEmail 8 – Promo “LTO” Email 9 - Discover – “last chance” 11/10 11/11 11/12 Customer endorsed products
  60. 60. As the Holiday’s Approach, As Expected,Customer Emails Become Increasingly Promotional 12/4 12/7 12/6 12/9
  61. 61. WS Sends Daily Emails Varying the TemplateTo Avoid Wear-out and Unwanted Predictability
  62. 62. Vitamin Shoppe Generates RevenueThrough Both Order Confirm and Order Shipped Emails
  63. 63. Swanson Asks the Customer to Interact with The Brand Beginning w/Order Shipped Trigger EmailData capture deviceCSC – CustomerSupplied Content